Verizon IndyCar Series Watkins Glen

Verizon IndyCar Series | Week 12 at Watkins Glen

written by dtroll June 1, 2018

Verizon IndyCar Series Watkins Glen: The Verizon IndyCar Series is the world’s most diverse professional race series. With a schedule that includes road courses and ovals of all shapes and sizes, the series emphasizes the ability of drivers and teams to adapt to a vast array of different circumstances from sweeping, banked, baby’s-bottom-smooth 220 mph turns to corrugated hairpins that rattle your molars at 35 mph.
Fortunately those drivers and teams have the infinitely adaptable Dallara IR18 at their disposal. With 700 horsepower on tap and a wide selection of downforce options, short oval, speedway and road course chassis setups, the Dallara is just the car to handle the multi-faceted challenges of the Verizon IndyCar Series.