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High Octane

Travis Pastrana: Motocross Revelation

Today on High Octane we take an in depth look at the freestyle great, Travis Pastrana. We'll find out what boosts this young rider to be one of the very best in the motocross world.

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LykanHyper Sports - The Making of a Supercar

Ralph R. Debbas had the dream to build the ultimate super car and the first one developed in the Arabic world. He brought together a financier from Beirut, engineers and designers from Turin and engine specialists from Germany to create the Lykan HyperSport. Supercars follows the making of a super car from the first design experiments to its unveiling at the Doha Motor Show.

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Biker Lifestyle

Bike & Music Weekend 2011, Part 2

In order to make this weekend in August an unforgettable experience, a large variety of entertainers has been organised. Musicians, race teams and stunt drivers- all doing their bit to entertain the visitors in a spectacular way . Entertainment - as only found at the Bike & Music Weekend!

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Romaniacs. The hardest Enduro Rally in the world. If you make it here you count yourself amongst the toughest of them all.

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Ducati Monster

Ducati Monster has a new look. Can the little 696 continue the success of her predecessors?

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Episode 20

On today's episode we are going old-timer crazy, like the Mercedes S for example with 160 horsepower that lead Rudolf Caracciola to victory in the 1927 opening race. Do not to miss this old-timer grand prix event!

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Truck World

Episode 40

They went by the names of Mercur and Jupiter, some people even ovingly called them 'bread and butter trucks'. Behind these facades lay HGVs that were essential to the German economic boom of the 1950s. In 1952, there were already 3.3 million of these trucks out and about on the nation's roads.

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Porsche Carrera Cup Germany 2018

Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria

The third and the fourth race of the 2018 Porsche Carrera Cup are held in Spielberg, Austria. In order to win, drivers of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup need to tackle the Red Bull Ring which features a length of 4.318 Kilometers and eight curves. Who will win on the track and gets one step closer to total victory? Find out the answer on this thrilling highlight breakdown of the race weekend in Spielberg.

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FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Circuit de Pau, Pau, France

In 2018, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship enters its seventh and final season ever before merging with the GP3 Series. And for the first time ever, MOTORVISION TV broadcasts highlights of all ten races. Everything kicks off at the Circuit de Pau-Ville, where the first event is hold as a support race for the Pau Grand Prix. 23 drivers compete on the 2.760-kilometer track in France.

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The Car of the Future

The car of the future - this is how it might look: Aerodynamic, light and quiet. And with almost no fuel consumption. This is how we could soon travel on roads. But is a car like this just a pipe dream of engineers? Or is mobility with alternative drives also suitable for the masses?

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New Electric Bikes from Zero Motorcycles

Zero Motorcycles in Scotts Valley, Northern California, has been developing electric bikes for more than ten years. By now, the pioneers near the famous technology Mecca Silicon Valley are world market leader for electrically driven bikes. The 2016 model year surprised not only with two new variants, but with more engine power, range and faster charging times as well. We show what Zero Motorcycles has in stock for the new season and take a look into the productions sites in Scotts Valley.

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Perfect Ride

Drive of the Future

The Paris Motor Show is the world's oldest auto show and provides insight into the automotive world of tomorrow. For instance, car makers try to replace combustion engines with alternative drives. Mercedes-Benz specifically introduces the sub-brand 'Generation EQ' for that, while Volkswagen wants to present 20 new electrified models by 2020 and get past the emission scandal.

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Perfect Ride


They are the hermaphrodites of the car industry: hybrid cars. Audi A3 e-tron and its competitors try to combine the advantages of an electric and a combustion engine. Perfect Ride explains those advantages, but also the disadvantages of hybrid cars. We also show you the BMW i3. It is an 100% electrical car, but is equipped with a so-called Range Extender.

12:10 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

The Future is Electric

The Tesla Model S is the car of the 21st century. It teaches the major automobile companies, what is possible when you believe in your own idea. It is one of the most exceptional cars one can buy. It offers an electric range of up to 500 kilometers and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. In addition to that, Tesla promises that every buyer can charge its car for free forever.

12:35 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

Charged Up - Electricity - Not Fuel

A widely spread prejudice against electric cars is that they are not suitable for everyday life due to their short driving range and long charging times. But statistics from Germany show that drivers don't travel more than 100 kilometers a day, so there shouldn't be a problem. Perfect Ride tests if the VW e-up! and Renault Zoe are suitable for everyday life, when radio and heater are running, too.

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Go Green!

Sustainable Mobility 2: E-Mobility

Electric engines fight fossil fuel and the resulting pollution of the environment. They promise a quiet and clean urban environment and have huge potential in densely populated parts of the world. A newly developed production approach for e-cars leads to 50% less noise, too. That spares the worker's ears and the environment. But many people still don't seem to be positive about e-mobility.

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World of Tesla

The Tesla Model S is the world's first premium sedan that was developed as an electric car from scratch. Tesla showed the world that electric mobility can be sexy and almost more important: it works. Reason enough for Supercars to take a closer look at the brand Tesla. Plus: Supercars checks out the 700 hp Model S D which is powered by two electric engines.

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Plug and Drive Deluxe

Mercedes presents its first plug-in hybrid car with the S500. With an electric range of 33 kilometers, a declared average consumption of 2.8 liters and a system output of 442 horses the S500 is the most efficient luxury car on the market. Also on this episode of Supercars: Bentley downsizes the Flying Spur. It’s now available with a 507 hp V8 engine instead of a 625 hp V12 engine.

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Perfect Ride


With the creation of the Panamera S Hybrid, Porsche wanted to get rid of the Panamera's image as a giant gas guzzler. And it is indeed a fuel-saving miracle in its class. The sports car comes with an output of 380 HP and an average fuel consumption of just 6.8 liter. But the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid is not the only eco-friendly car. The Audi A3 g-tron is a natural gas car, that is CO2-neutral.

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Dream Cars


They are spectacular and environmentally friendly, the most extravagant and fastes E- and Hybridcars of the world: Whether it is a Tesla, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari or the Renovo Coupe, the battery and hybrid powered cars not only impress with a fascinating design but also with an intelligent technology, breathtaking acceleration and unique dynamic. Dream Cars presents the most exciting E-cars of the world.

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Made in...

VW e-Golf

Volkswagen's transparent factory in Dresden is a showcase for electromobility. Behind a 27,500-square meter window, the company almost handcrafts the e-Golf, the brand's key electric product. The plant is also home to start-ups, which further develops mobility and works towards a greener future. Made In takes a look behind the scenes of Volkswagen's future lab.

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Perfect Ride

Off-Road Dinosaurs

For more than 60 years the Land Rover Defender has been crawling through slush and mud. It wasn’t even afraid of the steepest mountains. Perfect Ride checks out the Defender. Plus: The Lada Taiga, which was formerly known as Lada Niva, is one of the cheapest off-road vehicles on the market. The Russian all-terrain vehicle is in production since 1977, but hasn’t seen much change over the years.

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Classic Ride

Mobility in the Eastern Europe

Whoever believes in the socialist era of the East there was only oil smelly two-stroke Trabant and Wartburg or license production cars á la Lada, is wrong. Companies like Tatra from Czechoslovakia introduced in the fifties advanced, even pioneering automobiles. Unfortunately, the clientele was exclusive, and in the west countries the streamlined cars are big rarities. Today, these cars are cult and interesting collectibles. Classic Ride presents a lover and his extraordinary Tatra T87 of 1937.

16:50 (UTC)

Car History

Audi Quattro

The vehicle that changed the car world: the Audi Quattro. For the first time a 4x4 isn\'t just being produced as a model in a series, but also as a rally car. We show the history of the Audi Quattro!

17:15 (UTC)


All-Wheel Transporters

Anybody who had to move once loves functional transporters, which offer high payload and lots of storage space. The new Volkswagen Crafter is no exception. The latest version is established as its own entity and is no longer produced with the Mercedes Sprinter. 4x4 - The All Wheel Magazine takes a look at both bestsellers: Which one can load more and which is the florists' and builders' favorite?

17:45 (UTC)


Desert Pros

In Ron's Garage antique scrap piles from the desert get turned into rolling pieces of art in accordance with customer specifications. If you want to cross the desert, Mercedes has the perfect vehicle. The G class converted into an ultimate survival dream: the G 63 AMG 6x6 with six driven and independently suspended wheels. The Brabus B63 based on the G 63 AMG looks almost slender in comparison.

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High Octane

World Snowmobile Expo Montana

Today on High Octane, we're traveling to the world's snowmobile capital, West Yellowstone, Montana. Every year West Yellowstone plays host to one of the nation's largest snowmobile gatherings, Expo 2002.

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V8 Power

Around the world, the Mercedes S-Class is considered to be one of the most elegant and luxurious limousines. Now the S-Class treads new paths and presents itself topless for the very first time. It's large and heavy, but as an AMG Model also pretty damn quick and blessed with wonderful V8 sound. On the contrary, the Camaro coupe rather wants to be a bad boy than a classy cruiser. It's truly an exotic model, but also one of the cheapest coupes with a V8 engine.

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Top Ten Show

The Best Coupes under 400 Horsepower

Today is it all about Coupés. It´s all about beautiful shapes and sporty elegance. We´ll show you pioneering Coupés in terms of design. And to make this competition more exciting, we´re going to set horsepower limit of

19:30 (UTC)

Top Ten Show

The Greatest Car Legends

Today is all about legends. We´re going to show you ten cars that are not just simply a means of transport, but they´ve almost managed to acquire an iconic status. They´ve influenced entire generations.

19:55 (UTC)

Car People

Vintage Car Assessor Thomas Eschenbach

Laim, Munich, where Thomas Eschenbach`s office is located. For 17 years he has been working as a surveyor for car damages and appraisals. His specialty: surveying and appraising classic cars.

20:20 (UTC)

On Tour

GLP Nurburgring

Adrenaline at the Nuerburgring. Actually there is a lot of traffic every weekend - but this time, two season finals will take place - on the legendary Nuerburging Nordschleife and the Grand Prix circuit.

20:45 (UTC)

Stunt Heroes

Behind the Scene

The Stunt Heroes from Action Concept are tough professionals. They jump from houses and make cars fly or explode. On this episode reporter Dean Malay takes a look behind the scenes of the stunt company and lures out the real people behind the Stunt Heroes’ hard shells. Coordinator Domi explains the workflow at Action Concept and reveals why stuntman Tobi is called Heidi.

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Perfect Ride

Class Reunion

How good are the star pupils of the Mercedes E-Class? Can the Audi S3 with 300 HorsePower and a powerful four-cylinder score points? And we visit the Shanghai Auto Show, one of the most important car shows in China.

22:25 (UTC)

Classic Ride

50 years of Opel KAD

1964 marks Opel's foray into the upper class market and its attack on Mercedes-Benz. That year, Opel presented its KAD series with Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat. While these cars offered an American design, they were equipped with solid German technology. Classic Ride presents three representative cars from the series, including an ultra-rare and extra elegant Diplomat Coupe.

22:50 (UTC)

Car History

Mercedes - Beginning of a Success Story

From the first three-wheel automobile to the shining star of the ‘30s, from Simplex to 500K: No other brand characterizes the first 50 years of the motor better than Mercedes, no other brand represents the evolution of the automobile more than Mercedes. Car History tells the full story of this iconic brand with the three-pointed star emblem, from the invention of the automobile to a global player.

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Station Wagons with All-Wheel Drive

Station wagons are practical vehicles with a lot of space or family cars. But the Skoda Octavia Scout and the Opel Insignia Country Tourer want to be more than that. A bigger ground clearance, hub caps, underride guard and body side panels give them an off-road look and the four-wheel drive ensures that they have the right traction on rough gravel roads. 4x4 puts the station wagons to the test.

23:45 (UTC)



Tuning company Lorinser stands for individuality, exclusivity and athleticism. The car refiner from Waiblingen can reflect upon more than 30 years of expert knowledge in the range of tuning Mercedes Benz vehicles. Tuning shows you, how a Lorinser is produced. Plus: The Porsche GT3 competes against an airplane, while Patrick Simon takes a viewer on a ride in an Aston Martin.