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Stunt Heroes

The Canonball

The crew of Action Concept fires a car like a cannonball!

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Magic NumberThree

Want an everyday car with extra power under the bonnet? The BMW 3-Series, Nissan 370 Z or Citroen CS DS3 are rather average cars. But as M-version, Nismo or Musketier, they get wild and become really powerful. While the Bavarian competitor comes with an output of431 hp, the Nismo from Japan offers an output of 344 PS. The Citroen musketeer on the other hand is as strong as 222 French horses.

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Truck World

Episode 24

Highway A4, near Cologne. Police officers Tom Fiala and Michael Tangermann are carrying out a major inspection today. It doesn't take them long to pull in their first victim. Tom's checking documents, while his colleague examines the security of the load. Then, however, they notice the lashing strap appears worn out. In the course of the inspection, the officers find out that the TUV of the truck's long outdated. In addition, the tyres are worn out. There's a sound reason behind careful scrutiny, during these major inspections.

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Episode 03

The Nuerburgring has transformed into a winter wonderland, but although it looks pretty it sure isn't pretty to use it as a race track.

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Classic Ride

Eifel Race at the Nurburgring

Mercedes-Benz Classic has a newly built race car, a Mercedes-Benz 220 SE 1964, for the Dunlop FHR Long Distance Cup. Classic Ride reporter Robert Tomitzi takes the chance and gives it a ride. At the Eifel Race at the Nürburgring he shares the cockpit with former Formula 1 driver and Le Mans winner Jochen Mass.

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Car History

Auto Union

The Auto Union is the incredible story of the 'Fantastic Four': Horch, Audi, DKW and Wanderer. With the sign of the four rings, they are the second-largest automotive group in Germany behind Opel in the 1930s. The four brands of Auto Union are automobile pacemakers, build technical milestones and the fastest car in the world. Today, the name is long gone, but the brand lives on.

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Perfect Ride

Topless into the Spring

2014 sees the launch of the new Audi A3 convertible. For the first time ever, the open model isn’t based on the hatchback, but on the sedan. Perfect Ride discusses the differences between the generations as well as the ad- and disadvantages of the new A3 convertible. Plus: The Jaguar F-Type is the latest sports car from the UK. The big cat poaches in the territory of the Porsche 911 Carrera.

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High Octane

Hare Scrambles

This week on High Octane, we're on the road for the first race of the AMA National Hare Scramble Series. Many of the world's top off-road competitors are here in their attempt to start the season off with a victory.

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Aston Martin

Racing driver Patrick Simon meets with Aston Martin at the Nuerburgring in Germany in order to test out the Aston Martin V12 Zagato. Only two models of the V12, which has been customised by the design guru Zagato, exist. Plus: Tuning checks out the Porsche 997 and 994 and competes the Renault Megane Sport with the Golf GTI Edition 35.

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The Bentley Flying Spur and Rolls-Royce are fit for royalty. The Bentley Flying Spur shows at night, how it feels like to be of blue blood. Its luxurious interior protects any passenger from cold temperatures and damp weather. Plus: The Rolls Royce Wraith is the first Rolls-Royce for years, which was designed for drivers and not for people sitting in the back enjoying a glass of champagne.

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Pick-up Trucks

Pickups are all-purpose utility vehicles. In Europe they are mainly used by industrial drivers, but in the United States trucks are as widespread as SUVs. What is the fascination behind these open pickup trucks? Off-road expert Kurt Sigl and Toyota specialist Alexander Wohlfarth find out, when they test the German VW Amarok and the classic Japanese Toyota Hilux on and off the road.

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Biker Lifestyle

European Bike Week 2015, Part 2

Biker Lifestyle is still at the European Bike Week and explores even more party zones and customizing trends. The first bike show of the week takes part place in Area One, the home of Victory and Indian Motorcycles. More than 15 custom bikes from both categories are on display here and compete for trophies.

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The hottest and wildest motorbikes in Europe at Custom Bike. The show in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, is one of the leading exhibitions for exclusive motorcycles - a hub for news and trends in the scene.

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Harley Challenger

Meet the Harley-Challenger! Originally from England and effortlessly rivaling the American cruiser, according to a number of high-profile motorcycling experts.

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Pick-ups Old and New

Pickup trucks have been available since the start of motorized locomotion. The combination of passenger car and utility vehicle is practical and versatile. That's why the success of pickup trucks is unbroken. 4x4 - The All-Wheel Magazine tests the Japanese workhorse Mitsubishi L200 off the road and on the streets. Compared to a lot of different pickups the L200 possesses a permanent all-wheel drive. Does that make it unbeatable off the roadroad? Find out on 4x4 - The All-Wheel Magazine.

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Off-Road Action

All-wheel drive doesn't just stand for safety and traction, but also for a lot of driving pleasure. The Mercedes G-class is the dinosaur amongst all-terrain vehicles. No ascending slope is too steep and no mud hole is too deep for this car. In 2015 Mercedes put a revised version onto the market which shows its skill once again. Plus: Looping the loop with a car? The Jaguar F-Pace is capable of doing that. The world record stunt on 4x4 - the All-Wheel Show.

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High Octane

Super Snowcross - Pontiac, Michigan

Today, we've got some full-throttle thrills in the snow with the second round of the Super Snowcross Series inside the Silverdome.

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Truck World

Episode 26

The Baja 500 is one of the toughest off road races in the world. Participants drive 500 miles through the dessert of Mexico. We accompany Armin Schwarz and his team who took part in the Baja 500.

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Classic Ride

The Most Exciting Oldtimer Race

Thumping GT sports cars from the sixties, the pre-war Silver Arrows, sharp classic cars ""on Ice"" and historic Formula 1 cars. - Now on Classic Rides: The most exciting classic car races in Germany.

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Car History

The Audi Story

Audi- the brand with the four rings. More than once Audi writes history in the more than 100 year long brand history.

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Perfect Ride


The duel of the city runabouts. The Audi A1 Quattro versus its significantly cheaper competitor, the Renault Clio RS. Pressing the Gas pedal stylishly! One of the most radical roadsters in the world, the Morgan Plus 8.

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High Octane

Super Snowcross - Pontiac, Michigan

Today, we've got some full-throttle thrills in the snow with the second round of the Super Snowcross Series inside the Silverdome.

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Touareg JE Design

Phoenix Racing takes part in motorsports since the end of the 1990s and can look back at an impressive Wall of Fame. Tuning visits the team at the Nuerburgring. Plus: Tuning checks out the VW Touareg after it got the JE Design treatment and takes a look at the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring, where thousands of fans of vintage old motorsports cars get together.

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Muscle Cars

She is 60 years old, but still in good shape. She may be even in the the best shape since the Seventies. The new Corvette C7 Stingray is equipped with a 455-HP 6.2 liter V8 small block engine. Supercars reviews this legend in a traditional Western town. Plus: The Ford Mustang GT and Chevrolet Camaro; Two further cars from the land, where engine displacement is still important.

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The Four Elements

Fire, ground, water and air - life on earth would be impossible without those four elements. Similarly, expeditions in the desert or any highland crossing would be impossible without four-wheel drive. 4x4 shows four all-wheel vehicles on their challenging trip through the four elements. See the Porsche Macan Turbo in the desert of Morocco or the bizarre Volkswagen Schwimmwagen crossing a river.

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Go Green!

Autonomous Driving and Connectivity

The automotive industry is changing completely. Cars evolve into autonomously driving, fully networked digital devices. Road safety is supposed to increase. But how do assistance systems work? And how safe are independently driving cars? MOTORVISION TV looks over the shoulders of engineers from Daimler - shortly before the launch of the new S-Class in fall 2017.

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Go Green!

The Future of Communication

People want to be connected to the internet - at all times. Luxembourg satellite operator SES offers a network of state-of-the-art satellites. On the world's biggest cruise liner in the United States, MOTORVISION TV is shown how broadband internet on the high seas works, visits the Control Center of the satellite fleet and steps into a test aircraft.

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Made in...


Crewe in the British county of Chesire is home to one of the most exclusive car manufacturers in the world: Bentley Motors. 400 hours of pure handwork, meticulous preciseness and a lot of technical knowledge is needed to build the flagship model Mulsanne. For Bentley, it's not just about luxury, but performance as well. 'Bentley Boy' Steven Kane tests the Bentley Mulsanne Speed on the track.

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Made in...


The tractor - a multi-talented power-pack, made in Germany. A 100 years ago, the first steam-powered vehicles were employed in the fields. Nowadays, they find application in the transport and construction sectors.

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Episode 65

It is the first Grand Cherokee under the care of the Fiat Concern. And that seems to stand up to review. The fourth generation of the all terrain vehicle looks much more elegant.

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Perfect Ride

Sportscars for the Masses

For many people, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini offer unaffordable dream cars. But you don’t need to spend your annual salary on these brands, if you’re looking for a powerful car with high performance and a full sounding engine. For example, the Nissan 370 Z by Nismo is just half the price of a Porsche 911, rarer and with 344 HP as powerful as the German flagship sports car.

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Perfect Ride

The Future is Electric

The Tesla Model S is the car of the 21st century. It teaches the major automobile companies, what is possible when you believe in your own idea. It is one of the most exceptional cars one can buy. It offers an electric range of up to 500 kilometers and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. In addition to that, Tesla promises that every buyer can charge its car for free forever.

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Classic Ride

Porsche Special

'Investigate the Porsche cult.' Which ride is more enjoyable, the Porsche tractor or Porsche Targa? Porsche is cult. For over 5 decades the fans have been addicted to these cars out of Zuffenhausen. But when was the big bang of the Porsche brand and when was the first Porsche created?

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Car History

Ford - The Beginning of the Modern Era

Remember the first Beetle? When did Ferdinand Porsche design this people\'s car? We follow the evolution of the automobile over the last century.

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Perfect Ride


With the creation of the Panamera S Hybrid, Porsche wanted to get rid of the Panamera's image as a giant gas guzzler. And it is indeed a fuel-saving miracle in its class. The sports car comes with an output of 380 HP and an average fuel consumption of just 6.8 liter. But the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid is not the only eco-friendly car. The Audi A3 g-tron is a natural gas car, that is CO2-neutral.

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High Octane

Watercross Pro Tour - California

This week on High Octane, the crew is headed down to Long Beach for the IJSBA Pro Watercross showdown. From Racing to freestyle, the worlds best battle it out in this water arena.

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SEMA Las Vegas

Las Vegas - the city of sin. Since 1967, it hosts one of the largest Car and Tuning shows in the world - the SEMA show. In the U.S. car freedom is still extremely important and here one almost only finds extremes.

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The McLaren Mp4 12C Spider. With 625 horse power its off to the mountains. It is a rare opportunity to drive one of the best sports cars openly through a majestic landscape.

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Power Off-Roaders

Together they have more than 1000 horse power and 1400 Nm of torque: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Range Rover Supercharged are real power off-roaders. On the road they are in a class of its own. But how well do they off road? We find out, when we put these powerhouses to the test on unsurfaced roads. Also on this episode: We check out the Bentley Bentayga and the Jaguar F-Pace.

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Porsche Is a Religion

Porsche is a religion. The persuasions are: punk, tech and race. Porsche punk, collector and tuner Magnus Walker is the face of this movement. He preaches individualism for historic cars. Tech is personified by Alois RUF since 1983. As an manifestation of the tech movement, the RUF RT 35, which is based on the Porsche Turbo, puts an additional 70 hp to the streets. And Porsche itself has the ultimate track tool for the racers amongst the believers. GT3 RS is the codeword in order to be allowed entry to the motorsports paradise once and for all.

17:25 (UTC)


'R' is for Racing

Built with extra performance, created for the racing tracks: the Scirocco GT-R1 by Mathilda Racing, the Bentley GT3 R and the Golf R. Tuning shows three different concepts with an output of 300, 446 and 580 PS, respectively. Michael Paatz of Mathilda Racing explains his creation at the Nürburgring's legendary Nordschleife. The Scirocco was completely reconstructed; nothing is as it once was. When inside the Bentley GT3, you'll become a Bentley boy, too, because the R model is the road version of the latest GT3 racer. And at the end, Tuning drives some laps with the most powerful Golf of all times and crosses the Alps with the Volkswagen Golf R.

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MC Perfect

McLaren is one of the most famous automobile brands from Great Britain. There are hardly any sports cars that fascinate as much as a McLaren or have such a legendary heritage in motorsports. Two recent models from McLaren are the 650S and the limited series P1. Supercars is in the mood for love and dates the McLaren 650S at an old industrial area and on the race track.

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Lifetsyle SUVs

Desert, endless horizon, green highlands and rough hills: Morocco sets the perfect scene for the premiere of the Porsche Macan. Supercars takes the 400 hp Macan Turbo on a wild ride through Marrakech, the former capital city of Morocco Also on this episode: The BMW X 6M is one of the pioneers in the very trendy SUV Coupe segment. Supercars checks out the X 6M with a 555 HP V8 Biturbo.

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Dream Cars

British Supercars

Whether it is the Aston Martin Vanquish, Bentley Continental GT Speed, McLaren P1, English supercars are the fastest, most spectacular and most beautiful sports cars in the world. They do not only have power, but also the certain something. They have grace and pace thanks to their peppy-aerodynamically shaped bodies. DreamCars shows the most fascinating English supercars.

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Dream Cars

German Limousines

Whether it is the Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 7-series or the Audi A8; Limousines 'Made in Germany' are famous for their perfection and prestige. They are considered as embodiment of status and they set the standards when it comes to comfort, pioneering technology and safety systems. DreamCars presents the most famous, beautiful and the most luxurious German limousines.

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Put your Car on TV

Episode 3

The prestigous location in all of Dubai, The Walk at JBR, sets the background for the the poshest, fastest and customised cars in the Middle East. We bring these beautiful vehicles and there owners to the screen.

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Classic Ride

Oldtimer Highlights

Classic cars with shiny chrome, exotic young classic cars and rally cars. Germany is a country full of classic cars - Today on Classic Rides: The best classic car rally in Germany.

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Car History

The Story of Automotive Advertising, Part 3

Whether as a TV spot, as product placement in cinema film or video, or on the Internet, in no other industry are brands, models and advertising campaigns as closely linked as in the automotive industry. And nowhere else

20:50 (UTC)

Perfect Ride


It`s all about performance. Michael Schumacher in a Formula 1 Silver Arrow on the Nordschleife. In Comparison Test: The Eternal Rally counterparts Mitsubishi Lancer EVO and Subaru WRX STI.

21:20 (UTC)

High Octane

Motorized Madness

Today on High Octane, we're taking an in-depth look at the winningest amateur in the history of motocross, James Stuart who broke all the AMA records as an amateur and now it's time for him to step up to the pro ranks.

21:45 (UTC)


SKN Dyno Day

German Tuner SKN organizes the so-called Dyno Day, an event where speed-junkies can test how much power their cars really have. Tuning meets Freddy who takes the chance to put his Chevrolet Camaro on the dynamometer. Plus: Tuning checks out the Mercedes E 500 Coupe after it was refined by Lorinser and visits Raeder Motorsport.

22:10 (UTC)


Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar is back in the world of sports cars. With the F-Type, the British manufacturer presents its first roadster since the E-Type. And it is not just good looking, but also displays an extraordinary performance. Supercars compares the F-Type with the BMW Z4. In addition to that, two further competitors of the Jaguar battle it out. It’s Porsche Boxster S vs. Nissan 370 Z.

22:30 (UTC)


Luxurious All-Wheelers

This time it’s all about luxurious all-wheelers. With 570 hp, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds and a price of 180.000 Dollars, the Porsche Panamera Turbo S is an all-wheeler of superlatives. If you don't have that much money but still want to enjoy a certain level of luxury, you should check out the Infiniti QX 70, a crossover with a bold design and a sports cars genes.

23:00 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Luxurious Coupes with 12 Cylinders

Luxurious coupes with 12 cylinders! The Jaguar XJC V12 purrs like a kitten and growls like a wild cat. BMW 850. The high-tech luxury coupe from Bavaria tried to snatch the clientele from Mercedes-Benz.

23:25 (UTC)

Classic Ride

German Race Car Classics

Historic image documents from the Porsche 550 RS Spyder. And: The Audi Quattro shocked the competitors.

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Classic Races

Indy 500 1994

One of the world`s most spectacular racing cars in the world: the Indy 500. Watched by a huge number of people it doesn`t fail to impress at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.