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New Technology

This time on Supercars it’s all about technology. Due to progressing technology, a driver’s skill becomes less and less important, when it comes to high performance. That’s why manufacturers pay a lot attention to the development of new technologies like double-clutch transmissions, active aerodynamics and chassis technology. Supercars takes a look at "state of the art" technology of sports cars.

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Dream Cars


DreamCars presents the most expensive, most luxurious and fastest dream cars from Germany. Whether it's the Porsche 918 Spyder, Mercedes S-Class, BMW M6 or Audi A8: the premium cars from Germany define the benchmark for comfort, status, dynamics and driving pleasure.

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Go Green!

Sustainable Mobility 1: Optimized Combustion Engines

For 125 years combustion engines have been responsible for our movement, but it comes at a high price due to their toxic emissions. This only works for our earth and environment on a long-term basis, if the emissions from those cars get reduced dramatically. "Go Green - sustainable mobility" shows developments on how manufacturers want to decrease the consumption of their cars even further.

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Go Green!

Sustainable Mobility 2: E-Mobility

Electric engines fight fossil fuel and the resulting pollution of the environment. They promise a quiet and clean urban environment and have huge potential in densely populated parts of the world. A newly developed production approach for e-cars leads to 50% less noise, too. That spares the worker’s ears and the environment. But many people still don’t seem to be positive about e-mobility.

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Made in...


In Bottrop, male dreams come true. Those, who look for exclusivity and find the Mercedes AMG performance insufficient in itself, have come to the right place. The Brabus company is the world\\\\\\\'s leader in car tuning.

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Made in...


If four Engineers, that just left university, get the chance to built a super-sport scar arises one of the rarest and most extraordinary roadster in the world: the Roding Roadster.

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Infinity FX 50S

The brand 'Infinity' is not very well known in Europe. But the Renault/Nissan company makes the next step to make the brand a global success, starting with the very luxurious and beautiful SUV FX50.

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Perfect Ride

Off-Road for Everyone!

In 2007 Fiat jumped onto the retro bandwagon and introduced its newly created und highly successful Fiat 500. Now the Italian car manufacturer elongates its bestseller by a meter and presents the Fiat 500L Trekking. The model looks different from the regular one, which was especially popular with female drivers. Perfect Ride reviews the front-engined car and checks if it holds its ground off-road.

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Perfect Ride

Off-Road Dinosaurs

For more than 60 years the Land Rover Defender has been crawling through slush and mud. It wasn’t even afraid of the steepest mountains. Perfect Ride checks out the Defender. Plus: The Lada Taiga, which was formerly known as Lada Niva, is one of the cheapest off-road vehicles on the market. The Russian all-terrain vehicle is in production since 1977, but hasn’t seen much change over the years.

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Classic Ride

Customized Tradition

Car customizing has a long tradition. We celebrate 40 years of the BMW M-power. Moreover, we drift through the snow - with a 140 hp Rally-Bug.

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Car History


They are cars to enthuse and to float. The godess, the ugly duckly and the gangster sedan. From the very beginning, Citroen is celebrating the joy of extravagance.

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Perfect Ride

All New!

The Porsche 911. Modern design, advanced technology, everything is new but still: For 50 years, still unmistakable. And we also test the world`s first series-produced plug-in hybrid with diesel engine: the Volvo V60!

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High Octane

Hare and Hound Heroes

Today on High Octane, whatever you like, we've got it. We're bringing you the high speeds and high danger of the National Hare and Hound series.

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Tuning doesn't always have to be a sin. For its i8, BMW combines the electric future with fuel saving qualities into a spacey future tech mix. But can this concept amaze experienced petrolheads? Plus: Saving fuel by increasing the power. What first appears to be a contradiction, has to proof itself in a practical test. The 'Race Chip' is tested on a 3000 kilometers track. Furthermore: What use does the switchable performance increase from DTE Systems have? Patrick Simon is looking for the additional power in Norway.

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Luxury SUVs

It´s all about luxury SUVs and off-road vehicles for the big spenders out there. What is the new Land Rover capable of and is its new aluminum exterior really as good as it sounds?

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Dream Cars


They are spectacular and environmentally friendly, the most extravagant and fastes E- and Hybridcars of the world: Whether it is a Tesla, McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari or the Renovo Coupe, the battery and hybrid powered cars not only impress with a fascinating design but also with an intelligent technology, breathtaking acceleration and unique dynamic. Dream Cars presents the most exciting E-cars of the world.

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Stunt Heroes

The Gravel Pit

Heavy equipment comes into use - as a car has to crash at full speed into a pile of gravel...

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Stunt Heroes

Stunt Highlights

Explosions - accidents - pain - stunt coordinator Domi and his team give everything for spectacular stunts - in each episodes they are pushing the limits.

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High Octane

World Off-Road Championship Part 1

Since 2001 the Rocky Mountain ATV MC Off-Road World Championship Series has been gunning to crown the world's fastest racers. With tracks diverse enough to combine the thrills of motocross and the determination of off-road racing, Worcs challenges every aspect of a rider's ability to hang on when the going gets rough in an all-ages family-oriented environment.

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High Octane

World Off-Road Championship Part 2

The Rocky Mountain ATV MC World Off-Road Championship Series continues its quest to crown the fastest motorcycle racers on dirt with stops in Goldendale, Price, Ignacio, Honey Lake in Milford and Longview in Washington. With tracks combining the viewer-friendly thrills of motocross with the challenge of off-road, it's anyone's ride to the finish so hop on board for the full-on WORCS experience.

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Mercedes 280 SE goes America - Florida Part 2

Which is the most American car of the 60s? Which is the symbol for the American art of car manufacturing? For many people it's either the Corvette or the Ford Mustang. During his search for these American dream cars of the 60s Tillmann Miritz makes a surprise discovery in Florida. Revology Cars are upgrading original 1964 Ford Mustang chassis with modern technology and engines.

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Goodwood Revival 2017

The Goodwood Revival is the world's biggest racing event for fast and rare vintage cars. Nostalgic attractions and classic car races take center stage at the motorsports party at the home to the Duke of Richmond in Southern England. In 2016, the Kinrara Trophy is hold for the very first time. It's a 1-hour race for GT vehicles that were built before 1962.

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Classic Ride

German Race Car Classics

Historic image documents from the Porsche 550 RS Spyder. And: The Audi Quattro shocked the competitors.

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Car History

40 Years BMW Art Cars

It's the fastest art collection in the world. Designed by famous artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein, Frank Stella or Jeef Koons, these racing artworks have been used by BMW in Le Mans for years. Whether it's the BMW M1, Le Mans Prototype or M3 GT2: BMA Art Cars are the most outstanding cars in the history of Le Mans, driven by the world's best pilots.

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Perfect Ride

The Big Journey

The new Mercedes E-Class model T with a loading volume of 1950 liter is the perfect family car for travelling. But there is a version of the family wagon from Affalterbach that comes with 585 hp and is stronger than some super sports cars. We show you what happens when this seemingly harmless wagon meets some cocky sports cars.

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High Octane

Supercross Showdown Las Vegas, Nevada

This week on, 'High Octane,' we're heading to Sin City - that's right, Las Vegas, Nevada - for spectacular supercross racing at the THQ US Open, the world's richest motorcycle race.

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Porsche Is a Religion

Porsche is a religion. The persuasions are: punk, tech and race. Porsche punk, collector and tuner Magnus Walker is the face of this movement. He preaches individualism for historic cars. Tech is personified by Alois RUF since 1983. As an manifestation of the tech movement, the RUF RT 35, which is based on the Porsche Turbo, puts an additional 70 hp to the streets. And Porsche itself has the ultimate track tool for the racers amongst the believers. GT3 RS is the codeword in order to be allowed entry to the motorsports paradise once and for all.

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Myths and Apparitions

They are transient apparitions on the streets, hover above reality and cannot be grasped with regular measurements. Of course we are talking about cars from brands like Rolls-Royce, Bentley or Aston Martin. A car like the Rolls Royce Ghost might not be as technologically advanced as a Mercedes S-Class, but posses an aura that the S-Class can’t match. Supercars shows some of those majestic cars.

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Dream Cars


They are wild, they are busrting with power and they are cult, the American Muscle Cars. Whether it is the Ford Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro or the Corvette, Muscle Cars are coveted all over the world because of their rebellious design, impeteous horsepower and their stunning speed. Dream Cars presents the most spectacular and fastest US-Sport- and Musclecars.

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'R' is for Racing

Built with extra performance, created for the racing tracks: the Scirocco GT-R1 by Mathilda Racing, the Bentley GT3 R and the Golf R. Tuning shows three different concepts with an output of 300, 446 and 580 PS, respectively. Michael Paatz of Mathilda Racing explains his creation at the Nürburgring's legendary Nordschleife. The Scirocco was completely reconstructed; nothing is as it once was. When inside the Bentley GT3, you'll become a Bentley boy, too, because the R model is the road version of the latest GT3 racer. And at the end, Tuning drives some laps with the most powerful Golf of all times and crosses the Alps with the Volkswagen Golf R.

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Luxury Tuning

Tuning is on the hunt for speeders and parking offenders with the legendary supercars police fleet from Dubai. Back in Europe, MTM and Alpina improve the performance of Audis and BMWs. The Audi S8 MTM Talladega R features an impressive output of 802 hp. And the Stuck brothers Johannes and Ferdinand beat the Alpina D5 around the track and delight us with their driving tricks. Hopefully the police isn't watching.

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Rise of the Lykan - Test Driving the Lykan HyperSport

The assembly of the Lykan HyperSport, the 3.4 million dollar supercar from the United Arabic Emirates, is almost done. Before it can be shown at the Dubai Motor Show, the car and its engine need to be tested. The rear twin turbo mid-engine with an output of 770 hp is brought to life for the first time, when the Lykan HyperSport undergoes its first high speed test drive at the Dubai Motodrome.

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BMW i8

With the creation of its i8, Munich-based car manufacturer BMW makes a big step towards the future. After all, the futuristic looking car is the first German sports car which utilizes hybrid technology. Supercars checks out the BMW i8 on the streets of Los Angeles. But BMW did not just work on the i8. They also present the new sports coupe 435i and the sporty SUV X550d M.

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Dream Cars

German Limousines

Whether it is the Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 7-series or the Audi A8; Limousines 'Made in Germany' are famous for their perfection and prestige. They are considered as embodiment of status and they set the standards when it comes to comfort, pioneering technology and safety systems. DreamCars presents the most famous, beautiful and the most luxurious German limousines.

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Dream Cars

German Coupés

German coupes like the Porsche 911, the Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 6 series or the Audi RS5 are among the most exciting cars worldwide. With powerful engines, sporty chassis, avant-garde design and advanced technology they embody the desire to drive passionately more than any other cars. DreamCars presents the most beautiful and fastest German coupes.

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Motorland UK

Episode 03

On today's show: We sail away. Big boys do have toys and here on Motorland UK, we say if you've got it. Flaunt it. Vintage cars and their eccentric owners. A riverside food stop right on the River Thames.

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Porsche Carrera Cup Germany

Sachsenring, Germany

For penultimate event of the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup, drivers travel to the Sachsenring in Hohenstein-Ernstthal near Chemnitz in Saxony, Germany and take on the 5.148 kilometers Grand Prix course, which features 15 turns. Who will win the races and get closer to becoming the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup Champion? MOTORVISION TV delivers the answer on this highlight episode.

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Porsche Carrera Cup Germany

Hockenheimring, Germany, Race 2

Drivers of the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup return to the Hockenheimring in the Rhine valley for the eighth and final round of the season. The 4.574 kilometer track, which is also known for its biennial hosting duties of the German Grand Prix, features 13 curves and will decide who will win the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup season. MOTORVISION TV brings you the best moments from the finale in Hockenheim.

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Ferrari Challenge Europe 2017

Le Castellet, Spain, Coppa Shell, Race 1

The Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet near Marseille in France is the fourth destination for the drivers of the 2017 Ferrari Challenge. During the first Coppa Shell race, race novices have to complete 35 laps around the track, which features a length of 5.809 kilometers and 10 turns. MOTORVISION TV shows you the highlights from the first Coppa Shell race.

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Ferrari Challenge Europe 2017

Le Castellet, Spain, Trofeo Pirelli, Race 1

The Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet near Marseille in France is the fourth destination for the drivers of the 2017 Ferrari Challenge. During the first Trofeo Pirelli race, professional drivers have to complete 35 laps around the track, which features a length of 5.809 kilometers and 10 turns. MOTORVISION TV shows you the highlights from the first Trofeo Pirelli race.

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Ferrari Challenge Europe 2017

Le Castellet, Spain, Coppa Shell, Race 2

The participants of the 2017 Ferrari Challenge are still at the famous Circuit Paul Ricard, which is located at Le Castellet near Marseille in France. For the second Coppa Shell race of the event, race novices have to do another 19 laps around the track, which features a length of 5.809 kilometers and 10 turns. MOTORVISION TV shows you the highlights from the second Coppa Shell race.

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Ferrari Challenge Europe 2017

Le Castellet, Spain, Trofeo Pirelli, Race 2

The participants of the 2017 Ferrari Challenge are still at the famous Circuit Paul Ricard, which is located at Le Castellet near Marseille in France. For the second Trofeo Pirelli race of the event, professional drivers have to do another 19 laps around the track, which features a length of 5.809 kilometers and 10 turns. MOTORVISION TV shows you the highlights from the second Trofeo Pirelli race.

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NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2017

Playoffs Review

Before the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series returns with a new season in April 2018, MOTORVISION TV looks back on the 2017 playoffs. Starting into the semi finals, the stage was set for a battle between Borja Garcia and Anthony Kumpen and Alon Day on third place. But with one driver dominating the penultimate round in Franciacorta, Italy, it all came down to the final battle in Zolder, Belgium.

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Porsche GT3 Cup Middle East

Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain

It is the most exciting series on the regional motor racing calendar: The Porsche GT3 Cup. Take an exclusive look at this season in Bahrain and be prepared for a lot of action, drama and excitement on and off the track.

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Classic Ride

Luxurious Coupes with 12 Cylinders

Luxurious coupes with 12 cylinders! The Jaguar XJC V12 purrs like a kitten and growls like a wild cat. BMW 850. The high-tech luxury coupe from Bavaria tried to snatch the clientele from Mercedes-Benz.

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Car History

Mercedes - Dawn of a Global Brand

After World War II vehicles from Mercedes-Benz soon became the imbodiment of status, quality, power and comfort again. No matter if it’s the Gullwing 300 SL, Fintail, /8, Baby Benz or S-Class: Many Mercedes vehicles from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s became cult classics. Then as now, they are a testimonial for the three-pointed star brand’s striving for perfection.

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Perfect Ride

Open Air Concert

Driving topless through the summer air and having a sound in the back of the car that gives you goose-bumps: Perfect Ride checks out the most beautiful convertibles and puts a focus on driving pleasure and sound. Amongst the reviewed cars is the new 300 hp Audi S3 convertible. It’s hard to believe that its sound comes from a 4-cylinder engine.

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High Octane

Enduro Adventure

Today on High Octane, we are heading off-road and doing some racing Enduro-style. We will take a look at the oldest type of motorcycle racing in the country.

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Wiesmann MF 5

Brabus from Bottrop in Germany is the world’s largest independent automobile tuner. If you are on the search for exclusiveness and like to have power than you would get from AMG, they have the perfect car for you. Plus: Tuning takes a look at the Mercedes C 63 AMG Coupé Black Series and MF5 GT from Wiesman, which is a Porsche chaser with BMW M power.