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Japanese Super Formula Championship 2016

Fuji Speedway

Drivers of the Super Formula Championship, the top level racing series for single-seater cars in Japan, head to the Fuji Speedway. The 4.563 kilometer track stands in the foothills of Mount Fuji, which is known as the highest mountain peak in the country. MOTORVISION TV brings you the best moments from the third race of the season on this thrilling highlight roundup.

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Japanese Super Formula Championship 2016

Twin Ring Motegi

The Twin Ring Motegi in the Northern Kanto Region of Japan is host to the fourth round of the 2016 Super Formula Championship, Japan's top level racing series for single-seater cars. Reigning champion Horaki Ishiura, who won the race in Motegi last year, is back to defend his title. MOTORVISION TV shows you the most exciting moments of the fourth race on this highlight show.

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Audi Sport TT Cup 2017

Norisring, Germany

The Norisring in the German city of Nuremberg is the next destination for the participants of the 2017 Audi Sport TT Cup. Together with their 310 hp Audi TT, 20 fixed starters and four guest drivers need to tackle the 3.2 kilometer track, which features eight curves. MOTORVISION TV brings you the best moments from the third race of the 2017 Audi Sport TT Cup.

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Audi Sport TT Cup 2017

Zandvoort, Netherlands

Drivers of the 2017 Audi Sport TT Cup travel to Zandvoort in North Holland for the fourth round of the season. Two races are held on the 4.321 kilometers track as support races for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. As usual, all fixed starts and guest drivers take a seat in a 310 hp racing version of the Audi TT. MOTORVISION TV shows you the best racing action from the event in Zandvoort.

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Porsche Carrera Cup Germany

Lausitzring, Germany

Drivers of the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup head to the EuroSpeedway Lausitz near Klettwitz in Eastern Germany for the seventh and eighth race of the season. There, pilots of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cups need to beat their opponents on a track which features a length of 3.534 kilometers and 14 curves. MOTORVISION TV shows you the best action from the racing weekend at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz.

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Porsche Carrera Cup Germany

Spielberg, Austria

The fifth and the sixth race of the 2017 Porsche Carrera Cup are held in Spielberg, Austria. In order to win, drivers of the Porsche 911 GT3 need to tackle the Red Bull Ring which features a length of 4.318 Kilometers and eight curves. Who will win on the track and gets one step closer to total victory? Find out on the answer on this thrilling highlight breakdown of the race weekend in Spielberg.

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Episode 6

When their ambitions exceed their driving skills, when well-secured racing professionals are thrown out of corners, we always have a camera at hand. Breathtaking stunts by professional drivers and slapstick-action in highly-tuned tin can rockets. Spectacular scenes where nobody gets hurt.

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Classic Ride

Sports Car Generations

Racing in its original form. Already Juan Manuel Fangio, drove a Ford Model A Speedster to victory in the late 1920s. Even too exclusive for 007. One of 19 or 23? Built Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagatos in test.

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Car History


Vive la difference: the design always unusual, the comfort alwasy extraordinary, the ideas often avant-garde: The cars of Renault. We show the french Volkswagen, starting with the first models up to the latest Twizy.

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Perfect Ride

All New!

The Porsche 911. Modern design, advanced technology, everything is new but still: For 50 years, still unmistakable. And we also test the world`s first series-produced plug-in hybrid with diesel engine: the Volvo V60!

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High Octane

Good Times with Carey Hart

This week on, 'High Octane,' we're heading overseas to Belgium for a one of a kind motorsports festival. Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM is hosting its yearly extravaganza of speed, stunts, and sick air.

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Aston Martin

Racing driver Patrick Simon meets with Aston Martin at the Nuerburgring in Germany in order to test out the Aston Martin V12 Zagato. Only two models of the V12, which has been customised by the design guru Zagato, exist. Plus: Tuning checks out the Porsche 997 and 994 and competes the Renault Megane Sport with the Golf GTI Edition 35.

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RS is not enough

The Audi RS6 is the benchmark, when it comes to extreme estate cars. It features an output of 560 hp combined with a maximum torque of 700 newtonmeters and an acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. This sounds awesome, but still isn't enough power - at least according to the Audi tuners. They want to get more out of the Audi RS6. Supercars show, how something good can even get better.

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4-Wheelers On Top

Mountain peaks as far as the eye can see at an altitude of over 2000 meters. The new flagship car from Stuttgart is climbing to the top. The Mercedes GLS is the successor to the off-road GL and gets a new name from Mercedes ' 'the S-Class of the SUVs'. And a luxurious interior is definitely there. But how will the luxury car fare on narrow mountain passes in Austria? Find out on 4x4 ' The All-Wheel Magazine.

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Go Green!

Audi Active Safety

Since 1907, the new car year is traditionally ushered in January, with the Detroit Motor Show. Officially the show is called: North American International Auto Show. It is the biggest automotive exhibition in in north america.

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Go Green!

Toyota Hybrid at Le Mans

A new hybrid in Le Mans. On the course in Le Castellet the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota presented his new LMP1 prototype for the 24-hour race: The Toyota TS 030 hybrid.

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Made in...

Volkswagen Phaeton

At the end of 2001, Volkswagen opened a new chapter in automobile history. The brand which had such a success with the beetle, now wants to enter the luxury market. The hour of the birth of the VW Phaeton is at hand.

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Made in...

BMW Motorcycle Production

The determination to bring the pleasures of driving to the streets, makes BMW motorcycles so well-loved. For over 40 years, these 2-wheelers have stood for maximum comfort, quality, and safety.

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Porsche Cayman R

A style-icon is back! Since 1954, Mercedes produces the SL. The new V8 has 4.7 liters and 435 horsepower. The sixth generation of SL has said goodbye to steel and hello to aluminum.

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ADAC Eco Test

Mercedes Benz and it´s premium class have a new child. The little S250 with a four-cylinder engine needs so less fuel that you can call this car a money-box. How good a cars and the consumption.

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Perfect Ride

The Future is Electric

The Tesla Model S is the car of the 21st century. It teaches the major automobile companies, what is possible when you believe in your own idea. It is one of the most exceptional cars one can buy. It offers an electric range of up to 500 kilometers and accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. In addition to that, Tesla promises that every buyer can charge its car for free forever.

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Perfect Ride

Car Series with Different Faces

Audi A3, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes CLS have been bestsellers for years. In order to attract even more buyers and close the niches between the different vehicle classes, manufacturers extend their model series every so often: Proven technology under the bonnet, but a redesigned body. The results are cars between two worlds such as A3 Sedan, 5 Series Gran Turismo and CLS Shooting Brake.

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Classic Ride

50 Years Corvette Stingray

The only real sports car in the United States. The Corvette Stingray celebrates its fiftieth birthday. And in addition: Lancia Stratos with Ferrari power. The rally icon of the seventies in test.

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Car History

Land Rover

Robust, honest, simple, the Land Rover ist the prototype of all off-road vehicles. A car which can go everywhere, an allrounder on-and off road. With the first range Rover, Land Rover becomes an exclusive brand.

10:50 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

European Tuning Show

Europe`s best show cars fight it out for the Tuning Crown at the Tuning World Bodensee. And: Clean and quiet, with zero emissions! Traveling with the Nissan Leaf electric car in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

11:20 (UTC)

High Octane

World Off-Road Championship Series

This week on, 'High Octane,' we're heading overseas to Belgium for a one of a kind motorsports festival. Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM is hosting its yearly extravaganza of speed, stunts, and sick air.

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Touareg JE Design

Phoenix Racing takes part in motorsports since the end of the 1990s and can look back at an impressive Wall of Fame. Tuning visits the team at the Nuerburgring. Plus: Tuning checks out the VW Touareg after it got the JE Design treatment and takes a look at the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring, where thousands of fans of vintage old motorsports cars get together.

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Blancpain Endurance Series 2013

Supercars takes a look behind the scenes of the final race of the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series. Here, GT racing cars including the Audi R8 LMS ultra, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 and McLaren MP4-12C have a race over 1000 kilometers on the Nürburgring. See the teams during their work, from the preparation to the qualifying and race itself.

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Hummer World Run

Hummer World Run. 200 Humvees in a cross-country frenzy. 1st International Humvee Meeting in Munich. Decadence: the Mercedes G 55 AMG. 700 Neuton meter torque and almost 500 horsepower.

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Classic Ride

50 years of Opel KAD

1964 marks Opel's foray into the upper class market and its attack on Mercedes-Benz. That year, Opel presented its KAD series with Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat. While these cars offered an American design, they were equipped with solid German technology. Classic Ride presents three representative cars from the series, including an ultra-rare and extra elegant Diplomat Coupe.

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Classic Ride

Convertibles for a Country Jaunt

The most beautiful BMW ever. Superstars like Elvis Presley admire the brilliance of the 507 Roadster. Today, the 150-horsepower sports car from 1955 is one of the most valuable classics of all time. On a search for the cult brand from Stuttgart in a Porsche 356 Cabrio.

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Classic Races

Rallye Year 1972 - A Ford Success Story

The international championship for manufacturers was a rally series which ran from 1970 - 72. Car manufacturers such as Porsche, Renault and Ford all took part, with Ford having an exceptionally successful year in 1972

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Classic Races

German Touring Championship 1992

The 1992 German touring car championship: most definitely one of the most important racing series in German motorsport. Hard, merciless and well known for its die-hard battles from its ruthless competitors.

14:35 (UTC)


Walther Roehrl

One extraordinary race driver is Walter Roehrl, without a doubt one of the best and most successful rally drivers of all time. A genius on 4 wheels and maybe even the best driver ever.

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Car History

BMW Racing

BMW is one of the most successful automotive companies in the world. From the beginning, racing is one of the pillars for this success. Whether it's on over long or short distance tracks, whether it's in formula or touring car races: the Bavarian Motor Works set new standards. And thanks to the transfer of technology into series production cars, customers benefit from racing victories as well.

15:30 (UTC)

Car History

Ford - The Beginning of the Modern Era

Remember the first Beetle? When did Ferdinand Porsche design this people\'s car? We follow the evolution of the automobile over the last century.

16:00 (UTC)

Classic Ride

British Sportscar Rarities

British sports car rarities! Morgan Three Wheeler. At the beginning of the last century they drive on Britain´s roads. The concept survived - until now. The Cobra is made by hand.

16:25 (UTC)

Car History


They are cars to enthuse and to float. The godess, the ugly duckly and the gangster sedan. From the very beginning, Citroen is celebrating the joy of extravagance.

16:50 (UTC)

Perfect Ride


The Company Boom Trikes redefines Cruising: The new 300 HorsePower Hayabusa Hardcore Trike or the New Highway. Trike are powerful three wheelers with modern technology.

17:15 (UTC)

High Octane

Super Snocross - Grand Forks, North Dakota

Today on, 'High Octane,' we're heading off to the wintry white upper Midwest of Grand Forks, North Dakota, for the first stop on the Super Snowcross circuit.

17:45 (UTC)


SEMA Las Vegas

Las Vegas - the city of sin. Since 1967, it hosts one of the largest Car and Tuning shows in the world - the SEMA show. In the U.S. car freedom is still extremely important and here one almost only finds extremes.

18:05 (UTC)


High End Limousines

Anyone choosing the competition package for the current BMW M5 limousine, wants racing-like performance for the streets. With this package, the already impressive V8 engine outputs 575 hp. Supercars checks out the BMW M5 with the competition package. Plus: The 560 hp Audi RS 7 with all-wheel drive and the both powerful and elegant Maserati Quattroporte.

18:30 (UTC)


Mercedes ML 63 AMG

Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and Mercedes ML 63 AMG: two road-legal monsters. Together, 1031 horsepower of earth-shattering power. This isn\'t driving, it`s landscape gardening!

18:50 (UTC)

Biker Lifestyle

Boss Hoss Meeting 2015, Part 1

The Wild West theme park Pullman City in the German Harz region is home to the 11th International Boss Hoss Meeting. The first trip leads participants to a biking museum, which displays spectacular creations. The Boss Hoss Meeting is also the place to see some custom bikes and meet like minded persons like Germany's first and only female Boss Hoss driver.

19:20 (UTC)

Biker Lifestyle

Boss Hoss Meeting 2015, Part 2

One of the highlights of the 11th International Boss Hoss Meeting is the annual eighth-mile race and burnout contest. 40 bikes take part in the drag race. Prices are not just awarded for the winner of the race, but also for the best custom bike, best trike, best paint and best burnout. The event concludes with a wrap-up party and a tribute to all drivers who can't attend the meeting anymore.

19:45 (UTC)


New Heritage

We get to the bottom of the current retro trends: puristic café racers and similar classic motorcycles in the styles of the 50s to the 80s are up and coming all over the world. According to the motto 'New Heritage', Hollywood star Orlando Bloom got a BMW S 1000 R individually tuned in Los Angeles. Motorcycles presents his classically styled custom bike and other representatives of the heritage scene at the 'Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este' at Lake Como and at the 'Wheels and Waves' festival in Biarritz.

20:10 (UTC)


SUVs and Pickups - From Elegant to Sporty

It's hard to imagine streets without SUVs on it. It's just logical for manufacturers to put these models on the markets, even if they aren't rooted in off-road. It's a rather easy task for Seat, because they are part of the Volkwagen Group. Their Ateca inherits its technology from the Amarok. A robust and reliable pickup truck. Engines and look have undergone a process of rejuvenation. Plus: The Cadillac XT 5. This American has to prove in Berlin, if it meets European standards

20:40 (UTC)


Steinbeisser Trophy

Tough, Tougher, Steinbeisser. The Steinbeisser Trophy is the toughest off-road race in Europe and only for tough guys with off-road experience. 'Only the strong survive' is the motto of the 16th edition. About 50 teams drive around the 8-hectare Off-Road Park Langenaltheim near Nuremberg in Germany as quickly and accident-free as possible. Team 'Bader' wants to win the Steinbeisser with their top-class prototype 'Black Widow!' Will they emerge victorious after two days full of struggles, mud and thrill?

21:05 (UTC)

High Octane

12 Hours of ATV America

High Octane is at Fort Dodge, Iowa, for the inaugural Max's Tires 12 Hours of ATV America. Fifty-four teams line up and go from day to night in this brutal twelve-hour, first time ever ATV extravaganza. Plus: High Octane gets up close and meets quad superstars Tim Farr and Jeremiah Jones. And: Everything you need to know about the flick 'Quatros Locos'.

21:30 (UTC)

Truck World

Episode 39

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the motorways will undoubtedly have paid a few visits to a motorway service station toilet. Well, it's not cheap any more, that's for sure....most service stations have started charging 70 cents, instead of 50 cents. For most HGV drivers, this amount is really pushing the limits of fairness.

22:00 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Arabella Classics

The Arabella Classics are one of the most exclusive classic car rallies in Europe and known for their stunning alpine scenery and the display of the noblest automobiles. But the Arabella Classics ist not just about mastering the track, but solving tasks as well, Classic Ride takes part with a rare BMW 502. Plus: The Lamborghini Diablo GT and the Volkswagen Bus T2 Westfalia are put to the test.

22:25 (UTC)

Car History


Always solid, always safe, not always beautiful - the Volvo Classic Cars. Since 1927 the swedish car company produces cars, which are a little bit different. No matter curvy or boxy, a Volvo is always an individual car

22:45 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

Class Reunion

How good are the star pupils of the Mercedes E-Class? Can the Audi S3 with 300 HorsePower and a powerful four-cylinder score points? And we visit the Shanghai Auto Show, one of the most important car shows in China.

23:15 (UTC)

High Octane

Rally Warriors

Today on, 'High Octane,' we head to Europe and Africa for a look at the most challenging rally in the world - the Paris Dakar.

23:40 (UTC)


Tuning Expo Saarbrucken, Germany

Extreme, more extreme, Tuning Expo! Already for the eight time an event of a class of its own takes place in Saarbrucken. For the fair in the border triangle all the European bolides come along.