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High Octane

Kicker Big Air Bash - Las Vegas, Nevada

This time on High Octane we take you behind the scenes of to the biggest FMX party of the year: the Kicker Car Stereo Big Air Bash at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. There, you also get a chance to witness a star turn from snowmobiler Ryan Britt who is flipping for all the attention.

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Special Cars Berlin - US Car Dreams

Kati from Munich is a big fan of US cars. She and her boyfriend Patrick fulfilled their dreams by buying a 1972 Chevy Chevelle. This rare car was found and imported directly from the USA by Frank Slopianka and his company 'Special Cars Berlin'. After a yearlong waiting period they can finally pick up their 5.7 liter V8 treasure at Frank's paradise for US cars and embark on their first ride.

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Land Rover Experience Tour 2

Every other year, the Land Rover Experience Tour invites adventurers to explore the world's most remote areas. In 2017, it's time for next tour. The destination: Peru. 30,000 people applied, but only six of them qualified for the adventure. They go on the trail of the Inca Trail and travel 2,000 kilometers through Peru ' most of it off the road. Their tour vehicle is the Land Rover Discovery.

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Classic Ride

Space Savers

The VW Bulli Camper Samba mutates from pack mule into high priced classic. Letter box with 37 seats. The 1962 'Graf and Stift' post bus still transports holiday makers to their hotel, even today!

02:25 (UTC)

Car History

VW Golf

It\'s a reasonable car, no exiting but best selling! The VW Golf is one of the most successful cars in history. It\'s build for everyone, students, mothers, young families and grandpartens.

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Perfect Ride

Typically German

There is hardly any car that’s more German than the Volkswagen Passat. It is convenient, solidly constructed and offers enough space for the average German family. But even its eighth generation is quite conservative. It’s neither edgy nor does it evoke any emotions. Instead, it’s neutrally designed and functional. Perfect Ride reviews the Volkswagen Golf and hunts for more typical German cars.

03:15 (UTC)

High Octane

Hare Scrambles

This week on High Octane, we're on the road for the first race of the AMA National Hare Scramble Series. Many of the world's top off-road competitors are here in their attempt to start the season off with a victory.

03:45 (UTC)


Stars of AMG

Mercedes' tuning company AMG starts its own battle of the stars - at least when it comes to horsepower. The C63 AMG, E 63 S AMG and S 63 AMG outdo each other with their performance data. AMG stands for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großasbach - the founders' names and the founding site. But you could also read it as absolute motoring geniuses, because all stars of AMG offer ultimate driving pleasure.

04:10 (UTC)


British Power

Very Brtish: Power and performance, craftsmanship and design. We have a look at the most beautiful cars of Aston Martin, Bentley and Rolls Royce.

04:35 (UTC)


All-Wheel Vehicles of the Future

Mitsubishi has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing electric motors. They used this know-how in 2013 to present the first plug-in hybrid SUV to the world: the Mitsubishi Plug-in Hybrid Outlander. Two years later the Outlander gets a new look and we test it on-road and off-road. More and more car companies such as BMW or Audi are producing electric or hybrid cars. All-wheel-drive cars of the future ' this time on 4x4 ' the All-Wheel-Drive Magazine.

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Classic Ride

Auction Classics

Vintage cars as an investment. The DeLorean can look back on an eventful history. Today, the Gullwing is an interesting classic investment. 100 dream cars under the hammer. At the classic car auction in Switzerland, hunters and collectors go bargain hunting. And 'Youngtimers' with investment potential. Even Formula 1 World Champion, Senna was thrilled by the Mercedes 190E 2.3 16V

05:30 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Unique Oldtimers

Unique Oldtimers. The BMW 328 'Schlüter' wrote racing history in the 1930s. Today, the unique piece - thought to have been lost - is operational again. 'Hipflask' with Turbo Power. The TVR 3000M Cosworth storms forward, and it can scare any Porsche out of its mind. And: A 60-year-old Opel Captain gets a makeover for modern everyday traffic. The Opel 'Kapinator'!

05:55 (UTC)

Classic Races

Rallye Portugal 1997

After the hot dusty planes of Africa the series returned to Europe for the fourth round. The first real gravel rally of the year. Based in the seaside resort of forget a davos the 1997 rallye of Portugal visited some

06:20 (UTC)

Classic Races

Rallye Argentina 1997

In the dusty winding road in the Andes Mountains the rallye was based on the city of cordoba. Spectators whether on horseback or on foot thrown into the 23 stages over 3 days.

06:45 (UTC)


Hans-Joachim Stuck

The racing legend Hans Joachim Stuck, nicknamed Striezel, ended his active career as a race driver with a Lamborghini Gallardo built by Reiter Engineering at the Nurburgring in 2011.

07:10 (UTC)

Car History


Corvette, Camaro, Impala\' is there anyone who doesn\'t know about these American dream cars? Founded by Louis Chevrolet, the brand climbed straight to the top at the turn of the 20th century in the USA. Chevrolet - who so many primarily link to the legendary sports car, the Corvette. Chevrolet, also means Motorsports, famous coupes and sedans. But of course, no car draws fans under its spell like the Corvette. Hardly a sports car is more powerful, hardly a sports car is faster - not even a Ferrari.

07:35 (UTC)

Car History

Mercedes SL

Since the 50s the Mercedes SL has been considered the ultimate sports car legend. Since the legendary 300SL with gull-wing doors the SL series has been all about innovation and sophisticated sportiness.

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Classic Ride

Forgotten Car Brands

Revisiting the past to portray the classic and veteran cars of decades gone by, meeting the personalities who wrote automotive history, sending very old cars running round very fast circuits.

08:25 (UTC)

Car History


They are cars to enthuse and to float. The godess, the ugly duckly and the gangster sedan. From the very beginning, Citroen is celebrating the joy of extravagance.

08:50 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

King of the Ring

The Nuerburgring Nordschleife is unique, world famous and known as the toughest speedway in the world. Despite countless hazards, it's has an exceptional appeal with racing fans. Together with legendary racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck, Perfect Ride explores the myth Nordschleife and tries to find out, what it takes to be 'King of the Ring'.

09:15 (UTC)

High Octane

Super Snocross - Pontiac, Michigan

Today, we've got some full-throttle thrills in the snow with the second round of the Super Snowcross Series inside the Silverdome.

09:45 (UTC)


Magic NumberThree

Want an everyday car with extra power under the bonnet? The BMW 3-Series, Nissan 370 Z or Citroen CS DS3 are rather average cars. But as M-version, Nismo or Musketier, they get wild and become really powerful. While the Bavarian competitor comes with an output of431 hp, the Nismo from Japan offers an output of 344 PS. The Citroen musketeer on the other hand is as strong as 222 French horses.

10:10 (UTC)


V8 Power

The facelift of the new Mercedes E cost around one billion Euros! But it is only one part of the exclusivity of the new E 63 AMG. Of course the high performance brand of Mercedes Benz added several other features!

10:35 (UTC)


Snow Action

Ice, snow and the shivering cold as well as all-wheel drive and cool cars can only mean one thing: endless drifting fun. On this episode 4x4 ' The All Wheel Magazine shows you some of the best all-wheel drive vehicles for snowy grounds. Volvo has a lot of experience, when it comes to driving under difficult conditions and uses that knowledge for its Cross Country range. Plus: Why is the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X the perfect car for drifting? And: The Ford Raptor as a snowmobile, the Fiat Panda as a monster truck and the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. You could not ask for more snow action - on 4x4-The All-Wheel Magazine.

11:00 (UTC)

Top Ten Show

The Ten Slowest Cars

Usually when you talk about cars it`s all about speed. Today we`ve decided to turn the tables and show you the opposite end of the spectrum: the ten most sluggish cars.

11:25 (UTC)

Top Ten Show

The Ten Most Fuel-efficient Cars

Fuel prices keep going up. Oil companies are justifying this with high demands and rising oil prices. And the prices will carry-on going up. So on toda`s show we are showing you ten of the most fuel-efficient cars.

11:50 (UTC)

Car People

GTI Meeting Woerthersee

A small tranquil village in the Austria located at the Lake Woerth. But once a year the lake is calling. And 150.000 tuning fans from whole Europe respond to this call and travel to the small village Marie Woerth.

12:15 (UTC)

Stunt Heroes

Bike Crash

The Stunt Heroes let it smash vigorously again. They deliver a wild chase between Gangster and Cop. And in the process a lot gets damaged! The coolest motorcycle stunts!

12:40 (UTC)


Aston Martin

Racing driver Patrick Simon meets with Aston Martin at the Nuerburgring in Germany in order to test out the Aston Martin V12 Zagato. Only two models of the V12, which has been customised by the design guru Zagato, exist. Plus: Tuning checks out the Porsche 997 and 994 and competes the Renault Megane Sport with the Golf GTI Edition 35.

13:05 (UTC)

Truck World

Episode 33

Today we meet Wolfgang Lohmann. He works in Hamburg, at the world's biggest luxury car showroom. The type of cars, that would leave us with our mouths gaping, are just an everyday part of his life. This time he is picking up a customer's vehicle in north Hamburg, and taking it for a service. The 7.5 tonne truck has 177 horse power to call upon, and can even pull a 3.5 ton trailer, if required. Until now it had mainly been subcontractors, who would do this sort of work. But due to the rising demand for this service, the company decided to get their very own HGV.

13:30 (UTC)


Episode 08

The weather has cleared up a bit on the Nuerburgring and we're finally back on the track. As soon as the snow and ice has gone the horsepower junkies return to the ring to tear it up once again.

14:00 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Four Seater Convertibles

Classic four-seater convertibles: the BMW 503 convertible with V8 engine. The noble four-seater is one of the most exclusive models of the Bavarian Motor Works. The official service car of the most famous TV investigator. The Peugeot 403 Cabrio of Inspector Columbo. And: pre-war elegance with 50s technology. The Mercedes S 170 is the restart into the luxury class after the War, for the people from Stuttgart.

14:25 (UTC)

Car History

Porsche Motorsport

No one is faster, no one is more reliable, no one is more successfull. Car History tells the story of the unbeatable from Zuffenhausen, with comments of Rallye legend Walter Röhrl and Le Mans-Winner Hans Hermann.

14:50 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

Driving Pleasure in Winter

Slippery roads, bad view, mud and salt: With winter comes a lot of hassle for car drivers. But if you know what winter has in store for you, you can make the right preparations and have lots on fun while driving. Perfect Ride takes two Porsche 911 to the glassy roads und points out the opportunities as well as the differences between four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive in winter.

15:20 (UTC)

High Octane

Triple Crown Of FMX Year In Review

The Vans Triple Crown whips up some furious freestyle motorcross. Last year's champion Kenny Bartram has his hands full with opponents like Ronnie Renner, Beau Bamburg, Matt Veighton and the most technically smooth freestyler in the world, Nate Adams. They're all gunning to control the hot seat in a raw FMX showdown for the Vans Triple Crown.

15:45 (UTC)



GT used to stand for 'Gran Turisme', high performance racing cars for long-distance races. Today, FIA passes regulations for several GT classes. Car makers offer GT models as 'the icing on the cake' of their model ranges, too. Mercedes even names a model GT and tops it all off with the GT S. Porsche knows to excite with a GTS as well, while J-Sport turns the Subaru GT 86 into a power machine.

16:10 (UTC)


LykanHyper Sports - The Making of a Supercar

Ralph R. Debbas had the dream to build the ultimate super car and the first one developed in the Arabic world. He brought together a financier from Beirut, engineers and designers from Turin and engine specialists from Germany to create the Lykan HyperSport. Supercars follows the making of a super car from the first design experiments to its unveiling at the Doha Motor Show.

16:40 (UTC)


4-Wheelers On Top

Mountain peaks as far as the eye can see at an altitude of over 2000 meters. The new flagship car from Stuttgart is climbing to the top. The Mercedes GLS is the successor to the off-road GL and gets a new name from Mercedes ' 'the S-Class of the SUVs'. And a luxurious interior is definitely there. But how will the luxury car fare on narrow mountain passes in Austria? Find out on 4x4 ' The All-Wheel Magazine.

17:05 (UTC)

Go Green!

The Future of Communication

People want to be connected to the internet - at all times. Luxembourg satellite operator SES offers a network of state-of-the-art satellites. On the world's biggest cruise liner in the United States, MOTORVISION TV is shown how broadband internet on the high seas works, visits the Control Center of the satellite fleet and steps into a test aircraft.

17:30 (UTC)

Go Green!

Trucks of the Future

Ever-increasing volumes of traffic, tight delivery schedules and constant flood of information: Professional drivers don't have an easy job. But at the same time, modern trucks offer new digital features that make the drive easier and more efficient. MOTORVISION TV visits the Sweden-based traditional manufacturer Volvo Trucks and watches the production of new automation systems.

17:55 (UTC)

Made in...


Kempten in Allgau. The ABT Sportsline company with 115 year tradition resides at the foot of the German Alps. ABT Sportsline is the largest Volkswagen group-tuning company in the world and works closely with Audi.

18:20 (UTC)

Made in...


It is a synonym and a touchstone for four-wheel drive movement. It is the symbol for quality of commercial vehicle constructions worldwide. Mercedes-Benz manufactured for the 60th birthday a new Unimog.

18:45 (UTC)


Land Rover Experience Tour 3

Every other year, the Land Rover Experience Tour invites adventurers to explore the world's most remote areas. In 2017, it's time for next tour. The destination: Peru. 30,000 people applied, but only six of them qualified for the adventure. They go on the trail of the Inca Trail and travel 2,000 kilometers through Peru ' most of it off the road. Their tour vehicle is the Land Rover Discovery.

19:35 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

The Battle: Cheap vs. Expensive

The ultimate battle between cheap and expensive is on! The Dacia Logan MCV, one of Europe’s cheapest station wagons, takes on the Volkswagen Golf Variant, one of Europe’s most popular station wagons. The Logan MCV from Romania is just half the price of its competitor. But what can one expect from a new car in this price range and why is it so cheap? Perfect Ride makes the comparison.

20:00 (UTC)


24h Series

24 Hours TC Series of Portimao, Portugal

GT, Touring and Prototype cars of the 24H Series travel to Portimao in Portugal for the next race weekend. The action kicks off with the 3x3H Portimao at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve featuring competitors of the 24H Proto Series. They take on the 4.684-kilometers track and its 16 turns for three 3-hour races. MOTORVISION TV brings you the best moments on this highlights programme.

20:50 (UTC)


ADAC MX Masters 2018

Bielstein, Germany

ADAC Nordrhein and MSC Drabenderhöhe-Bielstein welcome Europe's best motocross drivers for the third event of the 2018 ADAC MX Masters. The 1.83-kilometers track leads competitors through forest and meadows. The race presents a major challenge for riders, because they have to deal with many steep slopes and constantly changing track conditions. MOTORVISION TV shows highlights from the event.

21:15 (UTC)


ADAC MX Masters 2018

Moeggers, Austria

After a one-year break, the ADAC MX Masters return to MCC Möggers' natural track in Bregenz, Austria for the fourth round of the 2018 season. There, drivers take on one of Austria's most demanding motocross tracks. The 1.850-kilometer track features challenges like many tight corners and a spectacular steep slope.

21:40 (UTC)

Ferrari Challenge Europe 2018

Brno, Czech Republic, Trofeo Pirelli, Race 1

Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic is the fifth and penultimate destination for the participants of the 2018 Ferrari Challenge Europe before the world finals in Monza. Watch the highlights from the first Coppa Shell race on the Silverstone, when race novices complete 30 laps on the 5.403 kilometer track, which features a total of 15 curves.

22:40 (UTC)

Ferrari Challenge Europe 2018

Brno, Czech Republic, Coppa Shell, Race 1

The drivers of the 2018 Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli are still competing at the Silverstone Circuit in England, which hosts the fifth and penultimate destination round of the motorsports series before the world finals. MOTORVISION TV shows you the highlights from the second Trofeo Pirelli race of the weekend, when professional race drivers take on the 5.403 kilometer track.

23:40 (UTC)

Ferrari Challenge Europe 2018

Brno, Czech Republic, Trofeo Pirelli, Race 2

Brno Circuit in the Czech Republic is the fifth and penultimate destination for the participants of the 2018 Ferrari Challenge Europe before the world finals in Monza. Watch the highlights from the first Trofeo Pirelli race on the Silverstone Circuit, when professional race drivers complete 30 laps on the 5.403 kilometer track, which features a total of 15 curves.