Car People

A passion for taxi driving, a lifetime of towing service, Car People shows how exciting, thrilling and exhausting work in the transport world can be.


A passion for taxi driving, a lifetime of towing service, Car People shows how exciting, thrilling and exhausting work in the transport world can be.

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  • Vintage Car Assessor Thomas Eschenbach

    Laim, Munich, where Thomas Eschenbach`s office is located. For 17 years he has been working as a surveyor for car damages and appraisals. His specialty: surveying and appraising classic cars.

    21.05.2019 07:55 - 08:20 (UTC)

  • XS Car Night

    The ones, who love their cars, tune them. The refining of cars is for some more than just a hobby. For Mario from Dresden it\'s an attitude towards life.

    27.05.2019 19:50 - 20:20 (UTC)

  • The Red Baron

    Peter Goldstern - He´s the Pilot who flies the King of Tonga around. He takes the Majesty of Tonga all around the South Pacific in the governments very own bright red aircraft. It would take 24 hours to get to Tonga fro

    03.06.2019 19:55 - 20:20 (UTC)

  • Phoenix Racing Team

    The business park at the Nuerburgring is the head office of the Phoenix Racing GmbH. From here the Team of the native Swabian Ernst Moser stirs up the racing tracks worldwide.

    10.06.2019 20:00 - 20:25 (UTC)

  • Traffic Advisors of ADAC

    The traffic advisors from the ADAC are very helpful during holiday season on German Autobahns, equipped with motorbikes and a mobile traffic system, they monitor the most important motorways in the country.

    17.06.2019 19:50 - 20:15 (UTC)

  • Adhesive Foils Gianni de Padova

    Adhesive foils for cars are in at the moment. You can get them in all shapes and colors. They are a good and cheap alternative to repainting. An expert on this field from Printtech.

    24.06.2019 19:55 - 20:20 (UTC)

  • The Car Whisperer

    Boizenburg - one hour to the south of Hamburg. On an old factory property pile up old US cars, wrecks and quaint conversions. This is the territory of Ingo Sillus, a hard rocker, Harley driver und US fan.

  • Alex Renner Motors Dubai

    On the outskirts of Dubai, where the desert still prevails, a young man from Germany is working hard to make his dream come true: Alex Renner wants to run the most luxurious garage in the Arabian Golf.

  • Vehicle Inspector Thomas Eschenbach

    Small incident but a big impact. After accidents, a damage appraisal should give a bit of clarity to the situation. The man to do this: Vehicle inspector Thomas Eschenbach.

  • The Dakar Mini

    The Dakar. Hardest rally of the world. Since 1978 the spectacular desert race exists. For 30 years it took place in Africa. The finish: Dakar in Senegal. But since 2008, the Dakar takes place in South America.

  • Porsche Club UAE

    This is the story of a happy man. He´s made his passion into a lifestyle, and his life is dominated by cars. Fast cars, beautiful cars, special cars. He´s also a famous racing driver: Kareem Al Azhari

  • Geiger US Cars

    Geiger Cars in Munich is the biggest German US car dealer. Since 1979 Karl Geiger sells American men´s dreams come real into steel and chrome. He has them all, regardless of whether a Corvette, Hummer or Ford Mustang.

  • Mini Challenge Australia, Part 1

    Fascinating Australia. The Red desert, mystical sounds and endless roads. Passing through the Australian outback is a dream-come-true for the 25-year old student Lena...

  • Mini Challenge Australia, Part 2

    Fascinating Australia. The Red desert, mystical sounds and endless roads. Passing through the Australian outback is a dream-come-true for the 25-year old student Lena...

  • Land Rover Trophy Bolivia

    Surviving on one of the most dangerous roads: the 1,800 kilometers track will take you all the way through Bolivia, over dirt roads and high up over the mountains. This is the hardest off-road-tour in the world!

  • Attempto Racing Team

    Dubai in the Arabian Gulf, home of one of the toughest endurance race tracks in the world. The Dunlop Twenty-Four Hours. Victory is rare. Most racers satisfy with merely crossing the finish line.

  • The Racing Prince

    2 tough days for Arabia`s most successful and popular race car driver: HRH Abdul-Aziz Al Faisal. This weekend he will need even stronger nerves than ever - so much is at stake: he can win the championship!

  • Mini Rally Dubai

    In a place where everything is big, bigger, an exclusive group of people only want a Mini. But Why? From across the region fans travel to the Mini Festival. Our research on why people get Mini-crazy starts in Dubai.

  • Rolls Royce is back in town

    Welcome, welcome! This is it. One of many, but one of very few in this particular city. It´s a dream like can we even call it a car? It´s a Rolls Royce.

  • Bongard Towing Service of the Nuerburgring

    The Nuerburgring northern loop! This famous race track\\\'s one of the world\\\'s most dangerous tourist attractions. Every year, millions of motorsport enthusiasts flock here to get a real taste of racing.

  • MK Limousine Service

    The life of a VIP - have you ever wanted to be a star and be transported around a city, in a nice limousine. Sounds like a dream, right? Well it\'s not, you, too, can have the limousine experience, and feel like a star.

  • Pirelli Tuning Award

    Extreme lacquering, chrome-plated wheel rims and lots of monitors. Annually the elite of the screwing scene attends the Pirelli Tuning Award.

  • Driving School

    In 2010 in Germany only 1.3 million driver´s licenses were issued. Petra Hoffmann X from Hoffmann´s Driving School in Wasserburg has a life-long task of helping her students pass their test.

  • 24h Special

    Racing legend Hans Joachim Stuck, termed Strietzel, says goodbye to the active racing sports at the 24 Hours at the Nuerburgring where he won his first race at the age of 19.

  • GTI Meeting Woerthersee

    A small tranquil village in the Austria located at the Lake Woerth. But once a year the lake is calling. And 150.000 tuning fans from whole Europe respond to this call and travel to the small village Marie Woerth.

  • German Race Wars

    Even if it is only the 8th season of the German Race Wars visitors from more than 20 countries travel to the mega event. The fan base doesn´t mind which kind of sports car drives, as long as they get to see a fast race

  • Technical Inspection Agency

    Friday, 6:30 am. It`s still quiet on the TUV compound in Garching, near Munich. But everything which has two, four, or more wheels will be checked here soon again.

  • Patrick Dempsey in Daytona

    Daytona International Speedway: Millions of motorsport fans from all over the world travel every year to the World Center of Racing. The population figure of this small coastal city quadruplicates during the top events

  • Gelbe Engel

    Benjamin Ketterl is one of 58 breakdown service employees of the ADAC in Munich and its vicinity. Usually he is working in the city, but sometimes he also has to patrol on the highways.

  • Steinbeisser Trophy

    Here in the off-road park Langenaltheim one of the hardest competitions takes place - the Steinbeisser-Trophy. 2 days of pure action. Around 100 ambitious fans are competing for the title: Off-road King.

  • Albert von Thurn und Taxis

    Always friendly signs Albert autographs for his fans. Not a bit of an inapproachable chieftain. He is a racer at close range, a personality behind the steering wheel, and for sure also an enrichment for the racing.

  • Traffic Warden

    The streets of Munich are their beat. Almost no parking offender evades their expert eyes. They patrol every day, regardless of wind and weather conditions, armed with an electronic digitizer.

  • Race Queen Sabine Schmitz

    Sabine Schmitz is the queen of the Nordschleife. In 1996 she won The 24 Hours Nuerburgring in a BMW M3 as the first woman. In the next year she repeated her triumph right again. The Nordschleife has influenced her life.

  • Driving Instructor Danny Pfeil

    The Thomathal at the Katschberg Pass in Austria - there is still a morning early calm. As soon as Danny Pfeil´s European Speed Club begins to train for winter racing, the silence is over.

  • The Towing Company

    Cars which stop driving, are their business. It doesn´t matter if it was an accident or a parking offence: Non-moving cars have to be disposed of. It´s a case for the breakdown service as they tidy up on the road.

  • Porsche Culture Middle East

    More than 60 years ago, the enthusiasm for Porsche cars led to the inception of the first Porsche Club in Westphalia, Germany. The common goal was to unite Porsche drivers in friendship and comradeship. Today, it is one of the largest automotive communities and includes 620 official clubs around the world. One of the most glamorous Porsche Clubs is located in the United Arab Emirates.