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Classic Ride

Looking back at over 100 years of automotive history. “Classic Rides” shows vintage models and unusual cars. The cherished jewels of then and now, from Italy, France, USA or classic German vintage cars.

“Classic Rides” shines the spotlight on classic cars from all over the world. The Ferrari 365 California Spider. Only 14 cars were ever made and such a rare car is a true treat for classic-car fans.

Or the Amphicar of the 60ies. With this iconic vehicle you can leisurely cruise over country roads and through lakes. And sometimes the old cars are really taken to task in “Classic Rides”, such as our favorite VW Beetle who is taken on a 750 miles marathon. It’s Munich to London and this is an enormous challenge for the little chubby car with its rattling boxer engine.

But it´s not only the VW Beetle, who is breaking a sweat. His substantially smaller colleague, “The Goggo” is not getting away lightly either. The “Goggomobil RS300” has to undergo a track test. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Something we don´t want to happen to one of the jewels in automotive history.

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  • Rally Legends

    Rally Legends! High-tech turbo cars from the wild eighties meet together again at the SalzburgRing. Small Italian two-seater with mid-engine. The Lancia Beta Monte Carlo offers classic cars driving pleasure at a low.

    Today 10:25 - 10:50 (UTC)

  • American Way of Drive

    The 1967 Ford Fairlane GTA in NASCAR Trim! The Bankers Hot Rod! The 1995 Chrysler 300 C was America's most powerful production vehicle. Muscle Car Collection! The rarest Mopars from Dodge and Plymouth in one collection. World Standard! The 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible sets new standards in terms of luxury.

    Today 16:25 - 16:55 (UTC)

  • Big Days for Great Classic Cars

    Big day for significant classic cars. 50 years ago, the people from Ingolstadt presented the last DKW car - the F 12 Roadster. 'Cutaway' model for the 50th birthday. How the Ford Mustang ends up on top of the Empire State Building. And: 40 years of turbo boost. The Porsche 911 Turbo still requires experienced drivers at the wheel.

    Today 22:25 - 22:50 (UTC)

  • Aston Martin DB 4 GT Zagato

    In 1960 the English sports car marque Aston Martin engaged the services of the Italian bodywork craftsmen at Zagato to give the DB4 GT a unique look. An overall weight of 1,250 kilograms and six-cylinder engine with an output of 314hp give this DB4 a power-to-weight ratio comparable with today’s Porsche Turbo. With only 23 units built, the DB4 is even more exclusive than any Ferrari GTO.

    23.02.2019 02:15 - 02:40 (UTC)

  • Roadrunner's Paradise

    The Roadrunner’s Paradise near Berlin is one of several meeting points for fans of Hot Rods in Germany. Here the rebels come together and celebrate the good old times. Since it is a tradition for real outlaws, every Hot Rod needs to do the eighth of a mile track during the meeting. Plus: A BMW 2800 which was turned into a racing car and then ended up in a junkyard is put to the test.

    23.02.2019 02:40 - 03:05 (UTC)

  • Power-Convertibles

    Convertibles with plenty of power. Porsche 911 Targa - the cult classic par excellence! Extreme lightweight Construction. The Lotus Seven Twin Cam SS - more race - than road car. This car demands the whole man. The 1930 Bentley Blower. And Sunbeam Tiger. A large V8 heart beats In this dainty English Roadster.

    23.02.2019 10:25 - 10:50 (UTC)

  • Fascination Nurburgring

    With the M3, BMW brings race car technology to the road! 120 years Mercedes motorsport history. In celebration, Motorvision TV starts at the Nürburgring in Germany, with DTM legends Bernd Schneider and Ellen Lohr! Turbo-Power in the DTM. The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth teaches the racing competition the meaning of fear.

    25.02.2019 16:25 - 16:55 (UTC)

  • German Classic Cars of the 70th

    Revisiting the past to portray the classic and veteran cars of decades gone by, meeting the personalities who wrote automotive history, sending very old cars running round very fast circuits.

    26.02.2019 16:25 - 16:50 (UTC)

  • Unique Models and Million-Sellers

    Unique models and million-sellers: Jo Paulussen took seven years to build his Beradino. Resurrection of a myth. A re-construction of the BMW 328 Kamm Coupé, the 1940 - Mille Miglia race car.

    26.02.2019 20:10 - 20:40 (UTC)

  • Arabella Classics

    The Arabella Classics are one of the most exclusive classic car rallies in Europe and known for their stunning alpine scenery and the display of the noblest automobiles. But the Arabella Classics ist not just about mastering the track, but solving tasks as well, Classic Ride takes part with a rare BMW 502. Plus: The Lamborghini Diablo GT and the Volkswagen Bus T2 Westfalia are put to the test.

    26.02.2019 20:40 - 21:05 (UTC)

  • 50 years of Opel KAD

    1964 marks Opel's foray into the upper class market and its attack on Mercedes-Benz. That year, Opel presented its KAD series with Kapitän, Admiral and Diplomat. While these cars offered an American design, they were equipped with solid German technology. Classic Ride presents three representative cars from the series, including an ultra-rare and extra elegant Diplomat Coupe.

    27.02.2019 16:25 - 16:50 (UTC)

  • Mobility in the Eastern Europe

    Whoever believes in the socialist era of the East there was only oil smelly two-stroke Trabant and Wartburg or license production cars á la Lada, is wrong. Companies like Tatra from Czechoslovakia introduced in the fifties advanced, even pioneering automobiles. Unfortunately, the clientele was exclusive, and in the west countries the streamlined cars are big rarities. Today, these cars are cult and interesting collectibles. Classic Ride presents a lover and his extraordinary Tatra T87 of 1937.

    28.02.2019 16:25 - 16:50 (UTC)

  • Amphicar

    The Amphicar 770 is a rare classic. Its special attraction is that you drive motorboat on the road. It may not be the fastest car on the street, but it’s ready to be used on the water as well. Thus careful maintenance and continuous checks are a must. If something leaks, the Amphicar will sink like a stone. Classic Ride meets Richard Orthuber who owns an Amphicar 770.

  • Rallye Le Jog

    Cruising like in 'Miss Marple' times. The 1947 Triumph 1800 Roadster has space for 5 fresh air fans. Le Jog - the toughest classic car rally in Europe. A German women's team takes on the challenge in the VW Iltis. In addition, charming small Cabriolet from the brass age. The 1919 Wolseley Stellite.

  • Space Savers

    The VW Bulli Camper Samba mutates from pack mule into high priced classic. Letter box with 37 seats. The 1962 'Graf and Stift' post bus still transports holiday makers to their hotel, even today!

  • Four Seater Convertibles

    Classic four-seater convertibles: the BMW 503 convertible with V8 engine. The noble four-seater is one of the most exclusive models of the Bavarian Motor Works. The official service car of the most famous TV investigator. The Peugeot 403 Cabrio of Inspector Columbo. And: pre-war elegance with 50s technology. The Mercedes S 170 is the restart into the luxury class after the War, for the people from Stuttgart.

  • Cult Race Classics

    They wrote history, back then on the race track, today at the auctions for enthusiastic cars. Bolides, like the Ford GT 40, the Jaguar D-Type or the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing. Back then, they were only developed to win. The former winners developed themselves to multi-million value sites and venture objects. But today they're still enthusiasts, who drive these cult classical cars, to break some new records. The Swiss Mercedes-lover Adrian Gattiker discovered one of only 29 built Mercedes 300 SL lightweight. After a costly restoration at Mercedes Classic, it will start at the most famous Oldtimer-rally in the world - Mille Miglia.

  • Forgotten Car Brands

    Revisiting the past to portray the classic and veteran cars of decades gone by, meeting the personalities who wrote automotive history, sending very old cars running round very fast circuits.

  • Classic Cars Made in Japan!

    Revisiting the past to portray the classic and veteran cars of decades gone by, meeting the personalities who wrote automotive history, sending very old cars running round very fast circuits.

  • Unique Oldtimers

    Unique Oldtimers. The BMW 328 'Schlüter' wrote racing history in the 1930s. Today, the unique piece - thought to have been lost - is operational again. 'Hipflask' with Turbo Power. The TVR 3000M Cosworth storms forward, and it can scare any Porsche out of its mind. And: A 60-year-old Opel Captain gets a makeover for modern everyday traffic. The Opel 'Kapinator'!

  • Auction Classics

    Vintage cars as an investment. The DeLorean can look back on an eventful history. Today, the Gullwing is an interesting classic investment. 100 dream cars under the hammer. At the classic car auction in Switzerland, hunters and collectors go bargain hunting. And 'Youngtimers' with investment potential. Even Formula 1 World Champion, Senna was thrilled by the Mercedes 190E 2.3 16V

  • Classic Cars with All-Wheel Drive

    The VW: Type 166 Amphibious Vehicle is the all-rounder amongst off-road vehicles. Peugeot 205 Turbo 16. The French all-wheel cracker mixes up the World Rally Championship in the 80s. And : Willys Jeep in the Drive Report. The ascetic SUV conquered the World by storm and the hearts of off-road enthusiasts.

  • French Classics

    The VW Bulli Camper Samba mutates from pack mule into high priced classic. Letter box with 37 seats. The 1962 Graf and Stift post bus still transports holiday makers to their hotel, even today!

  • German Race Car Classics

    Historic image documents from the Porsche 550 RS Spyder. And: The Audi Quattro shocked the competitors.

  • Luxurious Coupes with 12 Cylinders

    Luxurious coupes with 12 cylinders! The Jaguar XJC V12 purrs like a kitten and growls like a wild cat. BMW 850. The high-tech luxury coupe from Bavaria tried to snatch the clientele from Mercedes-Benz.

  • Motorsport Classics

    Sporty Roadster with a star. The Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda in the test. Stately, bizarre and rare. The Jensen 541R is a typical British sports car. And: Goodwood Revival. At the world´s biggest historic motor racing event for vintage!

  • Convertibles for a Country Jaunt

    The most beautiful BMW ever. Superstars like Elvis Presley admire the brilliance of the 507 Roadster. Today, the 150-horsepower sports car from 1955 is one of the most valuable classics of all time. On a search for the cult brand from Stuttgart in a Porsche 356 Cabrio.

  • Saalbach Classic 2014

    Revisiting the past to portray the classic and veteran cars of decades gone by, meeting the personalities who wrote automotive history, sending very old cars running round very fast circuits.

  • Classic Technology Carriers

    A unique vehicle on TV for the first time ! The Bayer K67 research vehicle ! The first all-plastic car in the world. Developed in 1967 by technology company Bayer. Classic Ride presents the bright orange sports coupe after its extensive restoration.

  • VW Beetle 1303

    Collectable or rust bucket? We're checking out the classic VW Beetle 1303.

  • Triumph TR 1800

    David against Goliath. Mother-in-law put in her place with the Triumph TR 1800 she's in the boot! Two midgets hit the highway: the Maico Mobil and the Isetta.

  • Vespa

    Fallen for the charms of a Vespa? The Italian scooter has many fans and collectors.

  • Fiat Siata

    As if from another time - the Fiat Siata with a Thirties retro look.

  • Reliant Scimitar

    Quirky or elegant? Even the English royal family enjoyed the Reliant Scimitar.

  • Citroen DS

    Launched at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, the Citroen DS caused a furore. Within the first day of the exhibition, 12,000 sales agreements were signed. Classic reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the French goddess. Plus: Classic Ride travels to Bad Gastein in Austria and meets fans of the Porsche 924 and 944. Both models enjoyed success in motorsports, but couldn’t keep up with the Porsche 911.

  • Mercedes 130

    Love at second sight: only real aficionados can recognize the Mercedes 130 as part of the brand. On closer inspection, the little convertible saloon turns out to be a real oddball from the car maker's 100 year history.

  • Turbo Charged Ford Capri

    The Ford Capri was born in 1969 in Brussels and modelled on the extremely successful Mustang coupe from the US. Almost 1.1 million units of its series were sold. However, nobody can say for sure anymore, how many of these cars were tuned with the May turbo charger. Today the fast coupe with the May turbo kit is an absolute rarity. Classic Ride meets the owner of a Ford Capri with turbo kit.

  • Mercedes 540 K

    Exclusive, expensive, fast and closely linked with many successes in racing: Hardly any other car represents the splendid lifestyle of the day’s film and music stars better than an open-topped Mercedes 540 K, which premiered at the Paris Car Show in 1936. The K stands for Kompressor, which is German for supercharger. Classic Ride tells the story of this cult icon.

  • Porsche 1500 Super

    A nice bend - The Porsche 1500 Super showed early on what was possible with simple Beetle technology.

  • Borgward Isabella Cabriolet

    Better than the original. The Borgward Isabella Cabriolet. Specialist Ferber copied the cabriolet one-to-one.

  • AMG Mercedes 500 SLC

    Classic car taking the banked turn: The AMG Mercedes 500 SLC at the Boxberg Classic.

  • Wankel Rotary Engines

    Cars with rotary engine. The NSU RO 80 is one of the most famous, and the first production sedan in the world with a rotary engine. The NSU Wankel Spider! In 1964 he celebrates his highly acclaimed world premiere at the

  • Lancia Delta Integrale

    Alpina and AMG are two of the first tuners. They made their names in motorsports in the 1960s and have been the best in the business ever since. Reason enough for Classic Ride to compare an SLC AMG and an Alpina CS with each other. Plus: The Lancia Delta Integrale won six World Rally Championship titles in a row, but is disparaged for its unreliability. So is the Lancia a cult car or just junk?

  • Ford Mustang Boss

    In the track test: the legendary muscle car, the Ford Mustang. Not just any old Mustang, but the Mustang Boss - winner of the Trans-Am racing series in 1970.

  • Karmann Ghia DIY

    Once heralded as a Porsche for secretaries, now with real Porsche technology. A Karmann Ghia DIY constructions in our track test.

  • Citroen SM

    Once a year Russian vintage fans meet at a spots stadium in Moscow Sports for the Retro Style, a vintage rally through Moscow. Classic Ride takes advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the passion for old cars with Russan drivers. Once ahead of its time, the Citroen SM is now a rare collector’s item. Classic Rides takes a look at the French diva with an Italian heart.

  • Dogde Charger

    The Dodge Charger is one of the fiercest muscle cars of the 1960s and a typical child of an era, when sporty American cars had to have one thing above all: a hefty V8 with a large capacity and even more horsepower. Classic Ride takes a look at the Dodge Carger. Plus: Classic Ride show the history of the BMW 02 series, which still brings a smile to the face of most car fans.

  • Maserati

    Maserati - the traditional Italian brand with the trident logo. We take a look at ninety-five years of history, from race cars to road cars.

  • De Tomaso Mangusta

    De Tomaso Mangusta, one of the most rare super sportscar conjured up by Allessandro de Tomaso.

  • Ferrari 265 California Spider

    Spotting the Ferrari 365 California Spyder in real life is practically impossible, because only 14 of them were ever made. In 1967 one example was delivered to Rapallo on the Italian Riviera, where it was used as the summer car of an industrial family from Milan. Responsible for the impressively elegant lines of the Ferrari 365 California Spyder is Sergio Pininfarina.

  • Porsche 911 RSR

    Today we are driving a 911 RSR. That's a model of which Porsche built only 49 pieces.

  • Mercedes C111

    The Mercedes C111 . Experimental- and research car from 1969. Design and engineering aren't common for the mostly conservative brand. On the outside gull-winged GFK-vehicle body, under the hood, you can find a three-shim rotary engine with 280 horse power. Later on Mercedes equips two C111s with 3,5-litre V8 motors. One of them is ready to start, and Classic Ride will test it on the road , today. Everybody is fascinated by the Mercedes C111! Additionally in this episode: A coupe , as elegant as a cocktail dress by Chanel and as solid as a medieval castle: The Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 coupe. The noble vehicle is one of the most reliable Oldies in the world. And especially the V8-motorised version

  • Bensberg Classics

    Very important cars for very important people! The Mercedes 600 sedan is the representation limousine par excellence. A car like a Wagner opera. The Maybach Zeppelin is a monument of German automotive history.

  • Cars for Rock Stars, Reds & Royals

    Luxury cars for despots, kings and rock stars. Bentley S2 Continental Flying Spur: The Gentleman´s Express. Russian state carriage with imperialist genes. Joseph Stalin´s ZIS 110: One of the American class enemy copied.

  • Sporty Fords

    The sporting legacy of Henry Ford. The Ford Thunderbird of 1955. A cult classic of the American automotive industry with a powerful V8 engine. The Ford Capri. Long snout, short tail and a turbocharger. The Capri Turbo

  • Historic Ice Trophy

    The former professional rally driver and European Rally Cross Champion Herbert Gruensteidl, as he participates with a original rebuilt 2002 by BMW-Tuner Schnitzer at the Historic Ice Trophy in Austria.

  • The Most Exciting Oldtimer Race

    Thumping GT sports cars from the sixties, the pre-war Silver Arrows, sharp classic cars ""on Ice"" and historic Formula 1 cars. - Now on Classic Rides: The most exciting classic car races in Germany.

  • Oldtimer Highlights

    Classic cars with shiny chrome, exotic young classic cars and rally cars. Germany is a country full of classic cars - Today on Classic Rides: The best classic car rally in Germany.

  • Cobra Pacer

    One real eye catcher is the very rare AMC Pacer from the movie 'Waynes World'. This car has caught the attention of famous German Music-Manager Andreas Laesker.

  • Glas GT

    It looks like a Ferrari but it comes from Bavaria, Germany: The Glas GT, one of the rarest oldtimers in the world!

  • Karmann Ghia

    The VW Karmann Ghia is said to be the most beautiful VW ever built. Today it has becoming more and more a collectors item, especially the Karmann Cabrio.

  • Fiat Dino

    The Fiat Dino Spider is one oft he most beautiful Cabrios oft he sixties: Designed by Pininfarina, incomparable in ist design, only 525 models were built. Under the hood is a Ferrari V6-engine working.

  • BMW Isetta

    Prince Leopold of Bavaria owns two cars, which can´t be as oppositional: the BMW isetta and the BMW Z8. The BMW Isetta is one oft he most unusual and most successful smal cars of the 50ties. Designed like an egg on wheels, with a 250ccm motobike-engine and 12 hp. The BMW Z8 ist still a dreamcar, with a timeless design, 5-Liter engine and 400hp. Classic Rides follows Leopold of Bavaria, as he gets both cars ready fort he summer.

  • Volvo DTM

    It is a typical family car - heavy, not sporty and sedate. But hardly anyone knows that the Volvo 240T was once a really hot topic on the race track.

  • Escort Cosworth

    They have huge wings, are fast and rare - the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and the Ford Escort RS Cosworth.

  • VW 181 - The Thing

    There is a crazy new thing from Volkswagen. A car that can dress up after you get it, to look anyway you want it. A car that can be anything, can do anything, is a car that only can be called The Thing by Volkswagen.

  • Alfa Romeo

    Alfa Romeo, even nowadays the paragon of design, Italian car making and car racing. But from the official racing Alfa Romeo departed long ago. Nevertheless the legends of old are still driving, albeit at private events

  • Porsche Special

    'Investigate the Porsche cult.' Which ride is more enjoyable, the Porsche tractor or Porsche Targa? Porsche is cult. For over 5 decades the fans have been addicted to these cars out of Zuffenhausen. But when was the big bang of the Porsche brand and when was the first Porsche created?

  • Audi S1 Quattro, Part 2

    It is sexy, spectacular and comes with tremendous speed: the Audi Sport quattro S1, the most exciting rally car ever built. In part 2 of the S1 special, Classic Rides accompanies S1 pilot Michael Gerber during the second day of the Rally Legend. Plus: The whole story of the S1 told with original comments by former world champion Walter Röhrl.

  • Audi S1 Quattro, Part 1

    It's the most powerful and most spectacular rally car ever built: The Audi Sport quattro S1. Based on the regular Audi Sport Quattro, the S1 is 32 cm shorter, has giant wings and spreads anxiety, fear and excitement among rally drivers and fans. Classic Rides visits former professional rally driver Michael Gerber, who owns the last out of 20 S1 that were ever built.

  • Melkus

    Revisiting the past to portray the classic and veteran cars of decades gone by, meeting the personalities who wrote automotive history, sending very old cars running round very fast circuits.

  • DeLorean

    It is one of the most spectacular cars of the last 30 years: the Delorean DMC-12. But after 9000 built cars, the production came to an end in 1982.

  • Ron Williams and his Cougar

    After the sensational success of the 1964 presented Ford Mustang, the Ford Motor Company decided to build another exciting car, based on the Mustang, the Mercury Cougar.

  • Porsche Carrera RS

    In the early 70s it was the fastest and most sportive production sports car in Germany: The Porsche Carrera RS. Today the RS is a classic Porsche with the highest acclaim.

  • Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

    The Mercedes 300SL might be the most exciting sports car of the post-war era. A panel of judges even named it the sports car of the century. Hans Kleissl from Polling near Munich owns one of the world's leading repair and restoration shops for SL models. Classic Ride accompanies him and his 300SL, originally owned by playboy Porfiro Rubirosa, to the Classic Days at Schloss Dyck.

  • Jaguar E-Type

    A legend celebrates its 50th anniversary. In 1961 The Jaguar E-Type was shown for the first time on the Motor Show Geneva.

  • Ron William's Cadillac

    The 1952 Cadillac Fleetwood is also known as the American Rolls-Royce, because it’s the car of celebrities, presidents, millionaires and mafia bosses. Only around 16,000 units were built, so it’s a treasured collector’s piece. One owner of the 52 Cadillac is German-American actor and entertainer Ron Williams, who has a special relationship with the car.

  • BMW 319

    The BMW 319/1 is one of the rarest and most demanded pre-war classic cars from Germany. Only 178 of them were ever built. Nowadays a well-maintained BMW 319/1 costs more than a Ferrari. But that's just one reason to drive this BMW very carefully. Classic Ride follows Andreas Mooser and his 319/1 on their way to a BMW Veterans Club rally through the Austrian alps.

  • Eifel Race at the Nurburgring

    Mercedes-Benz Classic has a newly built race car, a Mercedes-Benz 220 SE 1964, for the Dunlop FHR Long Distance Cup. Classic Ride reporter Robert Tomitzi takes the chance and gives it a ride. At the Eifel Race at the Nürburgring he shares the cockpit with former Formula 1 driver and Le Mans winner Jochen Mass.

  • Turbo Corvair

    The extraordinary story of the Chevrolet Corvair. The Chevrolet Corvair is pretty much unheard of in Europe, despite almost 1.4 million units sold. It was innovative, economical, modern, low priced and the first car which featured a turbocharger upon request. The car was nevertheless criticized, slated and later condemned

  • MG TC

    The MG TC is a sporty, but also extremely spartan car with technology from the late 1940s. Thus the car might be somewhat susceptible to technical problems, but it’s very easy to maintain. Lebrecht Tiede owns an MG TC, but it needs to overcome one hurdle. Before the car can be used on the streets, it needs to pass the TÜV, the German technical certification test.

  • Design Models

    Classic Icons and designer models: French Art Deco beauties at Retro Classics. Final Examination: With the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto to the Alfa Museum in Milan. And: Concorso d´Eleganza at Lake Como.

  • Porsche's Rarities

    Automobile Milestones of Professor Ferdinand Porsche Three designs of the Century from a designer-genius. Silver Arrow with 16 cylinders. The Auto Union Type C still commands the highest respect from drivers today.

  • Classic Hybrids

    Classic sports cars, with externally supplied engines. For example, the Apollo 3500 GT - Italian body work with an American V8! Arsonist dressed in everyday clothing.

  • Porsche Type 64

    The 1938 Porsche Typ 64 racing car is a holy grail for many Porsche fans, because it’s the first ever car that is named after Professor Ferdinand Porsche. It is based on Porsche’s so-called Volkswagen and only three examples were ever produced. They were supposed to take part in a race from Berlin through Race, but never did due to World War II. Hamburg’s prototype museum rebuilt the Porsche 64.

  • Bizzarrini 5300 GT

    Bizzarrini 5300 GT. Italian on the outside and American on the inside! A beautiful body and a poweful V8 machine turn the Italien classic into a dream car!

  • Sportscars of 1963

    The Porsche 911. Like no other, characterizes 911 the sports car segment. At the same time, the Corvette Stingray celebrates on the other side of the Atlantic the American dream sports car par excellence.

  • British Sportscar Rarities

    British sports car rarities! Morgan Three Wheeler. At the beginning of the last century they drive on Britain´s roads. The concept survived - until now. The Cobra is made by hand.

  • Sports Car Generations

    Racing in its original form. Already Juan Manuel Fangio, drove a Ford Model A Speedster to victory in the late 1920s. Even too exclusive for 007. One of 19 or 23? Built Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagatos in test.

  • 50 Years Corvette Stingray

    The only real sports car in the United States. The Corvette Stingray celebrates its fiftieth birthday. And in addition: Lancia Stratos with Ferrari power. The rally icon of the seventies in test.

  • Fiat Topolino

    The little mouse among compact cars: the Fiat Topolino makes heart flutter even faster today. Two different horses from the same stable. Teutonic Ford Consul versus Mercury Cougar.

  • Vintage Cars Worldwide

    Vintage Cars Worldwide! Mercedes Gullwing and souped-up classic cars in the Bangkok Classic Car Ride! Traveling on Venezuela\\\'s most beautiful island in an Oldsmobile convertible! And a rare Japanese car in California.

  • Classic Remise

    The company Classic Remise in Duesseldorf offers a widespread service for classic car owners: Prestige car dealers, specialized workshops, accessories and insurance concentrated on a proper historic location.

  • Cool Volkswagen Cars

    One of the most popular racing series of the world - the Formula Vee. The 'Vee', or simply 'V', stands for Volkswagen, as the small formula cars were equipped with the technology of the legendary Beetle. This historical Formula Vee racing series took place around 15 years ago.

  • Scrapyard Gold

    It can pay off to roam around in old garages. In the end, it is not too unusual to find hidden gems of automotive history in a perfect condition. Classic Ride meets car collector Al Wilson at a scrap yard in Texas where the last Horch vehicle ever built has spent the last 40 years undetected. Also on this episode of Classic Ride: the MGC GT Sebring, which was built for the 12 Hour Sebring Race.

  • Historic Ice Trophy

    It's all about fun at the Historic Ice Trophy! At this historic race on a 2 kilometers long circuit, lap times are not the number 1 priority.

  • Customized Tradition

    Car customizing has a long tradition. We celebrate 40 years of the BMW M-power. Moreover, we drift through the snow - with a 140 hp Rally-Bug.

  • Goodwood Revival Part 2

    Actors in Classic-Madness, diving spitfires and ridiculously expensive Vintage Cars. You can see all this at one event: Welcome to the Goodwood Revival!

  • Goodwood Revival Part 1

    The Name 'Goodwood' gives Fans of historic Racing Cars goose bumps. The Goodwood Revival is the biggest and most beloved event for fast vintage cars. See the most spectacular races on the Goodwood Circuit.

  • Best of

    The world of classic cars is colorful and diverse: awesome rally cars from the 80s that make a lot of noise, cute subcompacts you could hug and chrome big bangers from the US with heavy V8 engines and a lot of torque.

  • V8-Bangers

    If you want power, this engine is the ultimate choice: the V8! Its extraordinary energy and unique sound make your skin crawl. Today we will be showing you a truly rare example of a V8 car: the British TVR 5000 M.

  • Women's Oldtimer

    Today´s focus is on women and their oldtimers: Manuela and her Ford Thunderbird, the Hells Belles of Los Angeles and Johanna\\\'s Chevrolet Corvette with its Big Block Power.

  • Designo Italia

    In the 80s they where the epitomes of a perfect supercar: the Lamborghini Countach with its champion bodywork and the Ferrari Testarossa, both born at the Italian design house in Pininfarina! With their V12 engines they were blessed with power, enabling them to scrape the 186 mph mark on the speedometer. In addition: the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS and the Intermeccanica Italia Spyder.

  • Goodwood Festival of Speed

    England's biggest motorsport party takes place once a year on the Goodwood country estate. Celebrating 60 years of the British Lotus. Unbelievable motorsport legends such as Alain Prost, Emerson Fittipaldi and Jackie Stewart pay the Earl of March a visit.

  • Hudson Hornet

    Racing, Cruising and Pony riding in our show today. The fabulous Hudson Hornet, the chubby American winner at Daytona fifty years ago.