High Octane

Spectacular events and pure adrenaline


From Freestyle Motocross to snowcross racing, from jet-skiing to ATV off-road action: High Octane opens the door to the risky and crazy world of motorsports. This magazine delivers spectacular footage from breathtaking tournaments on the land, on water and on snow.

High Octane also takes you to the biggest parties inspired by motorsports, shines light on some of the most audacious sportspeople and provides an insight into the organization and production of motorsports events, movies and games.

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  • World Jet Ski Championships Part 1

    It's an event like no other with a fusion of sports, music and lifestyle all on the beautiful blue water of Lake Havasu. High Octane is at the Dos Equis Desert XX and the 23rd annual ISJBA World Finals of personal watercraft racing. Skateboard warriors and BMX brave hearts roll deep on the vert, while FMX fanatics demonstrate their high-riding prowess and pit racers play dirty in the mini-moto.

    Today 12:10 - 12:35 (UTC)

  • Crusty Demons: From Video to the Arena

    Today on High Octane it's the Crusty Demons of Dirt. What started as a 1994 Fleshwound Film has spawned nine sequels and has given rise to the biggest action sport on the planet...Freestyle Motorcross.

    Today 18:15 - 18:40 (UTC)

  • Triple Crown Of FMX Year In Review

    The Vans Triple Crown whips up some furious freestyle motorcross. Last year's champion Kenny Bartram has his hands full with opponents like Ronnie Renner, Beau Bamburg, Matt Veighton and the most technically smooth freestyler in the world, Nate Adams. They're all gunning to control the hot seat in a raw FMX showdown for the Vans Triple Crown.

    23.02.2019 00:10 - 00:35 (UTC)

  • World Jet Ski Championships Part 2

    The 23rd Annual World Finals are back with more play than you can twist a throttle to. The IJSBA World Finals are the hub for a whole spectacle of sports action to turn on. Amidst the mayhem of vert ramp icons and FMX superstars, live music rocks the concert stage while the men's Pro Ski Superstock is on deck and ready to point it to the checkered flag.

    23.02.2019 12:10 - 12:35 (UTC)

  • Watercross Pro Tour - California

    This week on High Octane, the crew is headed down to Long Beach for the IJSBA Pro Watercross showdown. From Racing to freestyle, the worlds best battle it out in this water arena.

    23.02.2019 16:25 - 16:55 (UTC)

  • Monsters of Motocross

    This week on High Octane we've got the Monsters Of Motocross. It's an all-star lineup of the rulingest roosters of the day! We've got current Supercross and Outdoor Nationals Champion, Ricky Carmichael.

    23.02.2019 17:20 - 17:45 (UTC)

  • The Dunes Off-Road Freestyle Motocross

    Today, we've dumped a truckload of sand in the middle of the city to create a freestyle playground for the High Octane Dunes Competition.

    23.02.2019 17:45 - 18:15 (UTC)

  • Surf/Moto Crossover - California

    This week on 'High Octane' we've got surf and turf. Where your sunscreen because we're heading to the beach for SurferCross, where big name riders and top surfers first ride the waves, then ride the racetrack.

    23.02.2019 18:35 - 19:05 (UTC)

  • Enduro Adventure

    Today on High Octane, we are heading off-road and doing some racing Enduro-style. We will take a look at the oldest type of motorcycle racing in the country.

    23.02.2019 19:05 - 19:30 (UTC)

  • Crusty Demons US Tour - An Inside Look 2

    Based on the most popular video action sports series of all time, The Crusty Tour touched down in Glendale, Arizona for the first ever Crusty Demons of Dirt USA arena show featuring some of the best freestyle motorcross in the world. At the event, High Octane also got a chance to talk to the hottest riders on the planet including technical wizard Nate Adams and Vans Triple Crown champion, Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg.

    25.02.2019 18:15 - 18:40 (UTC)

  • Kicker Big Air Bash - Las Vegas, Nevada

    This time on High Octane we take you behind the scenes of to the biggest FMX party of the year: the Kicker Car Stereo Big Air Bash at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. There, you also get a chance to witness a star turn from snowmobiler Ryan Britt who is flipping for all the attention.

    26.02.2019 18:05 - 18:30 (UTC)

  • Crusty Demons Global Assault Tour

    The Crusty Demons of Dirt, the most radical band of freestyle motorcross magicians, have conjured up an unforgettable show for their first performance in front of a packed American audience. Join Brian Deegan, 'Mad' Mike Jones, Nate Adams, Ronnie Faisst, Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg, Jeff 'Ox' Kargola, Daine Kinnard and Dan Pastor as they fly in the face of danger, just doin' what they do best and what they do best revs hotter than anyone out there.

    27.02.2019 18:10 - 18:40 (UTC)

  • FMX Expression Sessions

    On this episode of High Octane, the biggest action sports event of the year bombards Surf City, USA. Get ready for the Beach Games air with freestyle motocross on the sand. Stars like Deegan, Renner, Ox and Faisst fly high above the beaches and show what they're made of.

    28.02.2019 18:10 - 18:35 (UTC)

  • Kicker Livin Loud Big Air Bash, Las Vegas

    High Octane is off to Sin City for Kicker's Livin' Loud Big Air Bash at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. We join forces with Alpine's star Malcom McCassey to slide you inside the FMX universe.

  • 12 Hours of ATV America

    High Octane is at Fort Dodge, Iowa, for the inaugural Max's Tires 12 Hours of ATV America. Fifty-four teams line up and go from day to night in this brutal twelve-hour, first time ever ATV extravaganza. Plus: High Octane gets up close and meets quad superstars Tim Farr and Jeremiah Jones. And: Everything you need to know about the flick 'Quatros Locos'.

  • Lake County Fair Stadium Motocross

    Today on High Octane, we're going to the fair, the Lake County Fair. Snowcrossers from the World Snowmobile Association mix it up with pro motocrossers at the Lake County Fair StadiumCross.

  • The Legendary McGrath

    Seven-time supercross champion Jeremy McGarth goes orange, and signs a four-year deal with KTM. On High Octane, he talks about his new bike, his team, and the upcoming supercross season. In Primal Screen, Jeremy teams up with Clutch films in their latest offering, 'Steel Roots III: New Blood.' Plus: High Octane checks out the Boardstock Freestyle Fest in Stockton, California.

  • US Freestyle National Championships

    This week on High Octane, the crew is heading out to Denver, Colorado for the X-Moto-X U.S. National Freestyle competition.

  • Great American Hillclimb, Montana

    Today, we're taking you to Billings, Montana. With a combination of top-notch professional athletes and their insane steel horses, you'll witness motorcycles doing things you never thought possible.

  • US Motocross Championship Series

    This week on High Octane, we're in Washougal, Washington for round 9 of the AMA Chevy Trucks US Motocross Championship Series.

  • Indoor Super Snocross Stop No. 2

    This week on High Octane, we're in Minneapolis for the second round of the Indoor Super Snowcross Series.

  • Grantsburg World Championship Snowmobile

    Today on High Octane, we're in Grantsburg, Wisconsin, for the World Championship Snowmobile Watercross, the wildest racing you'll ever see as snow machines on water reach speeds of 80 miles an hour.

  • Indoor Super Snocross Stop No. 1

    Today on High Octane, just what you sledheads have been waiting for, round one of this year's Super SnowCross Stadium Tour.

  • World Off-Road Championship Part 1

    Since 2001 the Rocky Mountain ATV MC Off-Road World Championship Series has been gunning to crown the world's fastest racers. With tracks diverse enough to combine the thrills of motocross and the determination of off-road racing, Worcs challenges every aspect of a rider's ability to hang on when the going gets rough in an all-ages family-oriented environment.

  • Indoor Super Snocross Stop No. 3

    Today on High Octane, we're in Pontiac, Michigan for round three of the Indoor Super Snowcross Stadium Tour. The best racers of the year have come home to roost it at the Silverdome.

  • Lac Vieux Desert Snowmobile Racing

    We're taking you to the place of raw, cold, horsepower. Lac Vieux Desert Resort Casino is hosting the USSA World Cup Challenge and Snowmobile Hill Climb.

  • Indoor Super Snowcross, North Dakota

    Today we are in Fargo, North Dakota and the Indoor Super Snowcross is here to crown a champion. Last year's champ Blair Morgan is here to defend his title; Mike Island wants to take it away.

  • Ryan Capes: Going the Distance

    Professional distance jumper Ryan Capes is devoted to one goal: Setting the world record for distance ramp-to-earth ramp jumps. High Octane went the distance with him and followed him for more than a year. Lots of travel and tons of tape were needed to put this portrait together and get a unique insight into Ryan Capes.

  • Pro Watercraft Tour

    High Octane is in Ventura, California for the first-ever FWA IJSBA Pro Watercraft Tour. Three-time freestyle world champion Eric Malone boosts the freeride waves in his bid for a fourth championship. But more than the Pacific Ocean stands in Malone's way, because he competes against Brazilian champion Alessander Lenzi. Plus: High Octane meets Suzuki Team Motocross rider Sean Hamblin.

  • Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle Motocross

    On this episode of High Octane, we send your imagination to the land of freestyle reality on the Vans Triple Crown of Freestyle Motocross. Triple Crown is not just a one-time deal, it's three rounds spread out throughout the year and two nights of competition at each, so there's six nights of competition. Get ready to launch big fatties in Indianapolis, Tacoma, and St. Louis.

  • ATV Grand National Championship Series

    High Octane is at High Point Raceway for some hard-charging and super-flying quad racing in the 2002 AMA Maxxis Grand National ATV Series. Tim Farr, Doug Gust, and defending series champion, Jeremiah Jones, battle it out on 4 wheels as the fight for the points lead hits a boiling point in the hot summer sun. Plus: A behind-the-scenes look at the Racer X Magazine.

  • World Off-Road Championship Part 2

    The Rocky Mountain ATV MC World Off-Road Championship Series continues its quest to crown the fastest motorcycle racers on dirt with stops in Goldendale, Price, Ignacio, Honey Lake in Milford and Longview in Washington. With tracks combining the viewer-friendly thrills of motocross with the challenge of off-road, it's anyone's ride to the finish so hop on board for the full-on WORCS experience.

  • Crusty Demons US Tour - An Inside Look 1

    Today on High Octane we're bringing you the Crusty Demons of Dirt Global Assault Tour. The Crusty Demons of Dirt turn the best-selling action sports video series of all time into a live stadium blow out.

  • The Masters of Mammoth

    High Octane is at the High Sierra of California to bring you the highlights from one of the most anticipated race events of the year: the Mammoth Motocross in the resort town of Mammoth Lakes, California. Plus: A conversation with Moto XXX about the making of their video 'Free For All.' and the introduction of KTM's latest super moto bike for a sport on the comeback.

  • Off-Road Series Kick-Off

    High Octane is in Central Florida for the start of the Grand National Cross-Country Series. Top off-road experts like Mike Kiedrowski, Jason Raines, Fred Andrews, and defending series champion Rodney Smith are here competing at the world's toughest series in the dirt. High Octance also heads out to the West Coast for the opening round of the National Enduro Series in order to find out if anyone can steal a win in the first round from the 4-time defending champion, the dominating Mike Lafferty.

  • World Trials Championships

    High Octane is in Duluth, Minnesota, for round three of the World Trials Championships. The top trials competitors on the planet are here to show North America their amazing talents and skills on a motorcycle. We'll also head to the south for two wild and revved up freestyle parties ' the Moto Extreme Freestyle Frenzy, and the Beyond Super Festival. Then we'll chat with skateboarding legend Steve Caballero and discover his passion in life outside of vert ramps and rails. All this and more on today's tricky and twisting High Octane.

  • Rally Warriors

    Today on, 'High Octane,' we head to Europe and Africa for a look at the most challenging rally in the world - the Paris Dakar.

  • Mammoth Mountain Motocross

    This week on High Octane, high altitude and high stakes. It's racing at it's finest up in the Sierra Mountains at the 34th annual, Mammoth Motocross.

  • Road Trip Chronicles

    This week on High Octane, we're barreling down on you with fuel, fire and chaos. It's a dive in to the trenches of extremely independent original filmmaking with the boys at Godfrey Films.

  • Planet P Freestyle Motocross - Utah

    This week on High Octane, we're blasting off to Planet P, the largest freestyle motocross park in the world. Where High Octane is holding its very own freestyle competition.

  • Freestyle Moto Mayhem

    High Octane is back on track so let's pack up the two strokes and head out to the desert of Ochitia Wells. Where Mike Metzger and the rest of the Crusty Demons crew is launching some serious airtime boosters.

  • ATV National Championship Series

    This week on High Octane, it's quad racing time from Orville, Ohio for the next stop of the ATV Nationals.

  • The Sage Riders

    This week on High Octane, we ramble to the scenic desert in Utah for some high speed racing. We've got the fastest desert racers in the world including Ty Davis and Destry Abbot competing at the Sage Riders Nationals.

  • Travis Pastrana: Motocross Revelation

    Today on High Octane we take an in depth look at the freestyle great, Travis Pastrana. We'll find out what boosts this young rider to be one of the very best in the motocross world.

  • Off-Road Overdrive

    Today on, 'High Octane,' we introduce you to the insane world of off road racing. First, it's off to the mud and swamps in the Grand National Cross Country Series.

  • Freestyle Motocross Frenzy

    This week on, 'High Octane,' we're going to southern California for the first-ever Metzger Freestyle Frenzy! Mike Metzger, putting on an aerial extravaganza that you do not want to miss.

  • Supercross Showdown Las Vegas, Nevada

    This week on, 'High Octane,' we're heading to Sin City - that's right, Las Vegas, Nevada - for spectacular supercross racing at the THQ US Open, the world's richest motorcycle race.

  • Hare and Hound Heroes

    Today on High Octane, whatever you like, we've got it. We're bringing you the high speeds and high danger of the National Hare and Hound series.

  • Freestyle Phenoms

    Today, we're having some fun in the entertainment capitol of the world. We've got freestyle fanatics who put on a sick display of big air and tricks, during the THQ US Open Supercross weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • World Off-Road Championship Series

    This week on, 'High Octane,' we're heading overseas to Belgium for a one of a kind motorsports festival. Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM is hosting its yearly extravaganza of speed, stunts, and sick air.

  • Flat Track Racing TON!

    High Octane is at Daytona Beach, Florida, for flat track racing where the fastest racers on the dirt are ready to throttle hard, beginning a new season on the ovals. Joe Kopp, Jay Springsteen and defending champion Chris Carr crank it up as their quest for the series flat track championship starts here. Then we're heading to the tiny nation of Qatar in the Middle East, where motocross organizers have put together an event like no other. Top European riders were invited to compete on the mighty dunes in the heat of the desert. All this and much more on today's tropical, turbo-charged High Octane.

  • Good Times with Carey Hart

    This week on, 'High Octane,' we're heading overseas to Belgium for a one of a kind motorsports festival. Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM is hosting its yearly extravaganza of speed, stunts, and sick air.

  • Super Snocross - Grand Forks, North Dakota

    Today on, 'High Octane,' we're heading off to the wintry white upper Midwest of Grand Forks, North Dakota, for the first stop on the Super Snowcross circuit.

  • New Season - New Hope

    This week on, 'High Octane,' we're off to the home of supercross racing, Anaheim, California for the opening round of the new season.

  • Motorized Madness

    Today on High Octane, we're taking an in-depth look at the winningest amateur in the history of motocross, James Stuart who broke all the AMA records as an amateur and now it's time for him to step up to the pro ranks.

  • Super Snocross - Pontiac, Michigan

    Today, we've got some full-throttle thrills in the snow with the second round of the Super Snowcross Series inside the Silverdome.

  • Hare Scrambles

    This week on High Octane, we're on the road for the first race of the AMA National Hare Scramble Series. Many of the world's top off-road competitors are here in their attempt to start the season off with a victory.

  • Supercross - Daytona Beach, Florida

    This week on High Octane, we're in Daytona Beach, Florida for Bike Week, the craziest, loudest and most revved-up 10-day party in the world.

  • Super Snocross - Fargo, North Dakota

    This week on High Octane, we're headed to Fargo North Dakota for the third round of the Super Snowcross Series. Then we'll take it outdoors and check out hillclimb racing in Jackson Hole Wyoming.

  • Super Snocross - Minneapolis, Minnesota

    This week on High Octane, we're in Minneapolis for the fourth and final round of the Super Snowcross Series. The best sled racers in the world, power around the snow-filled Metrodome in the hunt for victory.

  • World Snowmobile Expo Montana

    Today on High Octane, we're traveling to the world's snowmobile capital, West Yellowstone, Montana. Every year West Yellowstone plays host to one of the nation's largest snowmobile gatherings, Expo 2002.

  • Superbike Superstars at Daytona

    This time High Octane is at Bike Week in Daytona Beach, Florida for the start of the superbike season, the Daytona 200. Racers lay it down in their quest to win their factories the coveted Daytona checkered flag, while the moto-crazed masses party on Main Street. Stay tuned for the best talent on two wheels on this episode of High Octane.

  • Superbike Superbowl

    This week on High Octane; the Superbowl of Superbike. All the worlds best road racers are flying to Laguna Seca raceway for their one and only comp in the U.S. If these guys had wings, they'd be airborne.

  • The World's Greatest Hill Climbers

    Today on High Octane, we're riding off to hill climb heaven. The oldest form of motorcycle competition is still roaring off the line, and today's toughest riders are still gunning for the top of the heap.