Made In

Motorvision looks behind the scenes at the biggest car manufacturers in the world.

Made In...

Made in… is your exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the production facilities of world-famous manufacturers and car suppliers. Every episode reveals the history of a leading company and reveals the steps that are needed to develop and assemble vehicles. Experience the whole design and construction process from bare ideas on paper to the finished product and newly developed technologies!


  • Deutz

    The tractor - a multi-talented power-pack, made in Germany. A 100 years ago, the first steam-powered vehicles were employed in the fields. Nowadays, they find application in the transport and construction sectors.

    Today 15:05 - 15:30 (UTC)

  • Paravan

    The inovation of the engineers of Paravan in the village of Pfonstetten-Aichlau is truly outstanding, their objective: to come up with mobility solutions for people with a vast array of different disabilities.

    Today 15:30 - 16:00 (UTC)

  • PG Bikes

    A plain, industrial building in the Bavarian town of Regensburg. It´s the home of the most innovative German bike workshop: PG Bikes. Regensburg develops and produces electric bikes, with retro-appearance.

    27.02.2019 21:30 - 22:00 (UTC)

  • Porsche Panamera

    About 100 Panarema leave the production halls in Leipzig, every day. For an average price of over 130 thousand Euro each.

  • KTM

    Mattighofen in Austria, birthplace and place of production of KTM motorcycles. With the slogan Ready to Race KTM produces bikes that can compete to 100 percent in every race. Every day KTM builds up to 500 new machines

  • Wiesmann

    Duelmen near Munster is the birthplace of one of the most spectacular German sports cars - the handmade Wiesmann. It all started as a fix-idea in the minds of car-crazy brothers Friedhelm and Martin Wiesman.

  • Setra

    Setra has become the symbol of high quality buses. Neu-Ulm is the hometown of one of the world\\\\\\\'s largest and most modern bus factories. Each year, 3000 Setra and Mercedes buses leave these production lines.

  • Brabus

    In Bottrop, male dreams come true. Those, who look for exclusivity and find the Mercedes AMG performance insufficient in itself, have come to the right place. The Brabus company is the world\\\\\\\'s leader in car tuning.

  • Alfa Romeo

    A.L.F.A - Societa Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. That´s what these notorious four letters signify. A car brand, emblematic for design, car racing and Italian car-making mastery.

  • H&R Suspension Systems

    The prominent chassis-components manufacturer H&R caters the entire range of products - from lowering springs and stabilizers to shock absorbers, for use in racing or standard vehicles.

  • Eurocopter

    The EC 135 is the most successful and best-selling helicopter in the world. The Eurocopter is a multi-talent! Whether as a VIP shuttle, as air ambulance or police helicopter, they are exclusively manufactured by hand.

  • Unimog

    It is a synonym and a touchstone for four-wheel drive movement. It is the symbol for quality of commercial vehicle constructions worldwide. Mercedes-Benz manufactured for the 60th birthday a new Unimog.

  • Techart

    A Porsche - that´s pure dynamics and emotion. What can you improve here? Nothing! But Techart tries it anyway. The company from Leonberg sets the pattern for the individualization of Porsche cars worldwide.

  • Roding

    If four Engineers, that just left university, get the chance to built a super-sport scar arises one of the rarest and most extraordinary roadster in the world: the Roding Roadster.

  • Volkswagen California

    The Volkswagen Transporter, affectionally called VW Bulli, has been built in Hannover-Stöcken since 1956. Currently, there are 14,500 people working for Volkswagen at this plant with a small group making travel dreams come true: The manufacture the Volkswagen California is a nearby special facility. Since opening in 2004, the number of produced cars has almost been doubled to 60 units a day.

  • Morgan

    The English Midlands are home to one of the most traditional British car manufacturers: Morgan. This family-owned company still builds cars that at first look like vintage cars. But the technology under the hood is up-to-date - with one notable exception. What is really special about those cars are their bodies on top of the chassis. They are built from ash wood in a similar fashion to the traditional manufacturing of carriages. MOTORVISION TV takes a look behind the doors of one of the most exceptional car manufacturers in the world.

  • Rolls Royce

    The name Rolls Royce has always been a synonym for exclusivity, luxury and British automotive engineering. The legendary vehicles with the 'Spirit of Ecstasy' on the grill have been built in England since the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays it's usually the wealthy people who buy a Rolls-Royce. And no ordered model looks like the other. The 'Bespoke' department satisfies every kind of desire and thus every vehicle is a unique object. 'Made In' takes a look behind the scenes of the Rolls Royce manufactory in the South of England.

  • The History of Fire and Rescue Services

    The history of the fire and rescue services takes you back to the Roman Age. Back then it were primarily slaves who had to face the flames. Guilds took care of fire fighting in the Middle Ages. But the fire departments in Germany were only substantially organized, when Conrad Dietrich Magirus stepped into the scene. He is considered a pioneer in fire fighting technology. To this day the most modern fire truckcs are entirely built by hand in his hometown Ulm. MOTORVISION TV takes a look behind the scenes of this company with more than 150 years of history and shows the production of turntable ladder engines and fire trucks.

  • Bentley

    Crewe in the British county of Chesire is home to one of the most exclusive car manufacturers in the world: Bentley Motors. 400 hours of pure handwork, meticulous preciseness and a lot of technical knowledge is needed to build the flagship model Mulsanne. For Bentley, it's not just about luxury, but performance as well. 'Bentley Boy' Steven Kane tests the Bentley Mulsanne Speed on the track.

  • Fiat

    The Fiat 500X, the SUV version of the hugely popular 500, is built in Melfi in southern Italy. The production plant is one of the most modern facilities in Europe. The FCA Company has invested almost a billion Euros into the expansion. Up to 1600 cars leave the assembly line every day. Made in Italy - Fiat provides an insight into the manufacturing facilities of the oldest and biggest Italian carmaker.

  • PistenBully

    The Pistenbully is a made in Germany powerpack traversing the ski slopes all over the world. For over 40 years it has been the undisputed number 1 among the snow groomers.

  • Artega

    ARTEGA - the name, which raises the spirits of German automotive lovers. The beautifully designed mid-engine sports car from the East-Westphalian province, is an eye-catcher. The Artega is a rare-looking species.

  • Volkswagen Phaeton

    At the end of 2001, Volkswagen opened a new chapter in automobile history. The brand which had such a success with the beetle, now wants to enter the luxury market. The hour of the birth of the VW Phaeton is at hand.

  • Self-Driving Cars

    One car is heading for collision with another one. But it doesn´t crash - because in both cars computers steer the course.

  • BMW Motorcycle Production

    The determination to bring the pleasures of driving to the streets, makes BMW motorcycles so well-loved. For over 40 years, these 2-wheelers have stood for maximum comfort, quality, and safety.

  • AMG

    AMG- three letters, which have inspired car fans around the world for years. It´s the abbreviation for a company which produces cars to the highest standard.

  • BMW Sustainability

    The BMW Group is the industry leader in environment-friendly production and sustainability.

  • 125 Years Mercedes Benz

    Mercedes Benz is celebrating 125 years of automobile history. The brand name first emerged in 1926, from a merger of the firms Mercedes, the Daimler motor company, and Benz, of Benz and company.

  • Kiekert

    The worldwide market leader for side door latches is located in Heiligenhaus, a village in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Kiekert supplies a huge array of locks and latches to car manufacturers all over the globe.

  • Audi R8 GT

    The Audi R8 has been designed to show Audi\\\'s competency when it comes to building lightweight bodywork. It should be a genuine competitor against the already established supercars of today.

  • Alpina

    Alpina - this brand means state-of-the-art technology, sophisticated engine design and the highest level materials. The green and blue label has guaranteed maximum quality for over fourty years.

  • BMW 5er GT, Part 1

    The genesis of a car is a well kept secret. This is the first time in history we were able to watch the process for more than five years. From scratch on to the final product.

  • ABT

    Kempten in Allgau. The ABT Sportsline company with 115 year tradition resides at the foot of the German Alps. ABT Sportsline is the largest Volkswagen group-tuning company in the world and works closely with Audi.

  • BMW 5er GT, Part 2

    The genesis of a car is a well kept secret. This is the first time in history we were able to watch the process for more than five years. From scratch on to the final product.

  • Volkner Mobile

    It is the most extraordinary deluxe campervan from Germany. The Performance by Volkner. With its length up to 12 meters and its weight of 18 tons, it is one of the most exclusive campers in the whole world.

  • Mechatronics

    Pleidelsheim, near Stuttgart. The Mechatronik company specialises in classics from Mercedes. Since 1997, engineers, electricians and mechanics has dedicated itself to the restoration and refinement of classic models.

  • MAN

    Machine-works Augsburg-Nuremberg Incorporated. MAN, for short. The enterprise has existed for more than 250 years and is among the leading European manufacturers of commercial vehicles, engines and machines.

  • Volkswagen Beetle

    A success story that was made in Germany: The Volkswagen Beetle. No other car has ever moved the masses so much, both in distances, as well as emotions.

  • Maybach

    Maybach - the finest car manufacturer from Germany. Each model, entirely hand-made, meets the highest standards. An outstanding vehicle, the pinnacle of driving comfort, timeless aesthetics, and workmanship.

  • Helmets by Schuberth

    The death rate for motorcycle accidents in Germany has steadily declined, due to the improved quality of safety-helmets. A significant role in these developments has been played by the Helmet-Producer Schuberth. update

  • Knaus-Tabbert

    One of the leading producers of luxurious caravans, and premium campers, in Europe, has its headquarters in Jandelsbrunn in lower Saxony. The Knaus Tabbert company.

  • Land Rover and Jaguar

    Under the new roof of the Indian cooperation Tata Group, English cars of Jaguar and Land Rover go through bigger changes. Jagura gets a face lift as Land Rover creates more models. MOTORVISION TV shows how the distinction between tradition and innovation works and what makes "Made in England" so special.