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What do Nikolaus August Otto, Carl Benz, Ferry Porsche, Henry Ford and Enzo Ferrari have in common? They all were visionaries and pioneers. Their passion drove them to the highest achievements. “Motorheads” portrays the legends of automotive history and people who influenced our mobility more recently, such as Sebastian Vettel or Walter Roehrl. It shows fascinating images from the past and current interviews and combines them into gripping documentaries.

In 1879 there was a hard-working apprentice in Detroit who had to cope every day with a tiring walk to work. His name was Henry Ford. When he got his first proper job as an engineer at the Edision Illuminating Company, he started to work mostly at night on his vision of a motor-powered carriage. This resulted in the Quadricycle with two cylinders, 3 hp, 1050 cc, a weight of 240 kg, without brakes and reverse gear, but with a speed of 20 miles. This was the first huge success for Henry Ford and the first vehicle which he was able to sell.

This is only one of the stories. Another story was written by an Italian, who in the middle of the 40-ies had specialised in the production of tractors: Ferrucio Lamborghini. Lamborghini was a sly man und is regarded as one of the most important Italian entrepreneurs of the 20th century. He loved fast cars und owned himself a Ferrari and a Maserati. But none of these could really please him. He tried to discuss certain improvements with Enzo Ferrari but failed and so Ferruccio Lamborghini finally decided to build his own sports car. In a region that was already called “Terra di Motori”, in which the factories of Ferrari, Maserati and Ducati could already be found, he started his Automobili Ferrucio Lamborghini S.p.A.

Apart from pioneers, visionaries, engineers there are also those who know how to use these technological developments to achieve records and gain championship titles. For example Walter Roehrl. He is a legend of the rally sport. He is two times FIA World Champion and he also won the European Championship once. He claims that for him fame was never a motivation for becoming a driver. He never wanted to drive in front of an audience. He wanted to test his limits all by himself. That was the reason why he became a rally driver, says Roehrl, “During the night and on icy roads, in a rally the better driver wins, even if he is in the worse car. With my four wins of the Monte Carlo rally in four different cars I wanted to show that the driver makes all the difference”, says Roehrl in an interview with Motorvision. “Motorheads” – impressive personalities of the automotive world.

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  • Hans-Joachim Stuck

    The racing legend Hans Joachim Stuck, nicknamed Striezel, ended his active career as a race driver with a Lamborghini Gallardo built by Reiter Engineering at the Nurburgring in 2011.

    23.02.2019 01:00 - 01:20 (UTC)

  • Henry Ford

    He was an automotive pioneer, a man who wanted to improve the world in which we live. This charismatic engineer went by the name of Henry Ford.

    26.02.2019 19:00 - 19:20 (UTC)

  • Ferruccio Lamborghini

    The legendary Lamborghini. And here in the middle of the northern province of Bologna in Italy in the midst of the quiet village of Sant`Agada Bolognese is where its roots lie.

  • Ferry Porsche

    This man is a pioneer of the car business. Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche, also known as Ferry. He created an icon among automobiles: the Porsche 356.

  • Walther Roehrl

    One extraordinary race driver is Walter Roehrl, without a doubt one of the best and most successful rally drivers of all time. A genius on 4 wheels and maybe even the best driver ever.

  • Enzo Ferrari

    They paved the way for the modern car industry, they achieved automobile landmarks, they filled the papers with headlines - the legends of the motor world. Motorheads portrays the real petrol heads.

  • Stephane Peterhansel

    The Dakar Rally. One of the best rally drivers of the world is main the protagonist of the Dakar, and legend at the same time - the Frenchman Stephane Peterhansel.

  • Alois Ruf

    Exclusive sports cars based on Porsches have been designed and built in an idyllic German town for almost five decades by Ruf Automobiles. Alois Ruf is the owner, source of ideas and nucleus of this innovative firm.

  • Hans Herrmann

    His name`s strongly associated with the Mercedes racing team of the post-war era. All in all, he took part in 261 races, and was on top of the podium 79 times. Yes, that`s right, it`s the racing legend, Hans Herrmann.

  • Sabine Schmitz

    The Nurburgring is the world`s longest, most beautiful, yet most dangerous race track. There`s one very special woman among the racers, born in the Eifel, and raised on the ring. The queen of the ring: Sabine Schmitz.

  • Prince Leopold von Bayern

    Raised in aristocratic circles and royal palaces, he discovered his love for motor sports early in life. He\\\'s been a committed racer, an enthusiastic X and respected sportsman: Prince Leopold of Bavaria.