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MotorStories celebrate the way of drive all around the globe. Breathtaking stories from the amusing universe of car culture. Bizarre people like LA based Porsche Punk Magnus Walker, incredibly and outstanding cars and wild sceneries. Let us entertain you.

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  • Porsche Dreams in San Francisco

    Die-hard Porsche fan Marco Wendlandt makes his dream come true: driving a 1984 Porsche 911 coupe! With the help from Big Mike, a car dealer from Los Angeles, he tracks down his dream car in San Francisco. Afterwards he visits the DenBeste Cobra and Mustang Collection. And he gets a very special insight into American dream of V8 Motors in the Motor Manufacture of Carol Shelby.

  • Mercedes 280 SE goes America - Florida Part 1

    Which is the American car of the 60s? Which is the symbol for the American art of car manufacturing? For many people it's either the Corvette or the Ford Mustang. During his search for these American dream cars of the 60s Tillmann Miritz makes a surprise discovery in Florida (Ford Mustang 1964).

  • SEMA, Las Vegas - Part 2

    The SEMA Show in Las Vegas is the biggest and best-known tuning exhibition in the world. From complexly rebuilt show cars to giant off-road monster trucks: anything is represented here. But these cars don't just stand around. Virtually anyone from the scene presents themselves during the legendary cruise. And at the after-show party 'SEMA Ignited', they make the asphalt melt.

  • SEMA, Las Vegas - Part 1

    Every year 150,000 petrol heads travel to the Navada dessert to attend the SEMA in Las Vegas, the biggest and best-known tuning exhibition in the world. Among them is motoring journalist Kati. She meets with tuning expert Dirk Hattenhauer, looks for the latest crazy trends and meets some celebrities from the tuning szene like customizer John D'Agostino and drifting king Ken Block.

  • Germany's Supercars Rallye

    With more than 500 supercars from Lamborghini, Ferrari or expensive brands like Bugatti and Koenigsegg, Germany is home to the world's largest Supercars Rallye. Participants can look forward to action-packedstages like a quartermile dragrace and 30 policecars. US car fans Kati and her husband Patrick take part in this event with a brand new Chevrolet Camaro. Cannonballfun at its best!

  • Oldtimer Show and Race at Airport

    Paaren / Glien near Berlin is host to the yearly Oldtimer Show. It attracts around 45,000 visitors, who are able to gaze at more than 5000 automobile treasures. Frank and his crew from Special Cars Berlin attend the event, too, and bring several cars with them. US car fans Kati and Patrick don't want to miss the event either and travel to Berlin with their Chevy. And: It's going to be action-packed, because on the day after the Oldtimer Show, speed junkie Frank takes his Dragster Camaro to the Race at the Airport. At the airfield in Werneuchen high performance cars battle it out in a quarter mile race. Is Frank able to defy the competition with his 700hp racer?

  • Chevrolet Chevelle und Down Town Garage

    Kati and Patrick from Munich are huge fanas of US cars and proud owners of a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle. But they are no longer satisfied with its 5.7-liter small block and want to buy a bigger engine. For that reason they're visiting the engine specialists from Down Town Garage, who store more than 50 engines - from powerful stroker to rare flathead engines. Part of the location is also an American diner with a motel. There you can spend the night in proper style, for example in the Garage Room with its own V8 table. But before the Chevelle can get a more powerful engine, the periphery items must be updated, which means that the front axis is modified. A sportier kit with new wishbones, damper

  • Mercedes 280 SE goes America - Florida Part 2

    Which is the most American car of the 60s? Which is the symbol for the American art of car manufacturing? For many people it's either the Corvette or the Ford Mustang. During his search for these American dream cars of the 60s Tillmann Miritz makes a surprise discovery in Florida. Revology Cars are upgrading original 1964 Ford Mustang chassis with modern technology and engines.

  • Mercedes 280 SE goes America - Long Island

    Tillmann Miritz's trip to find automobile rarities in the US goes from the Manhattan Bridge to Long Island. His Mercedes convertible brings him to the Wöllfer Estate Vineyard, where German vintner Roman Roth grows some of the best wines. His garage hides an automotive dream: the 'Farmers Dream'. The Chevrolet 3100 stands for the rural 'American Way of Life' like almost no other car.

  • Porsche Outlaw Magnus Walker - Los Angeles

    Die-hard Porsche fan Marco is on an epic road trip through California. With his newly bought ‘84 Porsche 911 coupe, Marco heads to L.A. to meet one of the best known Porsche enthusiasts of the world: The "Urban Outlaw" Magnus Walker. After a spontaneous race through the downtown streets, Magnus invites Marco to visit his workshop and his incredible collection.

  • Mercedes 280 SE goes America - New York

    German entrepreneur Tillmann Miritz starts his 'living dream' In the city that never sleeps: a road trip with his own vintage car to the automobile icons of his youth in the land of his dreams. With his Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 convertible, which got shipped there from Southern France, he's visiting the legendary classic car dealer Eliot Cuker from New York, who made his fortune with his passion for old cars in the middle of Manhattan. From a third-rate actor to a millionaire: it's an automobile love story in the Big Apple (e.g. Mercedes 300SL Gulwing, Facel Vega)

  • Mercedes 280 SE goes America - French Riviera

    German entrepeneur Tillmann Miritz loves vintage cars and has one dream: a trip through the USA with his Mercedes Cabriolet 280 SE 3.5. But before he can make his dream come true, he needs to get his car across the Atlantic by ship. Tillmann makes use of this opportunity, drives along the picturesque French Riviera and visits a classic car collector before his 280 gets shipped from Marseille.

  • Rock 'n Race Festival Berlin

    Frank Slopianka is a total speed junkie and constantly takes part in racing events. US car fans Kati and Patrick join him for the Race 61, a rock and race festival in Finowfurt near Berlin. There Frank and and his 700 hp Dragster Camaro take part in the 1/8 mile race on the air strip of the aviation museum. He is determined to defend his title against tough opponents from all over Europe.

  • Special Cars Berlin - US Car Dreams

    Kati from Munich is a big fan of US cars. She and her boyfriend Patrick fulfilled their dreams by buying a 1972 Chevy Chevelle. This rare car was found and imported directly from the USA by Frank Slopianka and his company 'Special Cars Berlin'. After a yearlong waiting period they can finally pick up their 5.7 liter V8 treasure at Frank's paradise for US cars and embark on their first ride.

  • L.A. Road Trip - BMW i8

    Petrolheads in California can only think about horsepower and engine sizes. The hybrid sports car BMW i8 combines these classic values with green thinking and sets new environmental trends. But how do conservative petrolheads respond to such a futuristic and clean car? On the Road Trip through LA some octane junkies who usually drive a Porsche 911, Chevy Corvette or tuned bikes test the BMW i8.

  • Mustang: 50 Years

    Mustang celebrates its 50th anniversary at the Las Vegas Raceways and Marco takes part in this special event. He witnesses how tailor-made Shelby Cobras are manufactured for customers all around the world. After this very special Mustang experience, Marco continues his Road Trip through the US.

  • Car Tales from High Desert in California

    On his journey to Las Vegas Marco drops by Big Mike in the Apple Valley, a remote area in the High Desert of California. Together they meet Big Mike's bizarre friends from the Lowdown Kustos family, which once have been trendsetters of the Californian car customizing scene. Afterwards he gets involved with Big Mike's scary Bike Buddies, when they ride through the dessert spreading fear and panic.

  • Motorbike Road Trip L.A.

    There is hardly anything that inspiries Ola Stenegard, Chief Designer at BMW Motorrad, as much as his trips through California. On a creative expedition through Los Angeles, he meets world-famous legends from the motorcycle industrie like designer Roland Sands or customizers Michael 'Wooley' Woolaway and Alan Stulberg. While meeting these bikers, Porsche Outlaw Magnus Walker discovers his admiration for custom bikes.