On Tour

The breathtaking action


Out of this world freestyle motocross riders, flying cars and busses on the one hand – on the other fascinating locations, almost forgotten classic cars and weird challenges!

“On Tour” is always on the look for extraordinary eye-catching and thrilling events. For example in the middle of the winter the Yeti Trophy or the Swatch Snow Mobile Challenge or on a warm day the legendary Bavarian Classic Car Rally, the Bavaria Historic. The presenters talk to real petrolheads about their passion for motors and are right in the middle of the competition when for example the DTM hosts an event in the Munich Olympic Stadium.

Exciting images, thrilling insider stories and portraits, as well as fascinating reports.


  • Stockcar Race

    To crash, or the be crashed that is the question, in stockcar racing! To knock the competition from the race doesn´t take a lot of doing. It is the official stepchild of the motorsports scene, does not have it easy.

    25.02.2019 20:20 - 20:45 (UTC)

  • The Knights of Le Mans

    Munich, the Olympic Arena at the Night of the Jumps. These young guys will make the arena shake. They are fearless, and are going to really let it rip today. The biggest motor cross freestyle event in the world!

  • Dubai Motor Show

    Every two years the Dubai Motor Show gets bigger and bigger, this 11th edition is expecting more than 100.000 visitors for the first time. Over 500 cars are on display, so how to draw the attention?

  • Steinbeisser Trophy

    Steinbeißer Trophy is a must for every offroad fan. Machine versus nature - that´s the motto of this trophy. It gets tough when the drivers compete against each other in their up to 800 hp monsters.

  • Snow & Ice Drifting

    Austria, at the lake Zenz, a very cool event is taking place: The snow and ice drifting, and of course here our presenter will be learning how to drift today. And he does it with the coolest rally drivers of the scene.

  • Kings of Xtreme

    On Tour today at the Kings of Xtreme in Leipzig. And Kings of Xtreme definitely means one thing: extreme! Freestyle motocross, not only on usual motocross bikes, but also on BMX-bikes, quads and a snowmobile.

  • Boat Show Duesseldorf

    Experience elegance, is the motto at the super yachts at the Dusseldorf Boat Show!

  • Yeti Trophy

    The Yeti Trophy. An iconic winter race for quads, ATVs and side-by-side vehicles. 200 drivers of the hardiest of varieties start in an extraordinary exciting hunt. The dirtier, muddier and more difficult, the better!

  • ADAC Supercross Munich

    Two days of racing action. It`s bubbling in the cauldron! The crème de la crème of Supercross plunges into the mud and delivers crunching tackles - without regard for injury: It´s the Super Cross Cup!

  • Snow Mobiles

    At the grand Winter-opening of the Alps, no expense or effort is spared to turn the Austrian town into a snow-covered track for the 5th time. Professionals and celebrities provide a snow battle like no other.

  • XCC Finale Triptis

    A season final of superlatives - The XCC. Italy, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany send their best Enduro and Motocross riders to the toughest battle for the coveted title: European Cross Country Champion.

  • Air Show

    At this year´s airfield festival, daredevil pilots assemble in their rare aircraft to show everything that can be conjured up in the sky. We meet a lot of aerobatic experts and their amazing flying machines here.

  • The Yas Marina Story

    We are going to take you behind the scenes of the movie industry. We are here with Action Concept, Europe´s most successful film production company, testing a stunt with a twelve ton bus going to be sent into the air.

  • GLP Nurburgring

    Adrenaline at the Nuerburgring. Actually there is a lot of traffic every weekend - but this time, two season finals will take place - on the legendary Nuerburging Nordschleife and the Grand Prix circuit.

  • BMW M1 Meeting

    The Austrian racing scene is now richer by one attraction, having added the Histo Cup Austria. 10.000 motor racing fans make their way to the Salzburgring in Austria to admire over 200 historical race cars in action.

  • 125 Years Mercedes

    Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. But no longer used as an airport. A historical monument. Not without reason, Mercedes Benz chose this historic location to celebrate its 125th birthday.

  • Bike and Music Weekend

    The Bike and Music Weekend is one of the most spectacular events for motor vehicle fans. Every summer, thousands meet in Geiselwind, Germany, to show off their vehicles, and to have fun.

  • GS Trophy 2012

    Today it´s going to be dirty and dusty because we are at the BMW Enduropark in Hechlingen.

  • Ice Action Finland

    Live at the first ever big DTM showevent in Munich. The motors are getting hot and ready to run. Just in a few moments we are listening to the sound of 470 hp V8-engines of the DTM racing cars.

  • Truck Grand Prix am Nuerburgring

    Europe´s biggest truck race event. It is the international ADAC Truck Grand Prix at the Nurburgring.

  • The Battle of the Falcons

    A lot is going on in front of Castle Maxlrain at Bad Aibling, Germany. 20 000 visitors have gathered at the ADAC Bavaria Historic Rallye to see the most beautiful classical cars.

  • Monster Truck Stunts

    Today we visit the Bosslé Helldrivers and they do a gnarly stuntshow for the past forty years and I am part of it. Frightened to death but bravely part of the stunt show.