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Which is the best four-wheel drive system? Who has the best concept for an environmentally-friendly technology for the future? Who discovers the hottest newcomer of the year?

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Professional racing driver and car expert Patrick Simon unveils the secrets of the car industry. For Motorvision TV he visits the hallowed halls of the manufacturers, inspects show rooms and takes various cars on to the race track or sometimes even off the track for an off-road test. No matter if it’s a “woman’s car” or a supercar, Smart or Corvette, in “Streetwise” all are thoroughly tested und scrutinized by Patrick Simons. He informs the viewers about the latest trends in the motor industry and checks if the newcomers deliver on their promises. But for Patrick it´s not all about technical data and optimal readings. As someone who is a true racing driver the fun-to-drive factor and emotions are also put to the test. And sometimes he comes to quite surprising conclusions.

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  • Mercedes Benz R350

    Only a facelift? The Mercedes R 350 is a real space miracle, but is that the only thing the car has to offer? The comeback of the world champion: Mika Häkkinen is tired of being a pensioner and returns back to the race

    Today 13:00 - 13:25 (UTC)

  • MTM Audi A1

    Porsche fans know the abbreviations that will get their hearts pumping. S, GT3, GT2, GT2RS. And now the smallest one from Zuffenhausen has an additional letter to its name: R. Or more specifically Cayman R.

    27.02.2019 19:00 - 19:25 (UTC)

  • Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6

    Former German soccer star Söhnke Wortmann is testing the Range Rover Sport 3.0 TDV6 for us. The car’s engine produces 245 horsepower and reaches a torque of 600 Nm, but only needs 9.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers.

  • Episode 03

    Better than ever... Packed with innovation, the new BMW 7 series sets new standards in the luxury class, the latest technology, refined lines, new safety features' all unveiled in Moscow.

  • Episode 02

    Streetwise is dedicated to E-motion: all the latest car presentations, new technologies, cutting-edge tests - thoroughly researched with unbiased reports.

  • Episode 01

    Porsche at sixty... the story of technical innovation, sporting triumphs, unforgettable milestones of automobile history.

  • Episode 95

    Streetwise is dedicated to E-motion: all the latest car presentations, new technologies, cutting-edge tests - thoroughly researched with unbiased reports.

  • Episode 94

    Streetwise is dedicated to E-motion: all the latest car presentations, new technologies, cutting-edge tests - thoroughly researched with unbiased reports.

  • Peugeot 208

    How far can you go with the GT when you're not using it as a race car? We shall show you what the new Polo is capable of during a test drive through Holland.

  • Audi RS4 Avant

    It's all about the new Audi RS4 Avant with a smoking hot V8 engine and power and space without limits. And undeniably one of the best cars of 2012 - the new Porsche Carrera 911 S.

  • Episode 05

    Streetwise is dedicated to E-motion: all the latest car presentations, new technologies, cutting-edge tests - thoroughly researched with unbiased reports.

  • Japanese Race Car

    Question: How does a Japanese car manufacturer win the heart of an experienced race driver? Answer: with the new Toyota GT86.

  • Ariel Atom

    Mallorca + the new Audi A3 = an absolute dream! We show the sheer ease of being with the new Mini. BMW promises wholeheartedly no more go-karts - the Mini Cooper Roadster means serious business.

  • AMG C63 Black Series

    The Erzberg rodeo is the hardest One-Day Enduro Races in the world. Last year only nine drivers saw the finish-flag. We show the 2012 event.

  • Infinity FX 50S

    The brand 'Infinity' is not very well known in Europe. But the Renault/Nissan company makes the next step to make the brand a global success, starting with the very luxurious and beautiful SUV FX50.

  • Tesla Roadster S

    In 3,7 seconds from 0-100 km/h, zero emission, only one aisle and only one engine with 50 kg: the Tesla Roadster Sport. 313 PS, four engines and no sound.

  • Episode 04

    The SUV segment of the automobile market continues to boom. Above all, compact Sports Utility Vehicles are much in demand. Mercedes launched the GLK in this crowded premium class. And how good is it?

  • Episode 06

    The new Opel Insignia. An innovative mid-range saloon car with the best aerodynamics in its class and a suspension which adjusts according to driving style- Bold in design both inside and out.

  • Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2.0

    For Alfa Fans the Giulietta is not just a car - it´s a religion. Now Alfa is surprising us with new engines, a new gear-box and a soft facelift.

  • Episode 20

    SL 65 AMG Black Series at Laguna Seca. Six hundred and seventy horsepower and one thousand Newton meters of torque versus the most legendary corner in the world.

  • Episode 26

    Tradition continues: the most powerful TT of all time comes with a five cylinder turbo and three hundred and forty horsepower under the bonnet.

  • Episode 25

    Two times six cylinders, two times twin turbo and the battle for the crown of sports car construction. The Nissan GTR versus the Porsche 911 Turbo on the Nordschleife.

  • Episode 24

    Evolution in hand crafting - the new Wiesmann MF 4. A Porsche competitor from the same country? The finest Roadsters with four hundred and twenty horsepower. Simply a Wiesmann!

  • Episode 23

    The new BMW off-road Rambos: A hefty five hundred and fifty-five horsepower and a fierce look for the X5M and X6M

  • Episode 22

    Samurai or sumo? The Murano is Nissan's contribution to the booming SUV segment. Is it a real alternative to the X5 and company?

  • Episode 21

    Roadster or coupé? That's not a question for BMW, because the new Z4 has a folding roof like the Mercedes SLK.

  • Episode 18

    Progressive Activity Sedan - the BMW Concept 5 Series GT defines a completely new class of car - a Gran Turismo with four doors and SUV features.

  • Episode 07

    Ford has yet another Fiesta to show off... it's the seventh generation of a model which is truly a global automobile. And n orgy of sound and speed... the Lamborghini Gallardo in Mathias Lauda's super test...

  • Episode 17

    The old natural gas Zafira was sluggish and slow. But Opel has given the family car a crisp turbo-charger ' and it's all green.

  • Episode 15

    The Alfa 8C Competizione - a rare gem. Four hundred and fifty horsepower and timeless design, reminiscent of the sports coupés of the Fifties and Sixties. The Mitsubishi Colt on an eco-kick. An automatic 'stop and go' system and its environmental package reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Episode 13

    INFINITI, the classy brand by Nissan, wants to stir up the European market with its premium SUVs. The Power SUV FX50 S!

  • Episode 12

    The Volvo S60 R, with three hundred horsepower and four wheel drive, is a racy chunk of Swedish steel.

  • Episode 09

    A car to enjoy... the Porsche Targa 911. The most versatile of all Porsche models has a new look, more power and uses less fuel... and costs all of 100 thousand Euros...

  • Episode 08

    It's been around for all of 37 years, and 26 million Golfs have been sold making it Europe's absolute best-seller. Now comes generation 6...

  • Subaru WRX STi

    Quick, strong und very optical. Subaru shows the new Face-Lift of the former rally-car WRX STi. Small, economical and a cult-car - the Fiat 500 presents us a new engine - so called Twin-Air.

  • ADAC Eco Test

    Mercedes Benz and it´s premium class have a new child. The little S250 with a four-cylinder engine needs so less fuel that you can call this car a money-box. How good a cars and the consumption.

  • Porsche Boxter

    James Dean would have been a big fan. The new Porsche Boxter - a real open-air sports car. And with a limousine in the compound - why not? Volkswagen presents the new Passat Alltrack - a real all rounder.

  • Episode 64

    It is THE Germany Muscle Car in a tailor made suit. The Mercedes SL65 AMG.

  • Episode 50

    Streetwise is on a mission to find the perfect winter car for ultimate fun in the snow. The candidates are the BMW X6 M and the Lada Nivas. They need to proof themselves in the beautiful Ulten Valley in South Tyrol in Italy. Plus: High speed, adrenaline and pure action at the Snow Mobile in Austria.

  • Episode 51

    The search for the perfect winter car is still on. This time Patrick Simons puts the Subaru WRX STI and Audi RS6 Clubsport from MTM through their paces. Plus: The McLaren F1 is the toughest legacy in the history of sports cars. With the MP4-12C, McLaren brings a successor to the streets.

  • Episode 52

    The Volkswagen Jetta is a big seller in the United States. With the sixth generation, Volkswagen wants the model to be successful with European car buyers, too. Patrick Simon finds out if it has got what it takes. Plus: Streetwise takes a look at the new Ford Focus and the BMX X3.

  • Episode 53

    Patrick Simon reviews the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid. Below the newly styled bodywork lies a 333 HP V6 engine with Coupled with its 47 horsepower electrical motor, it makes for a full 380 horsepower. Plus: Upcoming racing driver Chris Bauer at the FIA GT1 Championships at the Nürburgring.

  • Episode 54

    700 makes from 30 countries compete for attention at the finest and most exciting car show in the world: the International Geneva Motor Show. Streetwise takes you on a tour through the exhibitions halls and shows fuel-efficient family rides, futuristic prototypes and priceless super sports cars.

  • Episode 55

    Streetwise’s resident test driver Patrick Simon wants to take part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and reviews his LMPC car, which is equipped with a 6.2 liter V8 Corvette engine with an output of 450 HP. Plus: Streetwise compares the Volkswagen Tiguan 2.0 TDI to the Kia Sportage 2.0 CRDI.

  • Episode 56

    There are viewers who say, well yes, the subject of sports cars really doesn't interest me much. For that reason, today, we are just going to focus on small cars.

  • Episode 57

    New convertibles and sunshine - that just belongs together. And because the really nice weather has not yet fully reached Germany, we are driving the new 6 convertible from BMW at the Tafelberg in South Africa.

  • Episode 58

    Audi built 333 of its GTs, and when we look at the gear shifter, there are three zeroes there. Today, Patrick is the test driver with the triple zero status will find out what 560 HP can do in everyday driving.

  • Episode 59

    Today we are going to check out a light weight in the German upper class segment - the A6 2.0 TDI. More efficiency, less weight and more sportiness is what Audi is promoting to win the race against BMW and Mercedes.

  • Episode 60

    Today we are testing 555 HP of the Wiesmann MF5 at the racetrack in Spa-Francochamps in the Belgian Ardennes. An exceptional sports car design, 8 cylinders, bi-turbo engine. Can it compete with Ferrari or Porsche?

  • Episode 61

    The Nissan 370 Z - The Z model range is for the Japanese what the 911 is for the Germans. 'Z cars' have been built for more than 40 years.

  • Episode 62

    Sports cars sell themselves on one thing in particular - Emotions. And these begin with the design. One man who has drawn some of the best looking cars and is responsible for the look of the Artega. Henrik Fisker.

  • Episode 63

    The 24 hour race at the Nuerburgring counts as the most difficult long distance race in Motor Sport. VW has set itself this challenge - with a really special car.

  • Episode 65

    It is the first Grand Cherokee under the care of the Fiat Concern. And that seems to stand up to review. The fourth generation of the all terrain vehicle looks much more elegant.

  • Duell auf dem Nürburgring

    Prepare for the biggest duel the Nuerburgring has ever seen: Can a race driver on the famous track be really faster than a videogame player on the Playstation? We also let the Volvo XC70 Cross Country compete against the Audi Allroad and showcase the Opel Insignia OPC, the strongest series-produced Opel to date.

  • Porsche Cayman R

    A style-icon is back! Since 1954, Mercedes produces the SL. The new V8 has 4.7 liters and 435 horsepower. The sixth generation of SL has said goodbye to steel and hello to aluminum.

  • Highlights Geneva International Motorshow 2012

    The international Motorshow in Geneva 2012 opens the new car exhibition year. The most important presentations are the compact-cars Audi A3 und the new Mercedes A-Class.

  • Kelleners KS1 RS

    It´s one of the early highlights in 2012. The new BMW One M Coupe from the former race-driver Ralf Kelleners: the KS1 RS. 420 horsepower and a real beast on the race-track.

  • Lancia Delta

    A c-class coupé no one was missing, but now it's there! Mercedes sounds the attack to BMW: The 350 coupé eyes the long-term top of the class, the BMW 3.

  • Jaguar XF-D

    Jaguar takes a brave step forward into future with its XF - and discovers the joy of sacrifice in the matter of engine. On the other hand they've been ostentatious with the interior.

  • Mini Coupé SD

    The Mini becomes more masculin. The fifth generation of this cult car is a roadster now. It´s the Upper-Class Volkswagen and it grows in the shadow of BMW, Audi and Mercedes.

  • BMW 320d

    When helicopters are making loops and fast cars are nearby, a real man can´t be far away. Actor Tom Cruise has torn himself away from his job to take a Formula 1 car for a couple of spins around the track.

  • Custom GT

    A new Sportscar to compete with the big names on the scene. It's name: the CCG Custom GT. A Sportscar from Germany with American roots. The Custom GT comes with a few Ingredients that make it special.

  • Episode 66

    The VW fresh air fans had to wait a long time and at last it is ready. The new Golf Cabriolet is here! After a 10 year break, it is at last being built again. The basis is the Golf VI.

  • BMW M5

    Since 1984, the M5 has worried its' competitors and continuously raised the performance bar for sports sedans. Now, the fifth generation is ready to shock the competition. The crown jewel is once again the Motor.

  • Golf GTI Edition 30

    In 1991 Mazda sensationally won the most famous Race in the world: The 24 hours of Le Mans. The winners of this race are legendary. 20 years ago, the 787B raced it´s way into history. And now it's time for the comeback.

  • Porsche GT2 RS

    This is the powerful Big Brother from Porsche. The GT2 RS. After the end of production of the 2006 Carrera GT, Porsche needed a new Ikon. And this just might be it.

  • International Motor Show 2011 Part 2

    The Highlights of the IAA 2011! The international automobile exhibition in Frankfurt is the most important car exhibition in the world. Over 900 exhibitors from 30 countries presented their newest products this year.

  • International Motor Show 2011 Part 1

    Two years of waiting. Now, finally, the International Motor Show in Frankfurt opens for the 64th time. Over 1000 Exhibitors from 32 countries gather in Frankfurt for two weeks.

  • Episode 67

    The Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.8 TBi 16V Quadrifoglio Verde is the sporty agile compact model from Alfa Romeo.

  • Episode 31

    IAA Special. The most beautiful, fastest and most impressive innovations from the most important car show in the world.