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Stunt Heroes

The reputable stunt and film production company Action Concept, which masterminded and produced successful series, such as “Alarm für Cobra 11”, “Der Clown” und “MEK8”, opened the gates to its “stunt factory” and allowed Motorvision TV to peep over its shoulder.

How are these series with lots of crashes and explosions produced, which are by no means inferior to Hollywood’s Dream Factory? Who are these actors who fearlessly jump out of a house, are involved in multiple car crashes or survive a barrage of gunfire? Motorvision TV went to see the stunt crew of Action Concept. They rank amongst the best in the world and are unique. Already seven times have their action sequences and stunts been rewarded with the “Taurus World Stunt Award”, the so-called “Stunt Oscar”.

“Stunt Heroes” reports about the people behind the breathtaking scenes, about their passion, ambition, courage and what makes them test their limits time and again.

“Stunt Heroes” offers a glance behind the scenes – at work and in private – from the original stunt idea to the first draft, the first tests and tricks to the grandiose finale.

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  • Action Special

    How do stunts work? What is a stuntman really doing? What kind of person is doing a job like that. Since two years the unique series ""Stunt Heroes"" of MotorvisionTV is giving answers to those questions. The stuntteam of ""action concept"", one of the biggest film- and stunt productions in Europe is given a spectacular insight to their daily business. Things that are never seen in the movies. Often enough they are working several days or weeks for a five-second-stunt! A tough job! The action-special shows all stunts of the second season of the show, explains differences between the different kinds of tools they got in their arsenal. ""Stunt Heroes"" is always very emotional before the stunt

    25.02.2019 20:45 - 21:10 (UTC)

  • The Gravel Pit

    Heavy equipment comes into use - as a car has to crash at full speed into a pile of gravel...

  • The Stunt Movies

    To every stunt belongs a little movie. The Stunt Heroes always kept it like that! In the second season the stuntteam created again 13 action-film sequences - sometimes funny, sometimes brutal, sometimes evil - but always spectacular. This special shows all 13 stunt movies of the new season of MotorvisonTVs favourite stunt show.

  • Stunt Highlights

    Explosions - accidents - pain - stunt coordinator Domi and his team give everything for spectacular stunts - in each episodes they are pushing the limits.

  • Revenge

    The Stunt Heroes are testing for a big movie. They are filming a car crash and the idea is that it should look like if the main character of the movie, the actor is really driving the car. They are using filmtricks and a self constructed airbag to reach their goal. The documentary shows how the stunt people create that kind of stunt.

  • Motorbike Launch

    A new test by the stunt people of Action Concept. They have to show a spectacular flight with a motobike, which is crashing afterwards. But that would be too dangerous for a stuntman. Stunt coordinator Ramazan Bulut hast to be creative. The guys develop a cannon for the motorbike. Will it have enough pressure to shoot the bike? The result is very impressive. Even the hard headed stunt guys are surprised!

  • Alarm in the Gravel Pit

    The Stunt Heroes convert a gravel quarry to a stunt laboratory. They are testing some amazing stunts for their main production ""Autobahn Police"". A motobike without a driver is freestyling over a ramp, a human catapult is tested with water and a new rollover punch is tried out for the first time. Stuntgirl Tina is doing the job!

  • The Canon

    The Stunt Heroes have a new car-canon in their arsenal. The canon accelerates a car in one second from zero to 70 km/h. The Stunt Heroes had something like that before. But the new canon doesn`t produce any smoke. That is a very important feature for the filmmakers - now they don`t have to digitally remove the smoke out of the stunt. In this episode the guys test the canon after shooting a wild car chase between three cops and a gangster on the autobahn.

  • Front Flip over Cola Truck

    Stuntman Dominik Kowalski is an expert for falls, drops and body stunts. But today is different: he is supposed to drive the stunt car! The job: a flip through a cola truck! This is not for the weak-minded! Will Nick fail or is he the right man for this stunt?

  • The Stunt Convertible

    A skidding lorry against a remote controlled family van. That`s the new story the Stunt Heroes realize on their private Autobahn. Stunt coordinator Christoph Domanski`s goal: to separate the roof from the rest of the car. If the plan works out, they will create a unique stunt convertible. A spectacular stunt test for Hollywood productions!

  • Jump´n Crash

    The Stunt Heroes in offroad fever: having fun with quad bikes. Furthermore: jumps and crashes - cars flying over the air ramp.

  • The Flying Quad

    The Stunt Heroes bring a quad bike to its limits. With a so-called stamp and a pressure of 100 bar the quad bike will learn to fly.

  • Body Fights and Fireball

    For larger explosions - the stunt company normally books special external effects technicians. Not this time!

  • Burning Down The House

    In this big stunt Paul will stand in the fire, while everything flies burning through the air... !

  • Man vs. Machine

    The Stunt Heroes having fun on a hudge industrial Area. Here it comes to the showdown between man and machine - Stuntman against BMW 3!

  • Drift, Fly & Fire

    Explosions, crashes, jumps...Be prepared for the extreme! In the first episode stuntman Paul has to slide underneath an exploding vehicle, while moll Anna is catapulted in the air.

  • Salto Mortale

    The Stunt Heroes on a new mission: One of his stuntman has to go head over heels in his car, while two colleagues test how you can combine a spectacular car chase with a breath taking fistfight choreography.

  • Special - Stunt Highlights

    See all the stunts from the first season!

  • Car Action Highlights

    Ther are million ways to destroy a car: Crashes, flips and jumps. We show the highlights of this seasons car stunts.

  • Body Stunt Highlights

    The Action Concepts most popular and most spectacular body stunts: Jumping from rooftops, falling of a driving car, tumbling down stairs. Despite inevitable wounds, the legendary stunt crew enjoys the job.

  • The Canonball

    The crew of Action Concept fires a car like a cannonball!

  • The White Army

    This guided tour shows you around the dangerous world of stuntmen and -women. The stunt crew at Action Concept is one of the world´s finest. We show the Stunt Heroes as they go about their daily business.

  • The Pile-Up

    This guided tour shows you around the dangerous world of stuntmen and -women. The stunt crew at Action Concept is one of the world´s finest. We show the Stunt Heroes as they go about their daily business.

  • The Matrix

    This guided tour shows you around the dangerous world of stuntmen and -women. The stunt crew at Action Concept is one of the world´s finest. We show the Stunt Heroes as they go about their daily business.

  • The Ambulance

    It´s about to get dirty! An old ambulance is being prepared for a stunt... And ... its about time! Stuntman Kai wants to jump through the ambulance with a car.

  • Bike Crash

    The Stunt Heroes let it smash vigorously again. They deliver a wild chase between Gangster and Cop. And in the process a lot gets damaged! The coolest motorcycle stunts!

  • Behind the Scene

    The Stunt Heroes from Action Concept are tough professionals. They jump from houses and make cars fly or explode. On this episode reporter Dean Malay takes a look behind the scenes of the stunt company and lures out the real people behind the Stunt Heroes’ hard shells. Coordinator Domi explains the workflow at Action Concept and reveals why stuntman Tobi is called Heidi.

  • Highfall

    It´s all kicking off once again on Stunt Heroes! Nick will be jumping the air ramp, Tobi will be falling from a roof and a car will be exploding, its jam-packed with stunt action!

  • The First Time

    The Stunt Heroes from the Action Concept company are shooting a car pileup, but that isn\\\'t enough however for stunt coordinator Carl. He also has a surprise in store for his boss!

  • The Examination

    It´s the case of precision and timing, stuntwoman newcomer Tina has to prove that she can do it. It´s a spectacular, action-packed stunt test with guaranteed bruising!

  • The Remote Control

    This time at Action Concept: stuntman Tobi will operate an Artega GT at full speed with a remote control. But this is just a warm-up before the big stunt, in which he will be driving a car up a steep ramp at 68 mph.

  • The Trailer Stunt

    Stunt Heroes in Triptis - in the heart of Thuringen, on the Industrial site of the Fliegl vehicle Company - they have criminal activity on their minds...