Top Ten Show

The countdown of the best and the worst cars in the world!


The fastest, biggest, most expensive, most frequently stolen, most often sold and so on… in order to spare the viewer from going through mind-numbing statistics and never-ending Internet searches, the Motorvision journalists have delved deep into the car statistics and found the answers to all “Which one was …” questions. That fact that you have the biggest clunker of all times standing in your garage also becomes more bearable when somebody tells you this result with a friendly smile.

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  • The Most Unusual Cars of Modern Times

    Day in day out, R&D departments of car manufacturers, ponder over about what constitutes the perfect car, in the hope for the ultimate breakthrough. So today, we´ll present you the 10 most unusual cars in modern times.

    25.02.2019 19:05 - 19:30 (UTC)

  • The Oldest Car Manufacturers

    Today we get nostalgic. We present the ten oldest car manufacturers. Who do you think of is THE pioneer. In 2009 and 2010, a substantial number of carmakers celebrated anniversary´s.

    25.02.2019 19:30 - 19:55 (UTC)

  • The Fastest Cars in the World

    On this episode we decide what`s hot and what`s not in the glamorous world of cars. This time we`ve decided to focus on the fastest cars.

  • The Very Best Car Nicknames

    The names car manufacturers give their models, are often somewhat uninspiring. And it can be quite difficult to learn anything about the car, from it´s name. A lot of cars are therefore called by their nicknames.

  • Automotive Legends of Recent Times

    Today we´re going to be looking at cars which have enchanted us with their beauty, power or racing success. We´re going to be presenting you with ten Automotive legends of recent times.

  • The Most Beautiful Supercars

    Today we´ll be taking a look at some extreme cars from around the world: Supercars! We´re going to be showing you the top ten most beautiful supercars of recent times.

  • The Best Coupes under 400 Horsepower

    Today is it all about Coupés. It´s all about beautiful shapes and sporty elegance. We´ll show you pioneering Coupés in terms of design. And to make this competition more exciting, we´re going to set horsepower limit of

  • The World's Best-Selling Cars

    Today we´ll talk about the world´s best-selling cars. Which producer scored the highest last year? Which model was a market leader? Who broke the one million mark?

  • The Most Beautiful Vintage Cars

    Many of the models featured in this show were true design inventions and some of them are so great, that manufacturers are bringing them back. So let\'s have a look at these golden oldies of the car world.

  • Cars with the Most Dangerous Brakes

    If you´re travelling in a car at 100 kilometres per hour and have to emergency brake, your car should come to a standstill within 37m. Anything above 40m is critical. Our top ten contenders are definitely on red alert.

  • The Lightest Cars

    Which were the most expensive cars in days gone by? Which cars were the most ridiculous? And which vehicles are the most sporty? Nadira Tudor knows the answers!

  • The Biggest Gas Guzzlers

    On today´s show, the 10 cars which we´re going to show you, don´t just suffer from dreadful fuel consumption, making them unsuitable for the cities, but also have other qualities, which make them a bad.

  • The Best Beastly Car Names

    When car manufacturers decide to name their cars after animals, they`re obviously suggesting that their car reflects certain characteristics of the animals that they`re naming the cars after.

  • The Strangest Cars

    There are some cars, or let`s say vehicles, which turn every head on the street, but that`s not necessarily because they`re beautiful. We are going to show you the strangest vehicles ever.

  • The Best-Loved Off-Roaders

    At the moment, the industry considers the SUV, Crossover or SAC to be good choices. But is it such a good idea to drive off road with a Porsche Cayenne or BMW 6X? Today, we look at the real off road monsters.

  • The Most Expensive Production Cars

    Real luxury. The kind of cars that you only dream of. On today`s Top Ten Show we´re going to expose the most expensive cars in production.

  • The Best Sport Versions of Small Cars

    Almost every compact car is now available in a sporty version. And funnily enough the little racers usually have more power under the bonnet than you might think.

  • The Rarest Automobiles

    Our subject for today is to show you the rarest series of cars. Those which are limited and exclusive. Obviously this immediately increases the desirability too. Whether it is the Lexus LFA or the Bugatti Veyron.

  • The Most Beautiful Cars

    Today we are going for Lux. It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So we promise to maintain some objectivity. Desirable cars are what we want, and what we shall get.

  • The Ugliest Cars

    The car-manufacturers design departments are trying to make the perfect car. And mostly very elegant cars are the result. But there are creations that seriously raise the question of its designers taste.

  • The Greatest Car Legends

    Today is all about legends. We´re going to show you ten cars that are not just simply a means of transport, but they´ve almost managed to acquire an iconic status. They´ve influenced entire generations.

  • The Most Affordable Hybrid Models

    In today´s show we are going to show you the most affordable hybrid models. The trail-blazers are definitely the Japanese, who have a whole bunch of cars to offer.

  • The Most Successful Cars in the 24h Race

    The 24-hour-race at the German Nurburgring is one of the most famous and dangerous long-distance races in the world and in today´s program well show you the cars that have won the most titles each year.

  • The Ten Most Fuel-efficient Cars

    Fuel prices keep going up. Oil companies are justifying this with high demands and rising oil prices. And the prices will carry-on going up. So on toda`s show we are showing you ten of the most fuel-efficient cars.

  • The Ten Slowest Cars

    Usually when you talk about cars it`s all about speed. Today we`ve decided to turn the tables and show you the opposite end of the spectrum: the ten most sluggish cars.

  • The Most Beautiful Convertibles

    Today we´re going to be looking at some very summery cars; sunshine and fresh air come as standard with the cars on todays show. That´s right, we\'re going to be looking at the top ten convertibles of recent times.