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Professional racing driver, Patrick Simon, is the new tour guide. In “Track Masters” he accompanies tourists for MotorvisionTV.

Far apart from the official race events a lot of racing driver novices, Sunday drivers and hobby racers try their hand at the famous race track in the Eifel, which is one of the most difficult tracks in the world. The “Tourist Rides” make it possible to experience the “Nordschleife” in your own car. Not everyone can cope with the demands of this track. On almost 13 miles and 73 bends the amateurs quite quickly arrive at the limits of their own driving skills. Patrick remains cool and shows us what’s going on all year round at the Nuerburgring, apart from the tourist rides.

This show is a must-see for all Nuerburgring Enthusiasts.

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  • Episode 18

    Now that the 24-hour race is over we have left the Nuerburgring and moved to Bueren, Germany, where Raeder Sport is based. Famous for really fast front-wheel drives, it provides a lot of horsepower down on the track.

    23.02.2019 14:10 - 14:35 (UTC)

  • Episode 12

    It's time once again for the VLN Endurance Racing Championship! While the drivers are already out there doing test laps, we will be taking you behind the scenes and showing what really goes on in the pit lanes.

    28.02.2019 20:15 - 20:40 (UTC)

  • Episode 01

    An angry bull, a few English people prepared for the weather and a young, talented race driver - tourists will be venturing down to the infamous 'green hell' of the Nuerburgring!

  • Episode 14

    The fourth race of the VLN season is regarded as a dress rehearsal for the 24 hour race. For the top teams and best drivers this is the last opportunity for a real hard test.

  • Episode 22

    Today on the Nuerburgring: Patrick is tearing up the track in an Aston Martin Zagato with 12 cylinders of pure sound! Also on the show: a hummer, a Bremer Clio and a Frenchman in a Ferrari!

  • Episode 21

    Phoenix Racing, the successful team from the Eifel Region rocks the DTM. We will be showing you some pit stop training with the Swiss rookie Rahel Frey, a Ford GT kit car and a tuned Honda with a Spaniard at the wheel!

  • Episode 20

    On today's episode we are going old-timer crazy, like the Mercedes S for example with 160 horsepower that lead Rudolf Caracciola to victory in the 1927 opening race. Do not to miss this old-timer grand prix event!

  • Episode 19

    The roaring sounds of engines and exhausts usually dominate the Nuerburgring, but on today's we're focusing on something a little quieter. Ever fancied a 15 mile bike ride around the ring, or perhaps a 16 mile run?

  • Episode 17

    On today's show we will be taking a look at the RCN Challenge - the BMW Driving Experience. Also on the show we will be paying a visit to the Devils Diner - the indoor meeting place for drivers on the ring!

  • Episode 16

    Some heavy guns are going to be driven around the ring on today's show. We are at the Truck Grand Prix and shall be following the progress of driver Uwe Nittle as he gets ready for qualifying.

  • Episode 15

    Today we are going to look back at the highlight of last week. The 24 hour race - as always it was exciting. In addition 'Strong Man Run' and a look at the Tourist drivers

  • Episode 13

    Great cars and pretty girls. The Nürburgring is shaking as the VLN begins its second leg of the tournament. We will be commentating on this exciting competition, as well as showing highlights of the BMW's 1st leg win.

  • Episode 02

    A tuned-up Golf 2, a family sedan from Hannover, Germany and a very special Porsche GT2! We will be looking behind the scenes of the gas station by the curve on the race track where sports cars flock!

  • Episode 11

    Spring has finally melted away the snow on the track and life on the Nuerburgring is starting to flourish once again. It's full of drivers with gasoline in their hearts and cars that roar around the ring.

  • Episode 10

    Christian Menzel has asked presenter Miriam to participate in some driver safety training! He will be showing you tips and tricks on what to do in emergency situations.

  • Episode 09

    On today's show we will be showing you the history of a racing legend who has won the 24-hour race four times in a row: Olaf Manthey. Stick around and perhaps you'll find out the secret of his success.

  • Episode 08

    The weather has cleared up a bit on the Nuerburgring and we're finally back on the track. As soon as the snow and ice has gone the horsepower junkies return to the ring to tear it up once again.

  • Episode 06

    On today's episode we will be treating you to some very entertaining clips from the Nuerburgring. Expect to see the pedal on the metal and rubber burning up the place!

  • Episode 05

    The Nuerburgring. Here you can really let your hair down on a spectacular and difficult race track and learn how to get fit for Motor Sports. That is why Motor Fans come here to the Nuerburgring throughout the year!

  • Episode 04

    Fog, rain and snow means that a visit to the Eifel region isn't that pleasant right now. Nevertheless the hardcore drivers are out of the track and aren't letting the weather get in their way.

  • Episode 03

    The Nuerburgring has transformed into a winter wonderland, but although it looks pretty it sure isn't pretty to use it as a race track.

  • Episode 23

    Patrick makes André sweat! Also on the show tourists from all over the world have made their way down to the Green Hell including many Germans, Austrians and 5 crazy Englishmen in a taxi!