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They are the elephants in the vehicle world. Big, chunky and irreplaceable even though many car drivers often loathe them, especially on the highways. We cannot do without trucks. They transport our food, heavy goods, cranes, cars and sometimes even other trucks across the country. How else should huge cranes, required to set up wind turbines, be transported to their destinations? The most powerful car crane in the world can lift 1200 tons! Trucks are also used to transport huge bridge segments. But “Truck World” does not only focus on the biggest trucks. Unusual transporters also feature in the show, sometimes even off-road capable motorhomes. Blood donation vehicles with state-of-the-art equipment or classic trucks are also allowed to the fore. “Truck Wold” tells interesting and exciting stories about trucks and truckers.

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  • Episode 22

    It's seven o'clock in the morning, and the animals in the Hanover Adventure Zoo are hungry. The servings are generous. Twice a week, zoo inspector Klaus Brunsing travels to the wholesale market in his new Transporter. The 5-ton 'working animal' -named after its striking stickers - easily accommodates all the fresh fruits, and vegetables. It's ittle wonder that the zoo inspector's a respected customer at the market.

    Today 08:45 - 09:10 (UTC)

  • Episode 42

    The record vehicle has been running for 29 hours already. This first petrol station stop will reveal exact data about the consumption levels. Test conductor, Mathias Lichter, has only calculated theoretical figures, so far. Excitement's rising. Will they actually reach the 20-litre goal?

    28.02.2019 20:40 - 21:10 (UTC)

  • Episode 21

    Two highway policemen from Cologne - Michael Tangermann and Tom Fiala - have a long day ahead. A major truck inspection's scheduled at a petrol station on the A4, near Frechern. They'll be focussing on load security and legal driving, and resting, schedules. The first vehicles are already being examined.

  • Episode 46

    It's annoying to be stuck behind them. But what would life be without them? Trucks often deliver life-saving goods or transport heavy weights for important building works. We have an insight into a truckers' life.

  • Episode 45

    Each year, Canada's breathtaking landscape attracts tourists from around the world. The country offers peace and relaxation, for nearly 40 per cent of the 10 million square metres are wooded. Yet - holiday for some, means hard work for others. Canada's the world's third largest exporter of wood. The annual turnover of the timber industry, in the country, amounts to 23 billion dollars. In British Columbia, each second job's in the wood sector. Yearly, 250 million trees are cut down, and transported. Cam la Roque has been driving a logging truck for 20 years.

  • Episode 44

    They've been popular in Switzerland and Finland for long time. In the Netherlands and Denmark, a test - with 125 long-trucks - has been running for many years. The planned demo-trial has provoked a number of heated discussions in the country. Yet, in reality, many don't have a clue what the long-truck concept represents.

  • Episode 43

    The mountains are calling, and the trucks are coming. An unusual comparison will put old and new trucks, side by side, on one of the most famous Alpine routes. The San Bernardino Pass. The pass is just a part of the route. Our two candidates await their turn, at a loading dock at Stuttgart airport. The final destination is Malpensa airport in Milan. In between stretch 600 kilometres, and the Alps.

  • Episode 41

    The Prototipo test circuit in Nardo, southern Italy, is a 12.5 kilometre oval track, on which a renowned endurance test will be taking place. A fully loaded HGV will be going round this track for 7 days in a row, trying to clock up at least 10,000 kilometres. The aim is to try to consume as little fuel as possible.

  • Episode 40

    They went by the names of Mercur and Jupiter, some people even ovingly called them 'bread and butter trucks'. Behind these facades lay HGVs that were essential to the German economic boom of the 1950s. In 1952, there were already 3.3 million of these trucks out and about on the nation's roads.

  • Episode 39

    Anyone who spends a lot of time on the motorways will undoubtedly have paid a few visits to a motorway service station toilet. Well, it's not cheap any more, that's for sure....most service stations have started charging 70 cents, instead of 50 cents. For most HGV drivers, this amount is really pushing the limits of fairness.

  • Episode 38

    It's March 21, 2010 and the sun's rising over the Moroccan Sahara. 111 teams have set themselves the challenging task of taking part in what is probably the hardest desert rally for women, the 'Aicha de Gazelles'. For a full week, the teams will be taking on mountain passes, stony dirt roads, and sand dunes, always on the search for the next check point.

  • Episode 37

    At a first glance, this special police vehicle just looks like any other normal transporter. The writing on the side 'Accident recovery vehicle' helps you understand the purpose of this vehicle. When it's called into action, the team doesn't head out with blue flashing lights, and a siren sounding, as normal, but in a transporter.

  • Episode 36

    During the holidays, it seems like caravans simply flood the motorways. The A3, here near Cologne, would definitely bear witness too that. People travelling with these vehicles come from all over Europe. For HGV drivers this time of the year means lots of long traffic delays and problems, and, on top of that, they've got to watch out for drivers with limited caravan towing experience. As always, the motorways are full of unpredictable situations.

  • Episode 34

    Getting a TV show to the stage takes quite a lot of work, work that begins in the early hours of the morning in Huerth, Cologne. While most people are still sleeping, the preparations are being made in the transmission vehicle.

  • Episode 35

    Today, we're comparing the following vehicles: the Mercedes Actros 4160, the MAN TGX 41 680, the Volvo FH 16-700, the MAN TGX 41 540 and the MAN TGA 37 530. The empty weight of these vehicles lies between 12 and 14 tonnes, and the longest is 7.65 metres.

  • Episode 33

    Today we meet Wolfgang Lohmann. He works in Hamburg, at the world's biggest luxury car showroom. The type of cars, that would leave us with our mouths gaping, are just an everyday part of his life. This time he is picking up a customer's vehicle in north Hamburg, and taking it for a service. The 7.5 tonne truck has 177 horse power to call upon, and can even pull a 3.5 ton trailer, if required. Until now it had mainly been subcontractors, who would do this sort of work. But due to the rising demand for this service, the company decided to get their very own HGV.

  • Episode 32

    In the hilly region of Hennef, you'll find the 75,000 square metre distribution hub belonging to the Wifa drinks company. All sorts of different drinks are transported from this site; the majority of which are in crates.

  • Episode 31

    This Blue Actros is going to be the guinea pig for testing a system that everyone wants; one that could save a lot of diesel and oil! On the first day of testing, we'll be using normal engine oil. Our test route will take in motorways, hill climbs and descents, and there'll always be a second so-called comparison vehicle alongside the actual test car. In the event that the conditions change for the second day, we can then look at the fuel consumption rates, and carry them over to the monitoring vehicle.

  • Episode 30

    It is 4:32pm. The port of Hannover-Munden - 30 kilometres south of Gottingen. This is the starting point for one of the most important transport tasks, that ever rolled on German roads. This massive 250-ton forging press component will later become art of a power plant turbine. It was delivered by ship, from a foundry in England.

  • Episode 29

    Today, the 4.3 kilometre-long Eurospeedway Lausitz track will enter the history books, with new record performances. European truck race champion, David Vrsetsky, aims to break three records, giving team engineer, Robin Dolejs, the chance to prepare well.

  • Episode 28

    Today we meet i Otto Weiss. He's been a driver for 30 years. The highway's his home. As a driver of a cooling trailer for fresh meat, he transports cold stores across the entire country. He's used to eating on the move. But the food choice on the road isn't too appealing.

  • Episode 27

    The featured vehicle had to exude 'comfort on the road', through its fine materials, and full equipment. At the same time, however, it has to be in the 'mobile' category: Besides the usual facilities, you had to be able to enjoy chilled drinks, even when the going gets rough. So: Luxury, with a slightly sporty touch, and on top of that - an absolute racer. Surely, there can't be such a vehicle. But this is exactly what Roger Norman, a successful entrepreneur and a passionate off-road racer, ordered, and will now collect.

  • Episode 26

    The Baja 500 is one of the toughest off road races in the world. Participants drive 500 miles through the dessert of Mexico. We accompany Armin Schwarz and his team who took part in the Baja 500.

  • Episode 25

    Drivers of a 40-tonner need to be highly concentrated and up to the mark at all times. But driving straight ahead for hours can also be quite exhausting. That’s why researches come up with ideas that help drivers to stay awake. Truck World shows you one of the test series that treats drivers with a special blue light in order to suppress the emission of the “sleep hormone” melatonin.

  • Episode 24

    Highway A4, near Cologne. Police officers Tom Fiala and Michael Tangermann are carrying out a major inspection today. It doesn't take them long to pull in their first victim. Tom's checking documents, while his colleague examines the security of the load. Then, however, they notice the lashing strap appears worn out. In the course of the inspection, the officers find out that the TUV of the truck's long outdated. In addition, the tyres are worn out. There's a sound reason behind careful scrutiny, during these major inspections.

  • Episode 23

    Infinite expanses stretch beyond this farm. And the landscapes of this vast region are breathtaking.This farm's home to antelopes, zebras, giraffes and: Lions! The farmer has much to do, because the team, the guests and all these animals, require daily care. Her task is not so easy, in view of the fact that her back yard's the Kalahari - the vast void.

  • Episode 47

    It's annoying to be stuck behind them. But what would life be without them? Trucks often deliver life-saving goods or transport heavy weights for important building works. We have an insight into a truckers' life.