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High Octane

Crusty Demons US Tour - An Inside Look 1

Today on High Octane we're bringing you the Crusty Demons of Dirt Global Assault Tour. The Crusty Demons of Dirt turn the best-selling action sports video series of all time into a live stadium blow out.

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Porsche GT3 Streetracer

For Porsche fans, it's the ultimate fusion of road suitability and race track compatibility: the Porsche 911 GT3. With its 475 hp engine and a maximum torque of 440 Newton-meters, it accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Supercars introduces you to the world of the Porsche GT3.

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Biker Lifestyle

Bike & Music Weekend 2014, Part 3

The most awesome event of the year is back: We accompany the spectacle that is the Bike and Music Weekend by Rider MC. More than 15 bands play almost around the clock within three party zones, 8000-hp dragsters make the ground shake at the show mile and top-class custom bikes take over the bike show. The stunt shows also provide for amazement thanks to gravity defying motorcycle acrobatics.

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Naked Bike from Bella Italia

Monster - This name has been the embodiment of a modernly designed Ducati bike for years, which promises heaps of fun in the city, looks good and offers the finest chassis technology. Or in other words: It's also good for takings bends quickly. The Ducati Monster 1200 R is the ultimate top-model of the Monster family: An output of 160 hp, a dry weight of 180 kilograms, noble materials, and enchanting sounds. It plays in the same league as dream bikes such as Triumph Speed Triple, KTM Super duke or BMW S 1000 R. You really don't have to be a Ducati fetishist in order to find this Naked Bike from Bella Italia enticing.

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FIM Enduro World Championship

Grand Prix of Italy, Rovetta

Highlights from the fifth round in Rovetta, Italy The FIM Enduro World Championship is the premier event for the world's best enduro drivers. The 2019 season features seven rounds and the debut of a new class: the Enduro Open World Cup. Steve Holcombe enters the season as the defending EnduroGP champion.

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FIM World Motocross

Grand Prix of Germany, Teutschenthal

Highlights from the 10th round in Teutschenthal, Germany The FIM Motocross World Championship is the premier championship of motocross racing and will be contested over 19 rounds in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America. Jeffrey Herlings enters the season as the defending MXGP champion.

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FIM Trial World Championship

Grand Prix of The Netherlands

Highlights from the third round in Zelhem, The Netherlands The FIM Trial World Championship is the world's most prestigious motorcycle trials championship. Its 2019 season consists of seven rounds with Toni Bou returning as the defending champion.

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ADAC MX Masters 2018

Bielstein, Germany

ADAC Nordrhein and MSC Drabenderhöhe-Bielstein welcome Europe's best motocross drivers for the third event of the 2018 ADAC MX Masters. The 1.83-kilometers track leads competitors through forest and meadows. The race presents a major challenge for riders, because they have to deal with many steep slopes and constantly changing track conditions. MOTORVISION TV shows highlights from the event.

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Episode 5

When their ambitions exceed their driving skills, when well-secured racing professionals are thrown out of corners, we always have a camera at hand. Breathtaking stunts by professional drivers and slapstick-action in highly-tuned tin can rockets. Spectacular scenes where nobody gets hurt.

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Inside the World of TCR

Episode 3

Welcome to Inside the World of TCR, your backstage pass to the world of Touring Car Racing. In every episode, we provide you with a look behind the scenes of TCR racing around the world, show highlights from the various TCR series and interview the best TCR drivers on the tracks.

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Formula Regional European Championship

Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, France

Highlights from the 2019 season launch at Circuit Paul Ricard, France 2019 sees the arrival of a brand-new FIA Formula 3 racing series that is open for professional as well as amateur drivers. 13 professional drivers and 8 rookies compete against each other over the course of eight events with three races each.

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ADAC GT Masters 2019

Autodrom Most, Czech Republic

The second round of the 2019 ADAC GT Masters leads drivers and teams to the Autodrom Most in the northwest of the Czech Republic. The track has a length of 4.148 kilometers and features a total of 18 turns. Join us, when serious motorsport enthusiasts take the chance to put their long-distance racing skills to the test.

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Formula E Street Racers

Episode 8

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

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Goodwood 2019

Members Meeting

When daffodils begin to flower in England, it's time to kick-off the historic racing season. The traditional season opener is the Goodwood Members' Meeting, which features world-class historic racing, high-speed track demonstrations, fun-packed festivates and great entertainment. MOTORVISION TV meets enthusiasts who take part in the event and shows highlights from the 77th Member's Meeting.

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ADAC Zurich 24-Hour Race

ADAC Zurich 24 Hour Race Nurburgring 2019

The Nuerburgring is not merely a race track. It is the scene of legends and fame as well as drama and defeat. Its Nordschleife is a part of racing lore. Professional and pro-am teams come together to form the biggest grid in the racing world. In the 24 hour race they compete on the most challenging terrain. The 24 hour race at the Nuerburgring makes every motorsports fan's heart beat faster!

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Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup

Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy

The Blancpain GT Series enters its sixth season and it all kicks off with the first round of the Blancpain GT Endurance in Monza. About 60 cars take part in the 3 Hours of Monza at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Northern Italy. The track has a length of 5.793 kilometers and features a total of ten turns.

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Blancpain GT World Challenge

Fuji Speedway, Fuji, Japan

The Blancpain GT World Series Asia enters its second half of the 2019 season. For the fourth round, teams and drivers stay in Japan, but travel north to the Fuji Speedway at the foothills of Mount Fuji, in Oyama. The 4.563-kilometer track is known for having one of the longest straights in motorsports tracks, which has a length of 1.475 kilometers.

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Michelin Le Mans Cup

Road to Le Mans, France

It's time for the most spectacular race of the 2019 Michelin Le Mans Cup season. On the morning of the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, GT3 and LMP3 drivers of the Michelin Le Mans Cup will race on the 13.6-kilometer Le Mans track. They compete in two 55-minute races and will also be joined by other GT3 and LMP3 drivers from around the world.

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Top Ten Show

The Fastest Cars in the World

On this episode we decide what's hot and what's not in the glamorous world of cars. This time we've decided to focus on the fastest cars.

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Top Ten Show

The Most Expensive Production Cars

Real luxury. The kind of cars that you only dream of. On today's Top Ten Show we're going to expose the most expensive cars in production.

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Top Ten Show

The Ten Slowest Cars

Usually, when you talk about cars, it's all about their speed and velocity. But this time we’ve decided to turn the tables and are going to show you the opposite end of the spectrum: the ten most sluggish cars. But don’t expect to see only heavy good vehicles or big vans. We have a few surprises hidden under our sleeves!

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Top Ten Show

The Greatest Car Legends

Some cars are not just a means of transport, but influenced entire generations and became legends on their own. That’s why we won’t talk about expensive, fast or successful cars on this episode. Instead we show you ten cars that managed to achieve cult status and have numerous fan clubs that are still paying homage to them.

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Top Ten Show

The Most Unusual Cars of Modern Times

Day in day out, R&D departments of car manufacturers ponder over about what constitutes the perfect car. It has to be extraordinary. It has to stand out and it has to be unique. This is how new concepts and models come into fruition. So today, we'll present you the ten most unusual cars of the past few years.

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Top Ten Show

The Oldest Car Manufacturers

It’s time to get nostalgic: Who do you think is the most important pioneer of the automotive world? We do a little time travel and trace back the trail of the modern car. While we won’t go back to antiquity and the first steam or sail wagons, we'll travel to the beginning of the 20th century and present you the ten oldest car manufacturers.

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Top Ten Show

The Ugliest Cars

The car-manufacturers' design departments are constantly tinkering around, in a quest to invent the perfect car. And more often than not, very elegantly-shaped cars are the result. But sometimes you really have to call into question the designer’s taste. We’re going to have a look at ten of the ugliest cars.

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Top Ten Show

The Most Beautiful Cars

Today we are going for Lux. It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So we promise to maintain some objectivity. Desirable cars are what we want, and what we shall get.

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Top Ten Show

The Rarest Automobiles

Most manufacturers sell their models in other countries. The production figures, therefore, easily rise into the hundreds of thousands. But time and time again, the manufacturers create very special works of art which are limited, exclusive and therefore rather expensive. On this episode of our Top Ten Show we'll show you the rarest series of cars.

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Top Ten Show

The Strangest Cars

There are cars-- or let's say vehicles, which turn every head on the street. And that's not necessarily because they're beautiful, but because there are exceptionally weird. Some of these drivable oddballs are unique customizations, while others are simply classics. We'll show you the ten strangest vehicles ever built.

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Top Ten Show

Cars with the Most Dangerous Brakes

Imagine yiou are on the motorway and suddenly, without warning, another car swerves into your lane and you have to slam on the brakes. Usually, stepping on the brakes will avoid a collision. But with the cars on this episode of our Top Ten Show, you might not be so lucky. We’ll present you the ten cars with the longest braking distance.

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Top Ten Show

The Most Beautiful Vintage Cars

Manufacturers are continuously bombarding us with newer and even better models all the time, which claim to be the latest innovation in design. But there are cars that were super-chic 40 years ago and are still celebrated as works of art today. So let’s have a look at ten golden oldies of the car world on this Top Ten Show.

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Top Ten Show

The Lightest Cars

Which were the most expensive cars in days gone by? Which cars were the most ridiculous? And which vehicles are the most sporty? Nadira Tudor knows the answers!

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Top Ten Show

The Most Beautiful Supercars

Today we'll be taking a look at some extreme cars from around the world: Supercars! We're going to be showing you the top ten most beautiful supercars of recent times.

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Top Ten Show

The Most Beautiful Convertibles

Get your sunglasses out, put those racing shoes on and better put on a little bit of sun cream as well, because we're going to take you on a ride with some very summery and, above all, topless cars. That's right, we'll have a look at the top ten convertibles of recent times, where sunshine and fresh air come as standard.

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Classic Ride

Sportscars of 1963

For more than 50 years the Porsche 911 has been driving on the roads and race tracks of the world. Each generation set standards in the sports car segment. We look back at the beginnings of this success story. But it is not the only legend from the class of 1963. At the same time Corvette Stingray celebrates its premier and becomes the American sports car dream par excellence.

16:25 (UTC)

Perfect Ride


With the creation of the Panamera S Hybrid, Porsche wanted to get rid of the Panamera's image as a giant gas guzzler. And it is indeed a fuel-saving miracle in its class. The sports car comes with an output of 380 HP and an average fuel consumption of just 6.8 liter. But the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid is not the only eco-friendly car. The Audi A3 g-tron is a natural gas car, that is CO2-neutral.

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British GT Championship

Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit, Norfolk, UK

The second race weekend of the 2019 British GT Championship, which includes round 3 and 4, takes drivers to Snetterton Circuit in Norfolk in England. Opened in 1953, the track is one of quite a few British race tracks that were built on wartime airfields. With a length of 4.779 kilometers, it's also the second longest track in the UK.

17:40 (UTC)


Geneva Motor Show

The 82nd International Motor Show in Geneva is the first important car fair of the year. Around 180 premiers from Europe and the rest of the world will be shown. Here you will find only the elite of high class tuning.

18:05 (UTC)


High Octane

Superbike Superbowl

This week on High Octane; the Superbowl of Superbike. All the worlds best road racers are flying to Laguna Seca raceway for their one and only comp in the U.S. If these guys had wings, they'd be airborne.

18:30 (UTC)


Supercars on the Rocks

Minus degrees, lots of snow and cold hands ' that doesn't mean that you have to forego any driving pleasure. With the right driving machines, there are no problems at all. The 550 hp strong all-wheel monster Nissan GT-R has to demonstrate its winter suitability and the new Porsche 911 with turbo engine finds it limits in Finnish Lapland. Hot whips on the rocks.

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Tuning doesn't always have to be a sin. For its i8, BMW combines the electric future with fuel saving qualities into a spacey future tech mix. But can this concept amaze experienced petrolheads? Plus: Saving fuel by increasing the power. What first appears to be a contradiction, has to proof itself in a practical test. The 'Race Chip' is tested on a 3000 kilometers track. Furthermore: What use does the switchable performance increase from DTE Systems have? Patrick Simon is looking for the additional power in Norway.

19:25 (UTC)

Put your Car on TV

Episode 7

Once more, Mylene Gomera and Saif Hattawi are on the hunst for the most amazing cars in the world and ask car owners to bring their customized vehicles to Dubai, where it will be awarded points based on speed, style and sound. The car with the points wins a stay at the Sofitel Hotel Dubai Jumeirah Beach for two people. Among the presented cars are a limited edition Mercedes SLS and an Audi R8.

20:00 (UTC)


The Beauty is a Beast

They are legendary and their names sound like music in the ears of any petrol head: AMG SLS GT and Porsche 911 Turbi S. One comes with a massive V8 engine and winged doors, the other offers all-wheel drive and boxer turbo power. But both of them delight with an extreme performance. Plus: If you want your car to be comfortable and fast, you should check out the new Audi A8 4.0 TFSI.

20:25 (UTC)


Blancpain Endurance Series 2013

Supercars takes a look behind the scenes of the final race of the 2013 Blancpain Endurance Series. Here, GT racing cars including the Audi R8 LMS ultra, Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 and McLaren MP4-12C have a race over 1000 kilometers on the Nürburgring. See the teams during their work, from the preparation to the qualifying and race itself.

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Dream Cars

German Limousines

Whether it is the Mercedes S-Class, the BMW 7-series or the Audi A8; Limousines 'Made in Germany' are famous for their perfection and prestige. They are considered as embodiment of status and they set the standards when it comes to comfort, pioneering technology and safety systems. DreamCars presents the most famous, beautiful and the most luxurious German limousines.

21:20 (UTC)


Dream Cars

German Supercars

Whether it is the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Audi R8, the Mercedes AMG GT or the BMW i8: German supercars are the fastest, most spectacular and most coveted supercars of the world with breathtaking top speeds and unbelievable engine powers. They not only drive ahead because of their unique performance, but they also set the standards, when it comes to design and innovative technology. DreamCars presents the most exciting and fastest German supercars.

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Classic Ride

Mercedes C111

The Mercedes C111 . Experimental- and research car from 1969. Design and engineering aren't common for the mostly conservative brand. On the outside gull-winged GFK-vehicle body, under the hood, you can find a three-shim rotary engine with 280 horse power. Later on Mercedes equips two C111s with 3,5-litre V8 motors. One of them is ready to start, and Classic Ride will test it on the road , today. Everybody is fascinated by the Mercedes C111! Additionally in this episode: A coupe , as elegant as a cocktail dress by Chanel and as solid as a medieval castle: The Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 coupe. The noble vehicle is one of the most reliable Oldies in the world. And especially the V8-motorised version

22:25 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

Sportscars for the Masses

For many people, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini offer unaffordable dream cars. But you don’t need to spend your annual salary on these brands, if you’re looking for a powerful car with high performance and a full sounding engine. For example, the Nissan 370 Z by Nismo is just half the price of a Porsche 911, rarer and with 344 HP as powerful as the German flagship sports car.

22:55 (UTC)


Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain

The 2019 Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup reaches its climax: the fifth and final round of the season takes place on the 4.655-kilometer Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Who will win the 3 Hours of Barcelona and who will secure overall victory in the ninth season of the Blancpain GT Endurance Cup?

23:45 (UTC)



GT used to stand for 'Gran Turisme', high performance racing cars for long-distance races. Today, FIA passes regulations for several GT classes. Car makers offer GT models as 'the icing on the cake' of their model ranges, too. Mercedes even names a model GT and tops it all off with the GT S. Porsche knows to excite with a GTS as well, while J-Sport turns the Subaru GT 86 into a power machine.