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High Octane

Road Trip Chronicles

This week on High Octane, we're barreling down on you with fuel, fire and chaos. It's a dive in to the trenches of extremely independent original filmmaking with the boys at Godfrey Films.

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Speedy Status Symbols

British cars are considered as elegant, exclusive and extremely stylish. The Bentley Continental GT Speed is a coupe with an enormous driving performance: 625 hp, 820 Nm and all-wheel drive. A huge stretch of ice in Austria is the perfect place to enjoy this special four-wheel drive's potential to the fullest. Also: The Rapide S is a stylistically confident Gran coupe. Despite its four doors it can clearly be identified as an Aston Martin. V12 engine, 560 hp and 630 Nm of torque: those numbers speak for themselves.

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Go Green!

Sustainable Mobility 4: Autonomous Driving

“Autonomous driving”, “Internet of Things” or “artificial intelligence”: technology makes these things possible, but also scares people out of their mind. Are we going to be slaves of technology and depend on machines which can do everything on their own and maybe even better than us? Don’t worry. Go Green prepares you for the mobile future and introduces you to the technology of tomorrow.

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Formula E Street Racers

Episode 8

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

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Racing in the Green Hell

Schall Motorsport

Since its opening in 1927, the Nürburgring has made a name for itself worldwide as the most demanding racetrack in the world. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, numerous professional and amateur pilots dare to take on the Nordschleife adventure. Among them are Ralf and Andreas Schall, who have been participating in the races on the Nordschleife with their own racing team for 30 years.

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Episode 1

Sun's out, guns out - time to flex your mussels! In the United States, the rich and famous enjoy their luxurious lives in fast and exciting sports cars. Movie stars like the Lucra Roadster of 'Fast & Furious' fame meets icons like the Shelby Cobra. But you can find wild and hot rides in Europe, too. MOTORVISION.TV - #SPOTTED presents the five ultimate convertibles for hot summer days.

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AMG C63 Black Series

The Erzberg rodeo is the hardest One-Day Enduro Races in the world. Last year only nine drivers saw the finish-flag. We show the 2012 event.

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Made in...


The English Midlands are home to one of the most traditional British car manufacturers: Morgan. This family-owned company still builds cars that at first look like vintage cars. But the technology under the hood is up-to-date - with one notable exception. What is really special about those cars are their bodies on top of the chassis. They are built from ash wood in a similar fashion to the traditional manufacturing of carriages. MOTORVISION TV takes a look behind the doors of one of the most exceptional car manufacturers in the world.

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Car History

50 Years of Porsche 911

For 50 years the Porsche 911 has been the epitome of sports cars. No other model of Porsche has represented racing success and brand reliability on the road as well as the 911. Car History explains the secret of this fascinating vehicle, which forms the basis for all further generations of the model, and showcases the evolution from the original 1963 911 to the GT2 RS and the latest 911 (991).

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Car History

Porsche 550 Spyder

The Porsche 550 Spyder is small, flat and fast. Even though it was built only 140 times, the 550 Spyder still made history. It laid the foundation for Porsche’s success in motorsports and it was the car, in which Hollywood star James Dean was killed. This accident not only turned Dean into a legend, but they Porsche 550 as well. Car History reveals the whole story of the dream car from the 1950s.

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Car History

Porsche Racing

The Porsche 356, the 550 Spyder and the 917: None is faster, none is more reliable and none is more successful. They make Porsche number 1 in motorsports. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, there is hardly a race and barely a rally, that Porsche does not win. From the beginning, Porsche takes the knowledge gained from racing and uses it for series production.

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Car History

Porsche At Le Mans

The 24 Hours of Le Mans are the toughest race in the world. In 1951 Porsche took part in the 24 hour-classic for the very first time and competed every year ever since. Till 1998 the Porsche enjoyed 16 victories with its prototypes ' more than any other manufacturer in the history of Le Mans. No other brand plays such a decisive role in Le Mans as Porsche.

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Car People

Porsche Culture Middle East

More than 60 years ago, the enthusiasm for Porsche cars led to the inception of the first Porsche Club in Westphalia, Germany. The common goal was to unite Porsche drivers in friendship and comradeship. Today, it is one of the largest automotive communities and includes 620 official clubs around the world. One of the most glamorous Porsche Clubs is located in the United Arab Emirates.

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Car History

Porsche Motorsport

No one is faster, no one is more reliable and no one is more successful than Porsche Racing. With more than 28.000 victories in motorsports within 65 years, Porsche set a world record. Car History recounts the story of the unbeatable racing teams from Zuffenhausen. Rally legend Walter Röhrl and Le Mans winner Hans Hermann also comment on the success of Porsche Racing.

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Porsche GT3 Streetracer

For Porsche fans, it's the ultimate fusion of road suitability and race track compatibility: the Porsche 911 GT3. With its 475 hp engine and a maximum torque of 440 Newton-meters, it accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. Supercars introduces you to the world of the Porsche GT3.

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Car People

Porsche Club UAE

Fast cars, beautiful cars and special cars: Karim Al Azhari made his passion into a living. He is working hard to make himself and other petrolheads happy and therefore acts as the president of the Porsche Club in the United Arabian Emirates. In addition to that, he is also known as a professional race driver. Now, Karim Al Azhari takes some time to show Car People his beautiful car collection.

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Red Gold Dream

This year’s motto of the Conti Tuning Day is “power sedans” and Tuning host Lucy examines the bolides carefully. Plus: The McLaren SLR is the masterpiece of Mercedes, a super sports car among all sports cars. Only 3.500 units have been produced. Tunings showcases the most expensive SLR in the world, which outshines all other SLR models.

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Intercontinental GT Challenge

LIVE Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

The Spa 24 Hours on the infamous Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is one of the most iconic long-distance races for touring cars and GT sports cars. Originally founded in 1924, the race is now part of the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup and Intercontinental GT Challenge, where it acts as the fourth and third round respectively. Tune in to see the start and the first hours of the Spa 24 Hours.

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A New All-Wheel Era

Cruising on the motorways is so boring. Then off-road you go! 4x4 shows how sporty and elegant SUVs really are, and which vehicles can make your day on exciting off-road tracks.

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Monza Rallye Show

Three days of adrenaline and drifting action - the Monza Rally Show is a top-class event. The event has been staged on the legendary Formula One course since 1978. The competitors are the biggest names from all areas of motorsports like MotoGP star and ninefold world champion Valentino Rossi or rally pro Thierry Neuville. They have to complete nine special stages. The fastest and most skillful driver will emerge victorious in the end. The crowning conclusion: the Masters Show, where motorsport stars demonstrate their driving skills.

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British GT Championship

Oulton Park, Tarporley, UK

The British GT Championship is back for its 27th season. Nine rounds of the racing series are scheduled for 2019 with the first two rounds taking place at Oulton Park in Cheshire, England. Both races will take place on the 2.692-miles International Circuit, which is characterized by rapidly changing gradients, blind crests and many tight corners. Broadcast includes support races.

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Ferrari Challenge Europe 2019

Nuerburgring, Nuerburg, Germany

The infamous Nurburgring is the fourth destination for drivers and teams of the 2019 Ferrari Challenge Europe. Both, race novices from the Trofeo Pirelli and the professional drivers from the Copa Shell will compete on the 5.148-kilometer Grand Prix Circuit, which features 16 turns. Join us, when we show you the best action from all four races at the Nurburgring.

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Blancpain GT World Challenge

Circuit Park Zandvoort, Zandvoort, Netherlands

The 2019 Blancpain GT World Challenge Europe is halfway through its season. The third round takes drivers and teams to the Circuit Zandvoort in the Netherlands. Opened in 1948, the circuit has a length of 4,307 kilometers and a total of 13 corners.

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Goodwood 2019

Festival of Speed

When the Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place, the Goodwood House in Southern England becomes the Mecca for world-famous motorsport racers, Hollywood stars, vintage cars and supercars. In 2016, the garden party at the home to the Duke of Richmond promises a high-horsepower spectacle with the theme 'Speed Kings - Motorsport's Record Breakers'.

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NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2019

Raceway Venray, Venray, Netherlands

After a one-year break, the Raceway Venray returns NASCAR Whelen Euro Series calendar and hosts the fifth round of the 2019 season. The European NASCAR Division has come up with something special for the return of Europe's fastest half-mile oval: The round is modelled on American NASCAR races. This means that there is only one longer race in each class.

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DTM 2019

Norisring, Nuermberg, Germany

Highlights from the fourth round in Nuremberg, Germany The Deutschen Tourenwagen Masters celebrates its 20th anniversary with its 2019 season, which promises to be one of the most thrilling yet with new rules, new engines and a new constructor entering the competition. 9 events are scheduled for the 2019 season.

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Formula E Street Racers

Episode 9

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

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ADAC GT Masters 2019

Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, Germany

The ADAC GT Masters is back for its 13th season. Seven events are scheduled for the 2019 season with the first taking place on the 3.696 kilometer race track in Oschersleben. MOTORVISION TV takes you directly to the action and shows you the first two races from the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben.

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Classic Ride

Classic Hybrids

The Apollo 3500 GT is, without any doubt, inspired by the sinfully beautiful designs by Pininfarina for Ferrari. It was designed to be an alternative to often costly European sports cars and thus, its American designer used cheaper American technology for its car like the newly designed V8 engine from the major manufacturer Buick. However, the Apollo 3500 GT wasn’t a success.

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Perfect Ride

Sporty Coupes

They offer less space than a station wagon, they are more expensive than a sedan and they are still beststellers: coupes. They used to have just two doors and a sporty styling, but since then the definition of this competitive segment was broadened. With the Audi RS7, there is a new a rival for the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG and BMW M6 Gran Coupe and it comes with the performance of a sports car.

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European Le Mans Endurance Series

Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Italy

Round 2 of the 2019 European Le Mans Series takes drivers to one of the most famous race tracks in the world: the 'Temple of Seed' or better known as the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. The venue is located near Milan in Italy and its 5.793-kilometer Grand Prix circuit is one of the fastest race tracks in the world.

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Tuning World at Lake Constance

The Tuning World Bodensee at Lake Constance in Germany is the place, where cool and eccentric guys get together, where you find the craziest car ever constructed and where the funniest competitions take place. The Tuning World Bodensee in Germany is a show of the extreme for sure. Tuning pays the exhibition a visit and takes a look behind the scenes.