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High Octane

12 Hours of ATV America

High Octane is at Fort Dodge, Iowa, for the inaugural Max's Tires 12 Hours of ATV America. Fifty-four teams line up and go from day to night in this brutal twelve-hour, first time ever ATV extravaganza. Plus: High Octane gets up close and meets quad superstars Tim Farr and Jeremiah Jones. And: Everything you need to know about the flick 'Quatros Locos'.

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AMG GT R - The Beast of The Green Hell

It is one of the most spectacular automotive campaigns of the last ten years: 'The Beast of the Green Hell'. Stars of the video are four-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton and one of the most spectacular super sports cars in a long time: the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The clip is filmed at the Nürburgring and in a 'green hell' in a jungle in Thailand, with Hollywood-like effort going into the production. The Beast of the Green Hell shows the breathtaking ride of the Mercedes-AMG GT R through the Green Hell of the Nürburgring and the green hell of the jungle in Thailand - it's a spot that pushes viewers into their seats, just like the incredible power of the GT R does to its driver while

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Stunt Heroes

Special - Stunt Highlights

See all the stunts from the first season!

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Belgian Rally Championship

Renties Ypres Rally

Highlights from Ypres Rally in the Westhoek region, which acts as the sixth round of the 2019 BRC season. The Belgian Rally Championship is one of the most competitive national rally championships in Europe and open to professionals and newcomers. Nine Belgian rallies are part of the 2019 schedule.

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Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

Founded in 1991, the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge is one of the most prestigious international rally raid races in the world. Since it serves as a qualifying round of the 2019 FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship and the 2019 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies, it attracts many big names from the international motorsport scenes to the beautiful dunes of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

02:25 (UTC)

Dubai International Baja

Dubai International Baja

The Dubai International Baja, formerly known as the Dubai International Rally, is the oldest motorsport event in the United Arab Emirates. In 2019, it acts as the second round of the reformed FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas and the opening round of the FIM Bajas World Cup. It's based at the famous Dubai Autodrome and will see international drivers taking on a demanding 407-kilometer stage running through the Al Qudra desert.

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Spacey Off-Roaders

These vehicles are big. Really big. The Cadillac Escalade is the embodiment of American luxury SUVs. The reissue of the flagship of Cadillac will come to Europe in 2015. With a 6.2 liter V8 engine it doesn't only inspire enthusiasts of American cars. We're allowed to take a seat in the 5.70 meter long bolide. And: VW present their new Multivan. We test-drove the sixth generation of the popular VW bus in Stockholm. All-wheel-drive cars with a lot of space ' in 4x4 the all-wheel program.

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Wannabe SUVs

The Model Picanto aspires to be Kia's smallest SUV with ist 'X-Line' design. But he has to put up with the comparison to a real SUV - the Kia Sorento. Who will win the battle David vs. Goliath?

03:35 (UTC)

Dream Dakar

Episode 6

The Dakar Rally is the most brutal and spectacular rally in the world. Sand, blood, sweat, tears, success and defeat aren't far apart. The best German racers are all being helped by factories and company groups. All of them? No! Ali Gharib, self-made business man and major in the German army, sponsors himself his everlasting dream, which is the participation in the Dakar Rally 2015 as a private racer with a few sponsors. A ten-part series produced by Volkmar Balensiefer.

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Classic Ride

Cars for Rock Stars, Reds & Royals

Luxury cars for despots, kings and rock stars. Bentley S2 Continental Flying Spur: The Gentleman´s Express. Russian state carriage with imperialist genes. Joseph Stalin´s ZIS 110: One of the American class enemy copied.

04:25 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

Club of Station Wagons

Station wagons on a Formula 1 racetrack: Porsche has packed a ton of power into their Panamera with the turbocharged four liter V8 engine. We're taking the Sport Turismo out onto the F1 track in Bahrain. BMW has redesigned its 530i Touring. Can you get a hallelujah moment driving the new four-cylinder? And: We're heading on an expedition to Cologne with the Volvo V60.

04:55 (UTC)


FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Circuit de Pau, Pau, France

In 2018, the FIA Formula 3 European Championship enters its seventh and final season ever before merging with the GP3 Series. And for the first time ever, MOTORVISION TV broadcasts highlights of all ten races. Everything kicks off at the Circuit de Pau-Ville, where the first event is hold as a support race for the Pau Grand Prix. 23 drivers compete on the 2.760-kilometer track in France.

05:50 (UTC)


Kellener's BMW

Tuning company MTM from Wetstetten near Ingolstadt is known for its extremely dynamic, optimally-tuned vehicles and has won numerous awards at the Tuner Grand Prix. Tuning pays them a visit: Plus: Tuning showcases the Nissan Juke R, while race driver Patrick Simon tests the KS1 RS from Kelleners Sport, which is based on the BMW 1 Series M Coupe.

06:15 (UTC)

High Octane

Kicker Livin Loud Big Air Bash, Las Vegas

High Octane is off to Sin City for Kicker's Livin' Loud Big Air Bash at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. We join forces with Alpine's star Malcom McCassey to slide you inside the FMX universe.

06:45 (UTC)


Performance SUVs

With its Macan Turbo, Porsche sets the benchmark in the SUV segment. The optional performance package increases the output from 400 to 440 HP. A serious competitor bears the Maserati brand. With the Levante, die Italian carmaker wants to stir up the competitive market for sporty SUVs.

07:10 (UTC)

Put your Car on TV

Episode 6

The prestigous location in all of Dubai, The Walk at JBR, sets the background for the the poshest, fastest and customised cars in the Middle East. We bring these beautiful vehicles and there owners to the screen.

07:35 (UTC)

Dream Cars


They represent the American lifestyle more than any other car: US SUVs and pickup trucks. They are extremely large, extremely powerful and extremely luxurious and they transport the feeling of unlimited possibilities and adventure. Whether it is the Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Raptor or Dodge Ram: DreamCars presents the most spectacular and most powerful US SUVs and pickup trucks.

08:05 (UTC)

Dream Cars

American Beauties

They represent the American dream of wealth, excess, beauty and eternal youth: the American Beauties, the most extravagant and most spectacular American cars. With massive bonnets, lush chrome décor and large tailfins, they have been the epitome of exciting limousines since the 1950s. Whether it's Corvette, Mustang, Camaro or Shelby Cobra: DreamCars presents the most exciting US cars.

08:30 (UTC)


Porsche Killers

Often copied, never matched: For more than 50 years, the Porsche 911 has been one of the best sports cars in the world. But competitors still try to take the crown from this automobile icon. Supercars shows you two serious rivals that try to compete with the Porsche 911 both visually and in terms of costs: The Jaguar F-Type R with 550 hp and the Mercedes AMG GTS.

09:00 (UTC)


Prestige Coupes

The Mercedes S-Class Coupe is a real masterpiece. The significantly sportier two-door version of the S-Class does not only look really good, it could also succeed in stealing customers from Bentley or even Rolls Royce. Supercars reveals what the new S 63 AMG Coupe has going for it in comparison to the Bentley Continental and the Rolls Royce Wraith.

09:25 (UTC)



Tuning doesn't always have to be a sin. For its i8, BMW combines the electric future with fuel saving qualities into a spacey future tech mix. But can this concept amaze experienced petrolheads? Plus: Saving fuel by increasing the power. What first appears to be a contradiction, has to proof itself in a practical test. The 'Race Chip' is tested on a 3000 kilometers track. Furthermore: What use does the switchable performance increase from DTE Systems have? Patrick Simon is looking for the additional power in Norway.

09:50 (UTC)


Episode 10

When their ambitions exceed their driving skills, when well-secured racing professionals are thrown out of corners, we always have a camera at hand. Breathtaking stunts by professional drivers and slapstick-action in highly-tuned tin can rockets. Spectacular scenes where nobody gets hurt.

10:00 (UTC)

Formula E Street Racers

Episode 16

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

10:25 (UTC)

Michelin Le Mans Cup

Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain

Premiere in the Michelin Le Mans Cup 2019: For the first time in the history of the racing series a race takes place at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Northern Spain. Built in 1991, the 4.665-kilometer track delivered some exciting Formula One and MotoGP races in the past, but now drivers of the Michelin Le Mans Cup can take on the circuit.

10:55 (UTC)


FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2019

Nuerburgring, Nuerburg, Germany

The European Truck Racing Championship travels from Slovakia to Nuerburg in Germany for the fourth event of the 2019 season. Drivers of the racing trucks, which feature a weight of 5.3 tons, output of 1200 hp and a maximum speed of 160 km/h, compete in four races on the 3.629-kilometers Nuerburgring. MOTORVISION TV shows you the highlights from the event in Nuerburg.

11:20 (UTC)


FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2019

Autodrom Most, Most, Czech Republic

The European Truck Racing Championship heads from the Slovakia Ring to the Most Autodrom for the fifth round of the 2019 season. The 4.212 kilometers race track in located in the northwest of the Czech Republic. It features a series of fast and big turns as well as plenty opportunities to take over competitors. MOTORVISION TV shows the exciting highlight breakdown from Most.

11:50 (UTC)


NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2019

Raceway Venray, Venray, Netherlands

12:15 (UTC)

ADAC GT Masters 2019

Nuerburgring, Nuerburg, Germany

The famous Nuerburgring in the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate is home to the fourth event of the 2019 ADAC GT Masters. 24 motor racing enthusiasts take on the course, which is 3.629 kilometers long and features a total of twelve turns. MOTORVISION TV brings you the highlights from both races at the Nuerburgring.

12:40 (UTC)

Blancpain GT World Challenge

Hungaroring, Budapest, Hungary

The 2019 Blancpain GT world Challenge Europe reaches its climax at the Hungaroring in Mogyoród, Hungary. The 4.381-kilometer track, which is best known for hosting the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix, is now home to the fifth and final round of the 2019 Blancpain GT World Challenge Europe. Who will win the final races and which team will win the overall series?

13:25 (UTC)

Ferrari Challenge Europe 2019

Nuerburgring, Nuerburg, Germany

The infamous Nurburgring is the fourth destination for drivers and teams of the 2019 Ferrari Challenge Europe. Both, race novices from the Trofeo Pirelli and the professional drivers from the Copa Shell will compete on the 5.148-kilometer Grand Prix Circuit, which features 16 turns. Join us, when we show you the best action from all four races at the Nurburgring.

14:15 (UTC)

Tour Auto Optic 2000

Tour Auto Optic 2000

The Tour Auto Optic 2000 is a classic car race with vehicles from the 50s to 70s and organized by the manufacturer Peter Auto. 240 competitors received an invitation to take part in the 2019 Tour Auto, which will honour vanished English makes and include Dijon, Lyon, Vichy, Tours and Deauville as tour stops and

14:45 (UTC)


FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Hockenheimring, Hockenheim, Germany

The FIA Formula 3 European Championship returns to the Hockenheimring in Germany in order to celeberate the finale of the 2018 series. Well-known for its iconic atmosphere in its stadium section, the track features a length of 4.574 kilometers. Who will emerge victorious from the venue and who will become the last-ever champion of the Formula 3 European Championship?

15:35 (UTC)

Dream Dakar

Episode 2

The team about the German racer Ali Gharib planted in its mind that they initially want to participate in the 9.000 kilometer-long Dakar Rally in 2015 with a Land Rover Defender. Still of good cheer the duties will be defined in the first project meeting, 9 months before the start of the rally. None of the drivers can imagine in what he's engaged in. The project is being escorted by a film team. Ten episodes will be produced until the start of the rally in Buenos Aires.

16:00 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Sporty Fords

The sporting legacy of Henry Ford. The Ford Thunderbird of 1955. A cult classic of the American automotive industry with a powerful V8 engine. The Ford Capri. Long snout, short tail and a turbocharger. The Capri Turbo

16:25 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

Small, but fast

What's hot and what's not. There are quests to be undertaken, the search for the ideal auto, for the perfect race track for the ultimate accessory gadget. What are the preferred rides of the race legends?

16:55 (UTC)


FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Hungaroring, Budapest, Hungary

The FIA Formula 3 heads to Mogyorod in Hungary for the second race of the 2018 season. Drivers compete in their single-seat open wheel racing cars on the Hungaroring, which opened in 1986 and is best known for hosting the Hungarian Grand Prix of the Formula One. The track features a length of 4.381 kilometers and features a total of 14 turns. Watch the highlights from the race in Hungary.

17:50 (UTC)


Tuning World at Lake Constance

The Tuning World Bodensee at Lake Constance in Germany is the place, where cool and eccentric guys get together, where you find the craziest car ever constructed and where the funniest competitions take place. The Tuning World Bodensee in Germany is a show of the extreme for sure. Tuning pays the exhibition a visit and takes a look behind the scenes.

18:15 (UTC)

High Octane

Indoor Super Snocross Stop No. 1

Today on High Octane, just what you sledheads have been waiting for, round one of this year's Super SnowCross Stadium Tour.

18:40 (UTC)


V8 Fascination

It's all about V8 engines on Supercars. Its strengths: pulling power being available in the lower rpm range, tremendous power and engine sound that leaves nobody unmoved. For the first time ever, the Aston Martin DB11 is equipped with a V8 from Mercedes-AMG. In addition to that, tuning company MTM shows its version of the Bentley Continental V8 S with an output of almost 800 hp.

19:05 (UTC)

Racing Files

The Duels in Formula 1 - Face off for the Crown

19:35 (UTC)

Car History

Opel Classics

The sixties and the seventies, the golden years of Opel. The traditional brand rises to peak form. Ascona, Manta, Rekord and GT: Opel is more than a car, Opel is an attitude to life.

20:05 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Customized Tradition

Car customizing has a long tradition. We celebrate 40 years of the BMW M-power. Moreover, we drift through the snow - with a 140 hp Rally-Bug.

20:30 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Historic Ice Trophy

It's all about fun at the Historic Ice Trophy! At this historic race on a 2 kilometers long circuit, lap times are not the number 1 priority.

21:00 (UTC)

Classic Races

German Rallye Championship 1983

The German rally championship is one of the most popular motorsport series which has been running since 1970. In its 1983 race the sport model from Opel saw exceptional success.

21:30 (UTC)

Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille

Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille

The multiple-award winning Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille is back for its fifth edition to celebrate the French way of life in many different sectors such as the motorcar industry, gastronomy, art and luxury. The event features a diverse array of activities including three automobile contests and two rallies.

22:00 (UTC)


Porsche Dreams in San Francisco

Die-hard Porsche fan Marco Wendlandt makes his dream come true: driving a 1984 Porsche 911 coupe! With the help from Big Mike, a car dealer from Los Angeles, he tracks down his dream car in San Francisco. Afterwards he visits the DenBeste Cobra and Mustang Collection. And he gets a very special insight into American dream of V8 Motors in the Motor Manufacture of Carol Shelby.

22:25 (UTC)


Mercedes 280 SE goes America - French Riviera

German entrepeneur Tillmann Miritz loves vintage cars and has one dream: a trip through the USA with his Mercedes Cabriolet 280 SE 3.5. But before he can make his dream come true, he needs to get his car across the Atlantic by ship. Tillmann makes use of this opportunity, drives along the picturesque French Riviera and visits a classic car collector before his 280 gets shipped from Marseille.

22:55 (UTC)


Mercedes 280 SE goes America - New York

German entrepreneur Tillmann Miritz starts his 'living dream' In the city that never sleeps: a road trip with his own vintage car to the automobile icons of his youth in the land of his dreams. With his Mercedes 280 SE 3.5 convertible, which got shipped there from Southern France, he's visiting the legendary classic car dealer Eliot Cuker from New York, who made his fortune with his passion for old cars in the middle of Manhattan. From a third-rate actor to a millionaire: it's an automobile love story in the Big Apple (e.g. Mercedes 300SL Gulwing, Facel Vega)

23:25 (UTC)


Mercedes 280 SE goes America - Long Island

Tillmann Miritz's trip to find automobile rarities in the US goes from the Manhattan Bridge to Long Island. His Mercedes convertible brings him to the Wöllfer Estate Vineyard, where German vintner Roman Roth grows some of the best wines. His garage hides an automotive dream: the 'Farmers Dream'. The Chevrolet 3100 stands for the rural 'American Way of Life' like almost no other car.

23:50 (UTC)


Mercedes 280 SE goes America - Florida Part 1

Which is the American car of the 60s? Which is the symbol for the American art of car manufacturing? For many people it's either the Corvette or the Ford Mustang. During his search for these American dream cars of the 60s Tillmann Miritz makes a surprise discovery in Florida (Ford Mustang 1964).