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High Octane

World Jet Ski Championships Part 2

The 23rd Annual World Finals are back with more play than you can twist a throttle to. The IJSBA World Finals are the hub for a whole spectacle of sports action to turn on. Amidst the mayhem of vert ramp icons and FMX superstars, live music rocks the concert stage while the men's Pro Ski Superstock is on deck and ready to point it to the checkered flag.

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Cadillac ATS-V vs. Maserati Ghibli vs. Kia Stinger

Limousines all look the same and their only purpose is to increase the number on odometer display? That's not true at all and Supercars proves the opposite. Powerful Ferrari engines and Italian design: The Maserati Ghibli evokes emotions. American confidence: the Cadillac ATS-V wants to take on the BMW M4 and Mercedes C63. And a surprise contender: The Kia Stinger is the coolest Kia ever!

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Go Green!

Fuell Cell Cars

Motorvision dares to break the world record and drives more than 2000 kilometers from Stockholm to Paris with a hydrogen car: the Hyundai Nexo. It's a trip with obstacles. The electric drive is regarded as the key to future mobility, but hydrogen vehicles lurk in second place. It also has zero emissions, but is fully loaded in just five minutes.

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Formula E Street Racers

Episode 12

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

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World Solar Challenge

World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge is regarded as the world's toughest race for solar cars. For more than three decades the legendary competition continues to challenge man and machine. Over 50 teams from 20 countries are fighting for victory and have to travel more than 3000 kilometers across Australia, where they not only compete against each other but against the forces of Mother Nature as well.

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Episode 7

Frank Slopianka is highly ambitious and committed to the drag racing event 'Race@Airport'. The US car dealer from Berlin takes about eleven seconds to finish the quarter mile with his 700-hp Camaro. Tuning company Mansory promises additional acceleration and horse power for Lamborghini cars. A good example is the Mansory Carbonado, a rebuilt Aventador Convertible.

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Perfect Ride

Made by Hand - Small Series Roadsters

Perfect Ride takes a look behind the scenes of Wiesman, a small-volume manufacturer from Germany that produced just 1600 vehicles since its foundation in 1988. Its name stands for exclusivity, craftsmanship and pure roadster feeling. Thanks to the combination of a low weight chassis with a powerful engine, every Wiesmann model is a milestone in terms of driving dynamics.

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Made in...


If four Engineers, that just left university, get the chance to built a super-sport scar arises one of the rarest and most extraordinary roadster in the world: the Roding Roadster.

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Made in...


The worldwide market leader for side door latches is located in Heiligenhaus, a village in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Kiekert supplies a huge array of locks and latches to car manufacturers all over the globe.

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Made in...

Audi R8 GT

The Audi R8 has been designed to show Audi\\\'s competency when it comes to building lightweight bodywork. It should be a genuine competitor against the already established supercars of today.

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Made in...


Mattighofen in Austria, birthplace and place of production of KTM motorcycles. With the slogan Ready to Race KTM produces bikes that can compete to 100 percent in every race. Every day KTM builds up to 500 new machines

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Made in...

Alfa Romeo

A.L.F.A - Societa Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili. That´s what these notorious four letters signify. A car brand, emblematic for design, car racing and Italian car-making mastery.

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Made in...

Porsche Panamera

About 100 Panarema leave the production halls in Leipzig, every day. For an average price of over 130 thousand Euro each.

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Made in...

Rolls Royce

The name Rolls Royce has always been a synonym for exclusivity, luxury and British automotive engineering. The legendary vehicles with the 'Spirit of Ecstasy' on the grill have been built in England since the beginning of the 20th century. Nowadays it's usually the wealthy people who buy a Rolls-Royce. And no ordered model looks like the other. The 'Bespoke' department satisfies every kind of desire and thus every vehicle is a unique object. 'Made In' takes a look behind the scenes of the Rolls Royce manufactory in the South of England.

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Made in...

Land Rover and Jaguar

Under the new roof of the Indian cooperation Tata Group, English cars of Jaguar and Land Rover go through bigger changes. Jagura gets a face lift as Land Rover creates more models. MOTORVISION TV shows how the distinction between tradition and innovation works and what makes "Made in England" so special.

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Made in...

VW e-Golf

Volkswagen's transparent factory in Dresden is a showcase for electromobility. Behind a 27,500-square meter window, the company almost handcrafts the e-Golf, the brand's key electric product. The plant is also home to start-ups, which further develops mobility and works towards a greener future. Made In takes a look behind the scenes of Volkswagen's future lab.

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Made in...

Bentley Continental GT

The new Bentley Continental GT. It is the successful model of the English luxury brand. Nevertheless, the British car maker has lost money in recent years. The new car must become a success in order to bring Bentley back to its former strength. This makes the development of the new Continental a particularly mammoth task. Made in England shows the development of the new GT and whether the luxury athlete also convinces racing legend Derek Bell.

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Made in...

BMW Plant in Spartanburg

We're in South Carolina, Middle East, USA. All BMW X3, X4, X5 and X6 models are built here. The largest BMW plant produces 32 percent of all BMW vehicles sold worldwide. And the new BMW X7 will also set new production records in the future. Sherry McCraw is the vice president of the plant and employee number 38. She was there from the beginning and explains the milestones of the expansion of the SUV factory to BMW's most important location.

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Made in...

The History of Fire and Rescue Services

The history of the fire and rescue services takes you back to the Roman Age. Back then it were primarily slaves who had to face the flames. Guilds took care of fire fighting in the Middle Ages. But the fire departments in Germany were only substantially organized, when Conrad Dietrich Magirus stepped into the scene. He is considered a pioneer in fire fighting technology. To this day the most modern fire truckcs are entirely built by hand in his hometown Ulm. MOTORVISION TV takes a look behind the scenes of this company with more than 150 years of history and shows the production of turntable ladder engines and fire trucks.

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Made in...


The Fiat 500X, the SUV version of the hugely popular 500, is built in Melfi in southern Italy. The production plant is one of the most modern facilities in Europe. The FCA Company has invested almost a billion Euros into the expansion. Up to 1600 cars leave the assembly line every day. Made in Italy - Fiat provides an insight into the manufacturing facilities of the oldest and biggest Italian carmaker.

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Made in...

Audi R8 GT

The Audi R8 has been designed to show Audi\\\'s competency when it comes to building lightweight bodywork. It should be a genuine competitor against the already established supercars of today.

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Made in...


AMG- three letters, which have inspired car fans around the world for years. It´s the abbreviation for a company which produces cars to the highest standard.

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Made in...

Volkswagen Phaeton

At the end of 2001, Volkswagen opened a new chapter in automobile history. The brand which had such a success with the beetle, now wants to enter the luxury market. The hour of the birth of the VW Phaeton is at hand.

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Classic Ride

Bizzarrini 5300 GT

Bizzarrini 5300 GT. Italian on the outside and American on the inside! A beautiful body and a poweful V8 machine turn the Italien classic into a dream car!

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Perfect Ride

Asia Snacks

The Stinger is Kia's most visually dynamic model yet and it also comes with a 147 kW diesel engine... But can the South Korean sports coupé convince in the test? Subaru is more consistent than Porsche as they work exclusively with Boxer engines, like the one you'll find in the XV. But is this the right path forward? AND: the i30 N is Hyundai's answer to the somewhat stuffy German Golf GTI.

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Intercontinental GT Challenge

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

11:40 (UTC)


Geneva Motor Show

The 82nd International Motor Show in Geneva is the first important car fair of the year. Around 180 premiers from Europe and the rest of the world will be shown. Here you will find only the elite of high class tuning.

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High Octane

Crusty Demons US Tour - An Inside Look 1

Today on High Octane we're bringing you the Crusty Demons of Dirt Global Assault Tour. The Crusty Demons of Dirt turn the best-selling action sports video series of all time into a live stadium blow out.

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Long Luxury Liners

To drive yourself or to be driven: That's the question here. When it comes to the Bentley Mulsanne with extended wheelbase, one can be more delighted to sit in the back of the car. But what is the situation when it comes to the sporty Maserati Quattroporte?

13:00 (UTC)

Andros Trophy

Principat d’Andorra

Highlights from the second round at the El Pas de la Casa, Andorra. The Andros Trophy is a motor racing championship for automobile ice racing and motorcycle ice racing founded by rallycross driver Max Mamers. Seven events are scheduled for its 29th season in 2019.

13:45 (UTC)

Tour European Rally

Rallye Omloop van Vlandeeren, Belgium

Highlights from the Omloop van Vlaanderen in Belgium, which acts as the third round of the Tour European Rally. The Tour European Rally combines some of the most outstanding rally events into a European series. Five events are planned for the 2019 season.

14:15 (UTC)

Tour European Rally Historic

ConXion Omloop van Vlaanderen, Belgium

Highlights from the Omloop van Vlaanderen in Belgium, which acts as the third round of the Tour European Rally. The Tour European Rally combines some of the most outstanding rally events into a European series. Five events are planned for the 2019 season.

14:40 (UTC)

Belgian Rally Championship

East Belgian Rally

Highlights from the East Belgian Rally, which acts as the eighthround of the 2019 BRC season. The Belgian Rally Championship is one of the most competitive national rally championships in Europe and open to professionals and newcomers. Nine Belgian rallies are part of the 2019 schedule.

15:05 (UTC)


BAUMA 2019

Every three years Messe München is turned into the world's biggest construction site. The world's largest trade fair in the construction industry sets superlatives. All major manufacturers like Liebherr, Caterpillar or Volvo and Mercedes Trucks are represented here and showcase their highlights.

15:30 (UTC)


Commercial Vehicles

With 3.5 million units sold worldwide, the Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular commercial vehicles. Now in its third generation, it is more modern than ever. Thanks to numerous connectivity applications, it is intended to make fleet management easier. It is also equipped with passenger car-level comfort and safety features. 4x4 checks out the Sprinter in Amsterdam.

16:00 (UTC)

Formula E Street Racers

Episode 12

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

16:25 (UTC)


24h Series

12 Hours of Imola, Italy

Participants of the 24H GT Series and 24H TCE Series head to the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari in Italy for the next event of the 2018 season: the 12H Imola. The 4.909-kilometer racing circuit has 21 turns and is named after Ferrari founder Enzo and his son Dino. It is located near the town of Imola, which itself is about 80 kilometers east of the Ferrari factory in Maranello.

17:20 (UTC)


24h Series

24 Hours TC Series of Portimao, Portugal

GT, Touring and Prototype cars of the 24H Series travel to Portimao in Portugal for the next race weekend. The action kicks off with the 3x3H Portimao at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve featuring competitors of the 24H Proto Series. They take on the 4.684-kilometers track and its 16 turns for three 3-hour races. MOTORVISION TV brings you the best moments on this highlights programme.

18:15 (UTC)


24h Series

24 Hours GT Series of Portimao, Portugal

19:05 (UTC)


24h Series

24 Hours of Barcelona, Spain

Drivers of the 24H GT Series and 24H TCE Series meet at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve for the 24 Hours of Portimao. The race track in the southernmost region of continental Portugal was opened in 2008 and features a wide array of race tracks and leisure opportunities. For the 24H race, drivers take on the 4.684-kilometers version of the race track, which is also the longest configuration.

20:00 (UTC)

Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland

Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland

The Monster Energy S-X Open Auckland is New Zealand’s largest-ever Supercross event and acts as the penultimate round of the Australian Supercross Championship, and the first round of the FIM Oceania Supercross Championship. The spectacle at Mt Smart Stadium features the world’s best supercross and freestyle motocross riders including the 2018 World Champion Jason Anderson, seven-time New Zealand Motocross Champion Cody Cooper and two-time World Champion & Kiwi legend Ben Townley.

20:55 (UTC)

Monster Energy AUS-X Open

Monster Energy AUS-X Open

The Monster Energy AUS-X Open is Australia’s biggest dirt bike racing event acts as the final round of the Australian Supercross Championship and the finale of the FIM Oceania Supercross Championship. The spectacle at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne features the world’s best Supercross and Freestyle Motocross drivers. Including with two-time World Champion Chad Reed, 2018 World Champion Jason Anderson as well as defending three-time Australian Supercross Champion Justin Brayton.

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Episode 3

When their ambitions exceed their driving skills, when well-secured racing professionals are thrown out of corners, we always have a camera at hand. Breathtaking stunts by professional drivers and slapstick-action in highly-tuned tin can rockets. Spectacular scenes where nobody gets hurt.

22:00 (UTC)

Classic Ride

Citroen SM

Once a year Russian vintage fans meet at a spots stadium in Moscow Sports for the Retro Style, a vintage rally through Moscow. Classic Ride takes advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the passion for old cars with Russan drivers. Once ahead of its time, the Citroen SM is now a rare collector’s item. Classic Rides takes a look at the French diva with an Italian heart.

22:25 (UTC)

Perfect Ride

Tuning - Fast and Rare

The Skoda Octavia is a mousy car, a transport facility for families, a utility vehicle. But just two letters shed a different light on the model: RS. The RS is the fastest Octavia of all times. 220 HP, a sporty interior and a powerful engine sound promise racing feeling for the whole family. Perfect Ride finds out if the Skoda Octavia RS delivers what the letters R and S promise.

22:50 (UTC)

Intercontinental GT Challenge

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, USA

Founded in 2017, the California 8 Hours is a fairly young endurance race for GT3 and GT4 cars. The event is held as part of the Intercontinental GT Challenge and used to serve as the season finale of the racing series. But in 2019, the event was moved forward and is now the second event of the season.

23:35 (UTC)


Opel Kadett C Coupe, Part 1

The crew at BSG Racing is familiar with spectacular conversions. Dirk Hattenhauer and his boys have already refined a lot of cars. Now they perform a special project. They want to refurbish an old Opel Kadett C Coupe. But it’s not meant to be an ordinary job for them. Dirk wants to create the most spectacular custom car of the entire European tuning scene.

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High Octane

Crusty Demons: From Video to the Arena

Today on High Octane it's the Crusty Demons of Dirt. What started as a 1994 Fleshwound Film has spawned nine sequels and has given rise to the biggest action sport on the planet...Freestyle Motorcross.