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ADAC MX Masters 2018

Fuerstlich Drehna, Germany

The ADAC MX Masters is a German motocross series designed to promote young and ambitious riders and offer them a professional arena. The 2018 season kicks off at Fuerstlich Drehna in the Spreewald region of Eastern Germany. Since 1955 drivers have been participating in motocross events on the 1.65-kilometer track. Now, participants of the 2018 ADAC MX Masters are ready to take part in two races.

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Ferrari Challenge Europe 2019

Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia, Spain

After the opening round in Sakhir, teams and drivers of the 2019 Ferrari Challenge Europe return to Valencia in Spain. There, participants take on the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, which has a length of 4.005 kilometers and a total of 14 turns. MOTORVISION TV shows the best moments from the race weekend, which includes two races each of the Tropheo Pirelli and Coppa Shell class. .

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FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2019

Misano World Circuit, Misano, Italy

The 2019 FIA European Truck Racing Championship kicks off the season with a race on the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in Italy. Tens of thousands viewers are expected when the heavy racing giants battle it out on the 4.048 track in the Province of Rimini. MOTORVISION TV brings you the best racing action from the event.

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Formula Regional European Championship

Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet, France

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Inside the World of TCR

Episode 1

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Formula E Street Racers

Episode 6

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

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NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2019

Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia, Spain

The NASCAR Whelen Euro Series is back for its eleventh series. The action kicks off with the first round of the 2019 season in Valencia, Spain. Defending champion Alon Day along with old and new opponents take on the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, which is 4.005 kilometers in length and features 11 turns. MOTORVISION TV shows the highlights from the first round of the 2019 NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

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Michelin Le Mans Cup

Monza Eni Circuit, Monza, Italy

Participants of the 2019 Michelin Le Mans Cup travel from France to the iconic Monza Eni Circuit near Milan in Italy for the second round of the season. Originally build in 1922, the 5.793-kilometer circuit is now the world’s second oldest purpose-built race circuit that still hosts motorsports competitions.

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Classic Ride

Designo Italia

In the 80s they where the epitomes of a perfect supercar: the Lamborghini Countach with its champion bodywork and the Ferrari Testarossa, both born at the Italian design house in Pininfarina! With their V12 engines they were blessed with power, enabling them to scrape the 186 mph mark on the speedometer. In addition: the Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, the Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS and the Intermeccanica Italia Spyder.

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Perfect Ride


An Italian, an Englishman and a German come together: What sounds like the beginning of a joke, is in fact the recipe for an exciting summer day. Agile, 140 HP and a guarantor for success: the Fiat 124 Spider. Small and iconic: The third generation of the Mini is available with an open roof once again. And for everyone that can dig deep into their pocket: The GTS Models of the Porsche 718 series.

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FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Nuerburgring, Nuerburg, Germany

The legendary Nürburgring, Germany's oldest race track in the Eifel Mountains, is best known for its infamous Nordschleife. For the eighth round of the 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship, drivers take on the short version of the Grand Prix circuit, which is 3.629-kilometers long and features 11 turns. The changeable weather conditions in the Eifel Mountains pose an additional challenge.

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SEMA Las Vegas

Las Vegas - the city of sin. Since 1967, it hosts one of the largest Car and Tuning shows in the world - the SEMA show. In the U.S. car freedom is still extremely important and here one almost only finds extremes.

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High Octane

Mammoth Mountain Motocross

This week on High Octane, high altitude and high stakes. It's racing at it's finest up in the Sierra Mountains at the 34th annual, Mammoth Motocross.

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The Power of Wings

The bigger, the better. This subject is, however, disputed, especially when it comes to rear-wings. But anybody who sees a car with a big rear-wing knows: There is mighty power under the hood - and it needs to be harnessed. The wings not only help you with take-off, but provide the necessary acceleration as well and press the car into the streets. The 500 hp supercar Porsche GT3 RS has a very special example on his back. Supercars shows, what's behind the phenomenon spoiler.

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Go Green!

Scirocco GT24 CNG

Racing car driver Patrick Simon tests some natural gas powered cars. The daily routine. And on the race track, we test the Scirocco GT24 CNG.

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Formula E Street Racers

Episode 1

Street Racers is your backstage pass to the world of Formula E. Every two weeks, the magazine takes a look behind the scenes of the most important electric car racing series and provides reviews, current news, exciting interviews and gripping background reports from the world of Formula E.

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Racing in the Green Hell

The Present

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Episode 7

Frank Slopianka is highly ambitious and committed to the drag racing event 'Race@Airport'. The US car dealer from Berlin takes about eleven seconds to finish the quarter mile with his 700-hp Camaro. Tuning company Mansory promises additional acceleration and horse power for Lamborghini cars. A good example is the Mansory Carbonado, a rebuilt Aventador Convertible.

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Island Offroad Action

Rough nature, unreal landscapes, unpredictable weather, but also a paradise for lovers of all-wheel vehicles: Iceland is Europe's off-roading Mekka. Matthias Göttenauer, globetrotter and expert for off-roading, knows the island like no one else. He's exploring the volcano island to work on his off-road travelling guide 'Island Trackbook'. MOTORVISION TV accompanies him on his adventure.

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Made in...


Machine-works Augsburg-Nuremberg Incorporated. MAN, for short. The enterprise has existed for more than 250 years and is among the leading European manufacturers of commercial vehicles, engines and machines.

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Classic Ride

Ron Williams and his Cougar

After the sensational success of the 1964 presented Ford Mustang, the Ford Motor Company decided to build another exciting car, based on the Mustang, the Mercury Cougar.

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Perfect Ride

Car Series with Different Faces

Audi A3, BMW 5 Series and Mercedes CLS have been bestsellers for years. In order to attract even more buyers and close the niches between the different vehicle classes, manufacturers extend their model series every so often: Proven technology under the bonnet, but a redesigned body. The results are cars between two worlds such as A3 Sedan, 5 Series Gran Turismo and CLS Shooting Brake.

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FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Misano, Italy

Race drivers are usually in for a surprise on the Misano World Circuit, because the Italian course is one the most revised race tracks in the world. After the latest update in 2017, the twisty circuit features a length of 4.226 km and 16 turns. Which drivers of the 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship will win the seventh round on the Misano World Circuit? Find out on this highlights episode.

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Aston Martin

Racing driver Patrick Simon meets with Aston Martin at the Nuerburgring in Germany in order to test out the Aston Martin V12 Zagato. Only two models of the V12, which has been customised by the design guru Zagato, exist. Plus: Tuning checks out the Porsche 997 and 994 and competes the Renault Megane Sport with the Golf GTI Edition 35.

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High Octane

Superbike Superbowl

This week on High Octane; the Superbowl of Superbike. All the worlds best road racers are flying to Laguna Seca raceway for their one and only comp in the U.S. If these guys had wings, they'd be airborne.

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Kelleners KS1 RS

Never underestimate BMW's BIG ONE. The 1 series M coupé already has characteristics of a real race car, but what happens if the tuning specialists of Kelleners Sports turn their magic hands onto this power-house?

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Hans-Joachim Stuck

The racing legend Hans Joachim Stuck, nicknamed Striezel, ended his active career as a race driver with a Lamborghini Gallardo built by Reiter Engineering at the Nurburgring in 2011.

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Racing Files

Legendary Races: Targa Florio and Mille Miglia

Italy was home to two of the most famous road races of the 20th century: the Targa Florio and the Mille Miglia. From their very inception, these city to city road races were linked with both glamour and mortality, as racers lost their lives in pursuit of pace. The Targa, for example, was set on the mountain roads of Sicily and featured hairpin bends and dramatic changes of elevation. The Mille Miglia, on the other hand, made legends of marques like Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

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Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille

Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille

The multiple-award winning Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille is back for its fifth edition to celebrate the French way of life in many different sectors such as the motorcar industry, gastronomy, art and luxury. The event features a diverse array of activities including three automobile contests and two rallies.

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Classic Ride

Eifel Race at the Nurburgring

Mercedes-Benz Classic has a newly built race car, a Mercedes-Benz 220 SE 1964, for the Dunlop FHR Long Distance Cup. Classic Ride reporter Robert Tomitzi takes the chance and gives it a ride. At the Eifel Race at the Nürburgring he shares the cockpit with former Formula 1 driver and Le Mans winner Jochen Mass.

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Classic Ride

Goodwood Festival of Speed

England's biggest motorsport party takes place once a year on the Goodwood country estate. Celebrating 60 years of the British Lotus. Unbelievable motorsport legends such as Alain Prost, Emerson Fittipaldi and Jackie Stewart pay the Earl of March a visit.

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Classic Races

Porsche Carrera Cup 1990

1990 was a breathtaking year at the Porsche Carrera Cup! The fastest and most exciting cup of a brand. After a break, Porsche started with the new Carrera 2 Cup Coupe with 265hp generated by a powerful 6 cylinder engine

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Tour European Rally Historic

Rallye Rias Altas, Spain

Highlights from the Rallye Rias Altas in Spain, which acts as the fifth round of the Tour European Rally Historic. The Tour European Rally Historic is a brand new independent rally series making its debut in 2019. Just like the modern and well-established TER, the Tour European Rally Historic offers an exicting mix of great rallies and outstanding tourism locations. Six events are planned for the inaugural season.

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Classic Ride

Citroen SM

Once a year Russian vintage fans meet at a spots stadium in Moscow Sports for the Retro Style, a vintage rally through Moscow. Classic Ride takes advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the passion for old cars with Russan drivers. Once ahead of its time, the Citroen SM is now a rare collector’s item. Classic Rides takes a look at the French diva with an Italian heart.

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Perfect Ride

Open Air Concert

Driving topless through the summer air and having a sound in the back of the car that gives you goose-bumps: Perfect Ride checks out the most beautiful convertibles and puts a focus on driving pleasure and sound. Amongst the reviewed cars is the new 300 hp Audi S3 convertible. It's hard to believe that its sound comes from a 4-cylinder engine.

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FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Spielbergring, Spielberg, Austria

The 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship reaches its boiling point. For the penultimate event of the season, drivers travel to Spielberg in Austria. Its 4.318-kilometers track was inaugurated in 1969 and is one of the fastest tracks on the Formula 3 calendar. Who will win the three races on the Red Bull Track and gets one step closer to becoming the 2018 champion? Find out on MOTORVISION TV.

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Red Gold Dream

This year’s motto of the Conti Tuning Day is "power sedans" and Tuning host Lucy examines the bolides carefully. Plus: The McLaren SLR is the masterpiece of Mercedes, a super sports car among all sports cars. Only 3.500 units have been produced. Tunings showcases the most expensive SLR in the world, which outshines all other SLR models.

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High Octane

Road Trip Chronicles

This week on High Octane, we're barreling down on you with fuel, fire and chaos. It's a dive in to the trenches of extremely independent original filmmaking with the boys at Godfrey Films.

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Gran Turismo

GT ' Those two letters stand for Gran Turismo, which means grand tour and refers to vehicles that combine sportiness with long-distance comfort. One of the most beautiful models of this vehicle category is the Maserati Gran Turismo S. Its 4.7-liter V8 engine with an output of 460 PS makes sure that it can cover long distances in no time. With the 570GT, English sports car manufactuerer McLaren launches its first Gran Turismo. It is supposed to be the most comfortable and most suitable McLaren for long distances, while it still retains its sports car genes.

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Red Bull Romaniacs 2019

Red Bull Romaniacs

The Red Bull Romaniacs is known for being the hardest Enduro Rally in the world. If you make it here you count yourself amongst the world’s toughest enduro drivers. In 2019, the event acts as the fifth stop of the World Enduro Super Series and provides brilliant off-road action in the wilderness of Romania. MOTORVISION TV shows the best moments in this highlight recap.

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FIM Superenduro World Championship

Grand Prix of Germany, Riesa

The FIM SuperEnduro World Championship is the world’s premier indoor endurocross competition. MOTORVISION TV presents the highlights from the second round of the 2020 season, which takes place in Riesa, Germany.

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FIM X-Trail World Championship

Grand Prix of La Réunion, Saint-Denis

The FIM X-Trial World Championship is the world’s premier indoor motorcycle trials competition. MOTORVISION TV presents the highlights from the first round of the 2020 season, which takes place in Saint-Denis, France.

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FIM Snowcross World Championship

FIM Snowcross World Championship

Founded in 2004, the FIM Snowcross World Championship is the premier tournament for snowmobile drivers. The 2019 event takes participants to the snow of Bodentravet a trotting track in Sweden's northern town of Boden and promises intense racing and grueling battles for the title of Snowcross World Champion. Multi-time and defending champion Adam Renheim returns for an attempt to win his 6th world title.

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Monster Energy AUS-X Open

Monster Energy AUS-X Open

The Monster Energy AUS-X Open is Australia’s biggest dirt bike racing event acts as the final round of the Australian Supercross Championship and the finale of the FIM Oceania Supercross Championship. The spectacle at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne features the world’s best Supercross and Freestyle Motocross drivers. Including with two-time World Champion Chad Reed, 2018 World Champion Jason Anderson as well as defending three-time Australian Supercross Champion Justin Brayton.

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Classic Ride

Cool Volkswagen Cars

One of the most popular racing series of the world - the Formula Vee. The 'Vee', or simply 'V', stands for Volkswagen, as the small formula cars were equipped with the technology of the legendary Beetle. This historical Formula Vee racing series took place around 15 years ago.

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Perfect Ride

Drive of the Future

The Paris Motor Show is the world's oldest auto show and provides insight into the automotive world of tomorrow. For instance, car makers try to replace combustion engines with alternative drives. Mercedes-Benz specifically introduces the sub-brand 'Generation EQ' for that, while Volkswagen wants to present 20 new electrified models by 2020 and get past the emission scandal.

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FIA F3 European Championship 2018

Silverstone Circuit, Towcester, United Kingdom

Silverstone Circuit in the UK is one of the most iconic race tracks in the world. It's the track where the very first Formula One race took place and it hosts the British Grand Prix to this day. But now, it is also the venue for the sixth round of the 2018 FIA Formula 3 European Championship. MOTORVISION TV brings you the best moments from the 5.901-kilometer track, which features 18 turns.

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Touareg JE Design

Phoenix Racing takes part in motorsports since the end of the 1990s and can look back at an impressive Wall of Fame. Tuning visits the team at the Nuerburgring. Plus: Tuning checks out the VW Touareg after it got the JE Design treatment and takes a look at the Oldtimer Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring, where thousands of fans of vintage old motorsports cars get together.